Lazy Man’s Steamed Fish Dinner

Apart from the blender, I also bought another useful set of kitchen apparatus. While the blender is sort of a planned purchase, this one is entirely unplanned and a spur-of-the-moment thing. Ladies and gentlemen, today, I present to you, the steamer!

DSC_0005 (1280x877)

If you have noticed from my previous cooking posts, I sometimes steam my food, but actually it has been a pain to do it frequently due to the relatively small and shallow size of my pan. I always used my big mixing bowl as a makeshift lid when I do steaming, but it is actually quite troublesome to handle, especially when you want to remove it. So when I spotted this set of steamer, I was immediately pulled in. And when I saw the price, I knew I had to get it. It is actually a 3 layers steamer, the other layer was sitting at a corner, and it costed me a grand total of wait for it… wait for it… … … RM 25.90!

So what did I steam with it for the first time?

DSC_0006 (1280x864)
Pacific Cod Portion & Broccoli

Yeah, I bought the same cod portion that I bought and poached before Chinese New Year. Why? Because they’re cheap, obviously…

And I finally discovered why they are cheap. You see, the expensive cod fish that we are usually accustomed with are the Atlantic cod. There is another type of cod fish that are sold at a few times cheaper called the Pacific cod. Some people call these fake cod. They’re not actually fake, technically they are cod fish, just a different species of cod. The ones that I bought, although the packaging is branded Atlantis, they are in fact Pacific cod.

Anyway, back to my dinner. Basically, what I did was just:

  • Place the 2 pieces of cod topped with sliced garlic on one plate.
  • Place one head of broccoli, cut up into pieces, on another plate.
  • Lightly season them with salt and pepper, and then each plate goes to one layer of the steamer.
  • Bring some water in the pan to boil, then place the steamer onto the pan, and steam for 10 minutes.
  • While the fish is cooking, time to prepare some awesomesauce.
DSC_0007 (1280x883)

No, I did not refer to any recipe from others. This is a Lazy Man’s original mix. I actually made this dinner on Wednesday, today is Saturday and I am still alive with no signs of diarrhea, so I think the mix is safe for consumption.

If you are interested with this awesomesauce’s recipe:

  • Two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil,
  • One tablespoon of light soy sauce,
  • One lemon’s juice,
  • Generous amount of pepper,
  • Pinch of Moroccan seasoning powder (my saffron and paprika substitute),
  • One tablespoon of Nando’s Hot Peri-Peri sauce.

Fish is done cooking, sauce is mixed, time to plate up. I am eating in front of my laptop, so ideally I need my meals to be in a single plate. So I transferred everything into my big plate. And then drizzled my awesomesauce all over the food.

DSC_0008 (1280x948)

Perfect! If I do say so myself…

And I have already thought of something else that I want to do with the steamer. I’ll give you a hint. It’s got something to do with what my mom said to me before I came back to Penang from my CNY holidays:

“肥仔 不要整天做 cake 来吃 很肥的!” (Fatty, don’t bake cakes to eat so frequently, it is very fattening!)

I am going to heed her advice. I probably won’t do it until the coming weekend, so you guys can keep waiting to see what it is. And hope that I will not forget about it until then. 😉


    • The rice cooker compartment, very small leh! Even I eat alone, I feel it is too small! Not to mention I don’t cook rice so it seems not efficient to use rice cooker.

    • Not cakes. My mom tell me not to bake so many cakes, and I am going to heed her advice, so it is not cakes. 😀

  1. To me, most steamed fish taste the same, probably because I don’t like my foods to be laden with sauce. Baking cake again? Making sweet treats is always fun, so at some point I hope to see you blog about baking cake again 🙂

    • To me, it is either fresh fish or not-so-fresh fish when it comes to steaming. I can’t really differentiate their flavors too.

      Hahaha, no no, not going to bake cakes in the near future!

  2. I don’t know about fake cods. There seems to be so many varieties of cod in the market…Pacific, Atlantic, Ling, Rock, Black. As long as the flesh is flaky and sweet…it’s good cod to me! Wakakaka!!

    • Same goes for me. Although if it is dragon cod then we might want to avoid it. According to Mun’s post about it, dragon cod contains indigestible oil. 😐

  3. “I am still alive with no signs of diarrhea” hah..hah..hah… 😀 Your awesome sauce sounds like a nice salad dressing. Let me try it out one day, eh? 😀 That’s a really good buy. RM25.90 for a 3 layer steamer is very worth it. Steaming is a lot more convenient than frying and you can cook 3 dishes at the same time.

    • It it was more than RM 30 I would probably walk away and think that I’ll continue to make do with my big mixing bowl. Now that I bought that, I’m a much happier person! 😀

  4. Gip me 5! I steam food most of the time too! I got a 3-tier steamer from Ikea.. Bottom pot boil soup, upper tier steam fish, last tier steam egg minced meat, 3 in 1, win win situation, and it’s healthier too..

    • Not to mention, steaming means less sticky oil to deal with after cooking! Win win win situation! 😀

  5. Super love your broccoli and steamed cod dinner! I have a steamer just like that – got it from using credit card points.

    • But you don’t cook, so it is quite wasted sitting in the kitchen like that? I don’t know, I think maybe you can strike a deal with your spouse, you cook he wash? 😀

      • My steamer is with my mother now. My mother uses it so it is not wasted! 😀 My spouse is the better cook in preparing Cantonese style food whereas I just steam everything so cannot ask him to be kuli dish washer, ok. 🙂

  6. I know! I know! You are going to do steamed cakes instead of baked cakes!! Looking forward to your posts about the steamed cakes 😀

    I beg to differ about the cod. AFAIK, most of the cod sold in Msia are Pacific cods whereas the delicious cods I ate in UK are Atlantic cods. So when I search for cods to eat in KL, I find the quality of the cods here cannot match up to the cods I ate in UK, mainly because of the atlantic and pacific cod difference.

    I have not read of anyone calling Pacific cod as fake cods. Those fake cods are dragon cods like what I blogged about here:

    • Hmm, if that is the case then it means that the fish man at AEON bluffed me (or he didn’t know his fish that well)!

      Steamed cakes are still cakes. If I do that, it won’t mean that I am taking my mom’s advice. Wrong! 😀 😀

  7. I’m looking for a steamer that resembles yours, but I’ve to say that it’s tough to look for it here.

    Anyway, it looks healthy and delicious. Why not substitute the sauce with a sesame oil dressing with coriander leaves? =)

    • I think you’d probably have to try your luck in Melbourne or Perth huh? Where the Chinese community is large and there’s more Chinese shops.

      I don’t have sesame oil at my disposal, and I don’t like those leaves. 😛

      • Worse comes to worse, I’m buying it in Old Town (of PJ) instead. I can only hope that as the years pass, Asian items would be easier to find… *winks*

        You should consider stocking it. It heightens the flavor of any dish and there’s no necessity for salt (unless you love the piquancy). =)

        • I hardly use salt now ever since I got a bottle of soy sauce. I’m trying to keep my inventory as low as possible, just a few essential items will be good enough, I’ll make do. Maybe when I move to a house that I actually bought instead of rent, then I will stock up on more stuff! 😉

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