Sak Dato Temple 石拿督庙 @ Broga

This occurred during CNY last year, in 2014. Somehow I managed to take some photos, transferred them to my hard disk, and then forgot all about them until earlier this week when I was purging unwanted stuff from the hard disk. So here we go..

Last year, during CNY (I forgot which day), me and my family went to Broga. Broga is a small and remote village/town next to Semenyih and about an hour drive from KL. Now when we mention Broga, most people would probably think of the Broga Hill, a rather popular spot for hikers and runners alike.

We were not going there. Instead, we were visiting a temple, called 石拿督庙 Sak Dato Temple. If we translate the Chinese name literally, it means Sir Rock Temple, Sir as in Sir Lancelot or Sir Galahad.

DSCN0306 (1280x960)

This was my second visit to the temple. I remember coming here as a kid. Back then, it was crowded. Now, it is even more so.

DSCN0307 (1280x960)

Speaking of which, I do remember there was another time that I drove past this temple but did not stop. I was with a bunch of college friends and we were headed to a fish farm cum seafood restaurant (shack) which is a little bit further in. No, it was so very long ago (I think 7 or 8 years ago) and I do not have any pictures of that particular meal, but I do remember it was a great meal, as the fish were freshly caught off the fish farm.

Anyway, this is totally unrelated, let’s get back to my latest visit. My first visit as a kid was so long ago that my memories are a bit vague, but I do remember that the place used to be the opposite of the word nice. I remember there was a dodgy looking shack that was the main temple, and then there was a small path towards the back to an ancient cave.

I think the temple got lots of funds flowing in. They managed to spruce the place up quite decently. Now they have a few decent looking temple buildings and some decorations here and there.

DSCN0309 (960x1280)

In the temple’s vicinity, there is a special tap where they claim the water is flown directly from the springs on the hills. Many people came here with bottles to get their fill. I suppose they think it is a holy water of some sort.

DSCN0316 (960x1280)

There’s also a holy cat guarding the temple..

DSCN0320 (1280x960)

I am just kidding. I mean, it is just a random cat sitting around. I don’t know if it is holy or not. Maybe it is. I don’t even know if it is a he or a she. But the cat is cute, and we can never get too much of cute cats, can we?

I mentioned that I think the temple had lots of funds flowing in, didn’t I? Let me tell you why. Behind the temple, there is a cave. Actually, this cave is the main reason why people flock here in the droves. The crowds does not only happen during CNY, they happen almost on a daily basis.

DSCN0321 (960x1280)

石拿督古洞 Sak Dato Ancient Cave

The cave is a very small one. In fact, it is basically just a hole. In it, there’s an altar for people to pray to, yes, none other than 石拿督 Sak Dato, or Sir Rock.

DSCN0322 (960x1280)

Why do people pray to Sak Dato? Because here, you can request for divine 4-digit numbers which you can then invest on through Toto, Magnum and/or (usually and) Pan Malaysian Pools (Malaysian lotteries). Judging by how well the temple is doing, the success rate of the numbers from this cave must be at least decent. After all, if people wins money, they will come back for more, and they will donate part of their winnings to the temple as gratitude. And of course, more people will come after they hear of it.

Please take note that I am not encouraging you to come here and get into 4-digit gambling. I’m just stating my observations.

Here’s some of the new stuff that was not around on my first visit..

DSCN0329 (960x1280)

They have a garden now

There’s lots of trees and landscaping, and then there’s 孙悟空 Sun Wukong..

DSCN0330 (960x1280)

DSCN0331 (1280x960)

Then there’s some fortune based stuff that I’m not sure are permanent fixtures or just there for CNY. I suspect they are permanent, after all this place is where people come to request for divine fortune..

DSCN0335 (1280x960)

Hug it! Bring it home with us!

DSCN0346 (960x1280)

I’m a tiger child, so naturally…

According to my family, these stuff are actually pretty old, just not as old as the time when I first visited. But they do have a new attraction. That was the main reason why we came actually.

DSCN0336 (1280x960)

To get to that newest attraction, we needed to cross this bridge. And to cross that bridge, we need to pay a crossing fee of RM 2 per person. There is another free route where you walk uphill for a longer distance from the temple’s entrance though..

DSCN0352 (960x1280)

Once you crossed the bridge, you will be able to spot said attraction..

DSCN0356 (960x1280)

Yeah, that’s a giant sized Sun Wukong statue that dwarfs the one we saw earlier.

The thing is, even though we paid the fees and crossed the bridge, we still have to do some uphill walk to reach it. In fact, it was quite an arduous walk.

DSCN0357 (1280x960)

You can see how far we were from the bridge, this was taken at probably the 2/3 point.

I think it took us 20 or 30 minutes to finally ascend the summit of that small hill and arrive at our destination.

DSCN0365 (960x1280)

There, it’s really pretty big!

DSCN0370 (1280x960)

Here’s another side.

Unfortunately, they made the monkey’s head to be facing slightly upwards, so it was not possible to take a decent front shot of the statue.

I’m a bit conflicted on whether to tell you that this new statue is a great attraction to visit or not. You see, to get there, you either pay up and climb quite a lot, or you do not pay up and climb a lot more. It is like the Malaysian highways where you either pay up and get caught in traffic jams, or you don’t pay up and get caught in worse traffic jams. And apart from the Sun Wukong statue, there’s nothing else here.

But the statue is properly huge, so that is definitely a plus point. Well, people travel a great distance to the Stonehenge just to see a pile of rocks too, so why not this statue, right?

I suppose, if you want to come, then I would suggest you to come closer to the evening, where the sun is just hot instead of blaring hot. It would make the uphill walk more bearable.

After we saw the giant statue, it was time to call it a day. But before we leave, there is one last thing to do:

DSCN0378 (960x1280)

Get some holy water from 观音菩萨 Guan Yin Boddhisatva


    • I’m not exactly sure. I know people come here as early as 8AM, and it was still open about 6PM in the evening…

  1. What a cool temple. Love the first image of the entrance gate! It looks like a nice place to visit [and I wouldn’t consider it too crowded, especially for Chinese New Year!]

    So, did hugging the golden nugget [or whatever it is called] bring you good fortune?

    • I don’t know, I suppose so. I do remember last year has been pretty good, so maybe it really works! 😉

  2. I have been to Broga a few times but never knew such an interesting temple exists. Thank you for sharing!
    I was surprised to see the hanging bridge which looked like Golden Gate at a glance for its similar maroon colour and mid span pillar designs.

    • Hahaha, it does look like the Golden Gate Bridge, now that you mentioned. If you are into buying Toto then you can definitely give this temple a visit! 😀

  3. I have been to Broga/Semenyih many years ago to visit mushroom farms. I always thought that this area is quite ulu and I am pleasantly surprise that there is this temple that is so scenic. My partner and I were talking about taking a drive down to Broga during the CNY holidays but somehow we never did 🙁

    • Not just quite, this area is really very ulu. I wonder if it will develop sooner or later. Semenyih is growing now partly due to that Nottingham University. Broga is just next to Semenyih.

  4. Yes, I agree…there’s no such thing as too much cute cats! 😀 By the way, I think that’s a she coz male cats normally have a more squarish face/jaw and females have a move V-shaped face.

  5. Eh I feel so jakun.. All the while I thought Broga is only for climbing hills.. When I see Broga, I think of ‘pah san’ (panjat bukit) already, didn’t know got so many else stuffs there leh..Ooo holy water? I want to get some, drink it and hope I can dream of some numbers.. Frankly, ngor tu kei larn dou geh, I buy numbers almost every week, 6D somemore, hehe.. Hoping to get rich, mai yeong lau, yeong farn kau, hehe 😀

    • Yup, usually people hear Broga then link to Broga Hill. You want number, then this is the right place for you. Drink the water, then go and pray, if kena ma piu then remember who point you to the right place! 😉

  6. wah, you are a tiger child, that means you are younger than I thought. I did not know of this place. I think you must be the only person to blog about this place (though I did not google to confirm this). Most people would just blog about Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple, Jenjarom.

    I like high bridges so for RM2, I would want to visit this place just to cross the nice long high bridge and walk up hill to see the monkey god for some exercise. Won’t be praying to get 4 digits though because I don’t want to strike it big and then my loved ones get kidnapped and tortured so that I will pay the ransom. Too much risk that I would prefer to avoid buying 4d.

    Thanks for sharing. Now I know a nice bridge I can go visit and walk on.

    • Tsk, still concerned about my age, huh? 😀

      4 digits very hard to strike big one lah, aiyo. Unless you buy RM 1000 big RM 1000 small. Small small dei, RM 1 big RM 1 small, even if the number open at First Prize, RM 5.5k only. Nobody will kidnap for that kind of money one lah! XD

      I Googled for you, there are actually quite a number of people who blogged about this place before, but strangely, I don’t see any that mention anything about lucky numbers, mostly write about how beautiful the place and the landscape is. I guess only my dad’s generation knows about the real purpose of this place 😀

      • huh, can only ask for 4d numbers ah? I was thinking of those 6 numbers play for 6/55 or 6/58 where the winnings is about RM20mio wor. Just last 2 months ago, someone won RM40++ mio for 6/58 so I wonder did he ask for the 6 numbers at this temple.

        • Hmm, I actually don’t know. Well my parents only ever ask for 4 digits here, maybe you can also ask for those 6 digits or jackpot here.

          There are actually very many such temples/places all over Malaysia that are of this nature: go there to ask for divine numbers. They’re probably well kept secrets that only serial number gamblers know of. 😀

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