Oz Restaurant @ Elit Avenue, Penang

Malaysians, here’s me wishing you all Happy GST Eve! Don’t ask me why I wish you for this terrible thing, I’m just doing what many people are doing on Facebook.

Foreigners, Malaysia will be implementing a 6% GST (Goods and Service Tax) starting 1st April 2015. This tax is charged on every layer of the supply chain (producer, distributor, shops), so the final cost of goods will most likely increase by more than 6%. Long story short, if you plan to travel to Malaysia, most of your expenses will cost at least 6% more, so please factor that into your budget.

To celebrate this inauspicious thing, we decided to eat out for lunch today. After all, we might be experiencing Post GST Stress Disorder and refuse to eat out for the next couple of weeks while we transition into this 6% ordeal.

We went to another new restaurant at Elit Avenue. By the way, Elit Avenue’s free parking will also end today. 1st April 2015 onwards it would be RM 1 for the first 3 hours parking here.

This restaurant is called Oz Restaurant. If you are familiar with what the Oz means, then I think you can guess what cuisine we are talking about here.

The problem was, if you remember, earlier this month I went to a French cafe that isn’t, so I wasn’t so sure with this one.

Still, it is quite difficult not to make the conclusion that this is an Aussie restaurant. After all, you will be greeted with this at the entrance.

DSC_0003 (576x1024)


And then when you get inside, you see this,

DSC_0005 (630x1024)

And this.

DSC_0008 (1024x576)

They even throw in a kangaroo in their main logo.

DSC_0006 (1024x576)
Don’t tell me this is a cat..

I was still apprehensive though. I need to look at the menu to confirm that this is really a real Aussie restaurant.

DSC_0004 (759x1024)
Hmm, this looks… alright… I thought apart from the word Aussie, these are actually names for English dishes. But then, Australian cuisine should be more or less like English cuisine, isn’t it? Maybe they are alright.

By the way, we asked the owner if the prices will be revised in conjunction with GST. He said they would maintain the price for a few weeks, and then see how much their costs increase before making the decision to revise or not.

Anyway, let’s go to the food..

DSC_0014 (1024x738)
Chicken, Veges and Mushroom Pie
DSC_0016 (1024x723)
Aussie Style Roast Pork with Apple Sauce

While eating, the colleague asked: “So what do you think? Does these taste like Australian dishes?”. And then it occurred to me that, I have absolutely no idea! For one, I have never been to Australia before. I have never tasted Australian food before. So how the hell am I supposed to know?

Fortunately, shortly after I posted the roast pork picture on Instagram, the Asian Australian came to my rescue.


I’m giving the benefit of doubt to the owner here. I think he is really trying to serve us Australian fare, only it doesn’t pass the scrutiny of a real Aussie. But if you can look pass the authenticity and focus on the taste, the food is actually not too bad here.

My roast pork tasted alright to me. And yes, I can vouch for the roast pork, it is really pork and not chicken! The meat was maybe slightly overcooked, but the sauce was delicious. According to the colleague, the pie was alright too.

So, if are in Penang and you want decent tasting, English/Australian named food that may or may not be authentic in an Australian restaurant with good ambience, then you can come here. Here’s their Facebook page: Restaurant OZ. You can find their address and contact in that page.




  1. I find Mun’s comments above as very interesting as I would be the one who could tell the difference with Chinese food in China, Malaysia and US. They are worlds apart.
    A friend once told me that weird OZ menus have Kangaroo pies. Weird UK menus would have crow meat’s pies! Bluek! My friend also pointed out that American and OZ food are somewhat similar while the English stood out differently.

    • I’m not so sure about crow meat! It would be very surprising to find (stereotype mode on) gentlemanly English people eating crow meat! But apparently, according to ewew’s comment, people from the Oz really do eat kangaroo meat. 😐

  2. I vouch by what I said on Instagram, and thanks for the link. I don’t know if you know, but pork in Australia tastes vastly different from that in Malaysia. Never heard applesauce with any typical Aussie dish before. In Oz, pork is more tough, not soft and succulent like the char siew you buy from the roadside in Malaysia, and it has a bit of a strong smell which you get used to after a while.

    Typical Australian dishes (not snacks) to me would be chicken parma, meat pie, roast lamb or lamb rack, grilled beef or steak. You can count spaghetti bolognese, souvlakis, kebabs, dim sims…but these dishes have a non-Anglo, multicultural migrant influence – and still a part of Australia.

    When I saw the checkered tablecloths in the photos, I thought it looked like an Italian restaurant famous for its meatballs.

    • I definitely did not know that Australian pork tastes different from the ones in Malaysia. Now I know. And I always thought apple sauce is a western thing, now I know it is not Australian. So, I guess it is actually pointless to try and serve Australian cuisine in Malaysia! LOL! 😀

      One of these days I definitely need to get my butt Down Under to taste all the deliciousness that the land of Oz has to offer!

      • Applesauce usually comes with eating apple pie in Oz, like the $1 ones from McDonalds (or Maccas, as Aussies like to call it. Even some McD outlets here put the word “Maccas” on their store signage).

        And adding to the other comments, yes, some Australians do eat kangaroo meat. I’m one of them. However, I’ve only eaten it in Chinese restaurants in Singapore. It tastes eerily similar to beef.

        Also, on a tangent, how do I make my gravatar show up on the left?

        • I read a couple of blogs of Singaporean migrants in Australia (because I’m still wondering if I should go that path too), I did come across interesting Aussie terms like Maccas! 😀

          I don’t know much about gravatar, you mean the profile picture? Yours is showing up alright. For me, my picture comes from wordpress.com account, if I upload a picture there, it will show up when I comment at most places.

  3. There is also one OZ western food in Ipoh near Tesco Ipoh garden.. been there several times and the staff wears cowboy hats… food is not bad.. famous for burgers…

    • Eh I think they are the same! The shops’ logos are the same! Hmm, probably same owner or franchise.

  4. Don’t know what actual Aussie food should taste like…to me it’s just like any other western (UK or US) food. The only food I associate with Australia is probably lamingtons, meat pies, vegemite…and yes, they do eat kangaroo…but not koalas though!! 😀 😀

  5. The thing is, we know what is Italian food, Spanish food, Chinese food etc but Australian food? I have never been to Australia either and will have to take the restaurant’s word for it that I am eating Aussie food. The servings look decent and if it tastes good, what the heck 😀

  6. What the real Oz means, I dunno la, Wizard of Oz, I know la, I thought got witches, the lion, the tinman and all.. I would choose #1 #3 #5 too, more ‘dai’ and meaty, hehe.. Same with SK, I see iced Chinese tea, hehe.. By the way, I would expect to see kangaroo meat if I eat there, say, kangaroo burger?

    • Hahaha are you sure Australians eat kangaroo?? I don’t think so, isn’t kangaroo like their cherished animal? Just like I don’t think China people will eat panda! 😀

    • Not according to the menu I was seeing. There’s only one sheet of paper, everything’s there. Maybe they have another a la carte menu though..

  7. I am not sure you can call any food Australian food because basically many Australian came from UK so the food would be similar to UK food unless you are talking about the food of the people indigenous to the Australian continent. I have not been to Australia but I read that Australia is known for seafood and fusion food. Other than that, the food are just like usual Western food (UK or US food).

    • I suppose you are right, but then, Malaysian Chinese food are not the same as authentic Chinese food, so maybe Aussie style British food has also some difference compared to British British food.

      • It would be interesting if you write a post on the difference you find between Chinese food here and Chinese food in China. To me British British food is like fish and chips, ploughman’s lunch, English pork pies, Pie and mash, jellied eel and I would think only Fish and chips is popular in Australia. Now you have gotten me interested in the definition of Australian Traditional food or Australian cuisine. Let me go and google for it.

        Back to Chinese food, I eat the food cooked by Cantonese restaurants here and find them quite the same as those cooked in Guangzhou although Guangzhou’s food has more oil. For chinese food, must compare those food by sub-ethnic groups (if you call it that way) Hakka vs Hakka in China food, Teochew, Hokkien and etc. The main difference I would say is ingredients. Some ingredients in China are difficult to find here, like fresh bamboo shoots so we don’t find dishes here with fresh bamboo shoots but on a whole, I would say the Chinese food here is more similar to Chinese food in China than say Chinese food in UK vs Chinese food here but those are minor differences only from say you compare Nyonya food in Msia vs Chinese food in Msia = big difference.

        • I don’t think I can write these posts, unless I travel to China extensively again and compare for myself. Don’t want to write theoretical posts based on internet research.

          The only food experience that I can draw on was that 1 week trip to Guangzhou many years ago. I do agree that their Chinese restaurants dishes out food in similar style compared to us, but I don’t remember them to be similar in terms of ingredients and tastes. I feel Malaysian Chinese food in restaurants typically use a lot more seasoning while food in Guangzhou was just as you said, more oily.

          Of course, don’t get me started on Hokkien or Hakka or Teochew food, I have absolutely no idea what they are like back in China. 😐

          But you are definitely right that at least we are more similar to each other as opposed to UK Chinese food! 😀

  8. i would have no idea at all too because i have not been to Australia before, haha!! but one thing i saw on the menu that make me doubt it’s authentically Australian is, the last line of the menu, they have iced chinese tea, SUET CHAH!!!! hahahaha~~

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