Western Men X Ukrainian Women

I don’t know how I ended up watching this video. I was actually flipping through recipe videos, looking for something interesting to cook and…

Wait. I DO know how I ended up watching this. It was on my Youtube’s home page under Recommended. Although I really have no idea why, I have never searched for or watched any Ukrainian/online dating related videos like, ever.

Anyway, I was intrigued with the video’s title. So I clicked it. And I watched it. The whole 33 minutes of it.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wW7c58nMI4]

I’m not expecting you to watch it. The video itself is not very exciting. There’s no sexy and intimate actions. And it is 33 minutes long. So here’s a summary of the video:

  1. American men cannot find American wives.
  2. Ukrainian (Odessa) ladies/women cannot find Ukrainian husbands.
  3. American men pays US$ 3 500 each to a dating agency.
  4. American men comes to Odessa to meet potential wife candidates.
  5. American men and Ukrainian women meet in various locations and events in Odessa.

I don’t know why I did not close the video 2 minutes into it. I suppose I am interested to see what goes on in the minds of those men looking for wives and those women allowing men to choose them. After all, it is not so much different with how some Malaysian/Singaporean men look for Vietnamese wives, is it?

A few thoughts I have after watching the video:

  1. The video’s title should be renamed as [Desperate Ukrainian Women Hunting for Western Husbands]. I don’t know, that’s the impression that I got from the video. Yes, the men paid a lot of money and traveled all the way to Ukraine, but the entire video is in this spirit: 1) American men are fed up with American women, they rather look for better options in Eastern Europe. 2) There are more women than men in Ukraine, so the women needs to look for men from other countries. This means that the American men actually have a choice while the Ukrainian women have less of a choice. So who are the more desperate ones here?
  2. American men are douchebags. I don’t mean all of them, I mean the ones in this video, the ones looking for Ukrainian wives. And the ones commenting on the video. The entire video, the men are lamenting the fact that feminism and materialism has ruined American women for them, that American women sets high standards and are picky and doesn’t give them a chance and whatnot. Alright, legitimate concerns, except that they behave in the exact same manner when choosing the women in Ukraine. The men basically scrutinizes all the ladies as if they are goods, and then zero in on the pretty ones, and then interviews them on whether they love taking care of the family, cooking, cleaning, a.k.a being a housemaid. Come on, guys. You have no rights to hate that women pick on you when you want to do the same on women who you think are inferior!
  3. Ukrainian women thinks language is no barrier. I don’t know if this is another misrepresentation that I am making due to the video. Accordingly, the women shown are not prostitutes or poor people. They are highly educated women who genuinely wants to look for a relationship. And yet they speak very little English. They even need translators in their interaction with the men. I don’t know. I suppose I could give these girls an advice: if you want to get married to an American man, shouldn’t you at least learn to speak enough English to communicate with one without the help of a translator? How will you survive in America if you really get married to one?
  4. Ukrainian women are hot. Like, really hot. Actually, I think all Eastern European women are hot. 😳




I suppose the maker of the video specifically edited it so that only the douchiest American men and the prettiest Ukrainian women are featured to make the video more interesting to watch. Still, I think it would be a good idea to go backpacking to Eastern Europe one of these days and see if I can find my future wife there. Actually that is one of the options I am considering for my KrisFlyer miles. I mean the backpacking to Eastern Europe, of course.



  1. Oh, a friend sent me the link for this video a few weeks ago but I didn’t watch it… too busy hahaha. This kind of things look more like a contract than a relationship… “you are my maid, I give you money and a life abroad”. Everybody gets what they were looking for!

    • This same exact video? Then I understand why it show up in my Recommended! It must be a paid placing!

      No need to watch, it is probably a waste of your time, and I think you are right in saying it is more like a contract. I think it is better to just get out there and find a proper relationship, just like so many of you did! 😀

        • Well then, now you get to read it on top of listening to your friends. I suppose there is absolutely no need for you to watch it at all now. 😀

  2. so…what’s the interesting point of this video? i didn’t watch…but by jst reading at it, it has no different frm guys from a more developed countries ‘buying’ brides from the poorer countries…but in this case it is not about ‘buying’ but more of like matchmaking…Well, even for the vietnamese bride case, u dun expect the vietnamese bride/wife to know how to speak chinese instantly…perhaps in a few more years of residing in KL/SG, then she will be able to pick up.

    • I guess it is not so interesting. I’m even regretting watching the whole thing.

      You said the keyword, this case, it is not buying but matchmaking. I don’t know, I think when you buy a wife, it is just like buying a maid that comes with other benefits (if you know what I mean), but with matchmaking, you probably want to really look for a proper relationship. Those Ukrainian girls, they are not selling themselves, I think they are also choosing their men. Well, if they are interested in choosing English speaking men and want to follow them abroad, I would’ve thought that they at the very least learn to speak English without translator.

      Or maybe it is the documentary video trying to present it in that way. Maybe it is really American men buying European brides. 🙄

  3. This is just like our men here looking for Vietnamese or Indonesian brides. Some end well and some don’t. I did not realise that the American men are doing the same. Hey, I remember one guy who had a blog called Boycott American Women or something like that and he left a comment on my blog. I deleted it of course.

    I say, just let nature take its course. If you meet someone, you meet someone. I am not a supporter of mail order brides. I mean if a girl puts herself up like a cow for sale, then better think twice 😀

    • I don’t think these Ukrainian girls are like those mail order brides. At least, most of them seem to be well-to-do girls. Maybe some of them are using the matchmaking opportunity to score a ticket to America or something (I wouldn’t know), but they don’t seem to be like putting themselves up for sale.

      I won’t go these paid matchmaking route. I mean, I hope I won’t have to. If I want a European girlfriend/wife, I would go backpacking and meet girls there by myself! 😀

  4. Apparently the same thing goes on in Taiwan as well. They are often referred to as ‘mail ordered brides.’ Most are from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and maybe some other Southeast Asian countries. Most of the woman are quite young (20’s) and the men are maybe in their 40’s[maybe older.]

    • The men over here are probably the same as in Taiwan, some of them are old, they have no wife or kids, or their wives passed away, and they need a companion to spend the rest of their lives with. Hiring a maid won’t quite cut it, so they get a young and foreign wife. I’m not sure if some of them eventually end up being love, but for most, the young ladies would be willing as they get a chance to have a stable life in a different country, and possibly inherit some money if and when the husband passed on.

      The men in that video, I don’t think they are quite like that. There’s a couple of old men, but I think most of them basically just gave up looking for wives in America itself for the potential of “better” prospects elsewhere.

  5. Same like SK, no idea what is it, sounds like X Men thingy coz you mentioned movie initially.. Then after I read your summary, baru I get it.. Reminds me of men marrying Vietnamese brides from the agency..

  6. I read the title and it didn’t give me a clue, until I read the first paragraph of the post, I thought you were watching porn!! muahahaha~~ xD

    • For the case of Malaysians buying brides, the general consensus is that some of those brides are only using the husband as an easy ticket to go to a country with more opportunities. That’s why once they are here, they divorce the husband when they get a better opportunity.

      Europeans are not as poor as those third world countries brides I think, so it is probably different. I could be wrong though..

  7. Two sentences into this post, I was thinking maybe RealGunner should go to Eastern Europe to look for a wife and then you said it at the end of your post. LOL! 😀

    • Hahahaha! Just daydreaming stage now. Actually pretty girls are everywhere in the world, should not just focus on Eastern Europe! 😉

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