Lindsey Stirling

I was planning to write a post about something else today, but I got distracted. I guess that is nothing new for me. So instead of writing about what I planned to write, I shall write about my distraction, like how I did a few times before.

I got distracted watching videos of a certain Lindsey Stirlingquarter-finalist of America’s Got Talent 2010, professional dancing dub-step violinist, 6 million subscribers + 950 million views Youtube celebrity, superwoman,


I actually knew of her not because of that TV show. I saw a video of her live performance in Nantes, France, shared by fellow blogger Mabel. I was instantly hooked. Thanks, Mabel!

By the way, Mabel is an interesting blogger who writes interesting pieces on multiculturalism. She is an Asian Australian who used to go to school in Malaysia and Singapore. You can check her blog out from my sidebar, or click here.

Anyway, you might be wondering, what is a professional dancing dub-step violinist? What does she do? Fortunately, she is not attached to any major recording labels, and all her music videos are available on her official Youtube channel so you can watch them for free. Since I am not a musician myself, I think I better not attempt to explain, I think her videos will do a better job explaining.

Here’s a few of my favorites so far, if you are going to have a boring or quiet weekend then maybe you can consider watching these awesome videos:

Yes, you saw it right, that last one is a collaboration with John Legend. You know I also watch some other Youtube artists like Alex Goot, Sam Tsui, David Choi, Rebecca Shearing etc, and they do have collaboration projects, but it is always with fellow internet artists. Lindsey is the first one I have seen to collab with a famous mainstream singer. I think she is in a different level.

And I particularly like the last paragraph of the About page in her website. I believe it is a direct quote from Lindsey herself.

You’ve got to have confidence in the very thing that makes you unique – then wait for the world to catch up.


    • She’s actually quite famous, she had a concert in KL earlier this month and it was RM500 for a VIP ticket and it was a sold out. But I suppose you don’t see her much on TV, she does Youtube videos and live performances.

  1. Oh, that is nice to hear. More motivation for me to interview Lindsey face-to-face. Just need to wait two years 😀

    Hope you get to meet her and take a photo with Lindsey!

  2. Thanks for the shoutout, CL. You summed up my blog very well…better than I did. Great to see you spreading the Lindsey love. I love the Take Flight video, such great cinematography and storyline. Bit of a big shot but next time she comes to Australia, I am going to see if I can interview her for my blog 😀

    It’s amazing how far she has come without a major record label. The world of self-publishing is tricky – anyone can publish their work, the trick is to stand out and then keep your audience hooked.

    By the way, you spelt her name wrong in the title 😀

    • Oh dear, thanks for pointing out the wrong spelling. What a horrible mistake to make! 😐

      You got a picture with her the last time, so I won’t be surprised if you get the interview! Fingers crossed! 😀

      • Err…I had to pay an extra $130 on top of the $70 tickets to get the VIP tickets to meet Lindsey and get a photo (actually a few photos since they took more than one), and guarantee a standing spot somewhere at the front of the stage :/ I read that the concert+VIP tickets were RM500 for her concert in Malaysia last month :/ I hope you get to see her someday 🙂

        I actually interviewed her for an article for a youth website I’m writing for. But it would be cool to interview her face-to-face.

        • It is such a waste that I only paid attention to her AFTER her concert in Malaysia. Otherwise I would’ve paid up to attend!

          I hope you wish comes true. It would be cool enough for me to claim: Oh, I know someone who interviewed her face-to-face! 😀

  3. Actually, I don’t know about her either. If she’s so good, why isn’t she attached to any major recording labels? Maybe the judges were right, somehow? That last video I like…maybe her collaboration with a mainstream artist, like John Legend, might bring her to the mainstream?

    • You do know that Boey is self-publishing too, right? I think there are more and more talented people out there who choose to remain untied nowadays. Of course, if you sign with a label, you get infinitely more resources to reach more people. But by being independent, you get to dictate what you want to do without interference, and if you are successful, you get to keep a bigger share of the profits. Independent artists like Lindsey (and Boey) probably makes more money reaching 5 million people than a mainstream artist would make by reaching 50 million.

  4. I didn’t know about Lindsey Sterling until today! She has some serious talent and I am paying very close attention now. I also got to know of Sam Tsui from one of your posts. I’m a fan now hee..hee..

    • LOL! Wonderful! It makes me mighty glad when I am able to introduce any talented people to more people! 😀

  5. When I see violinist, I could only think of that Vanessa something..I like the last sentence in your post – Gotta have confidence in what you do, then wait for the world to catch up.. Very true that statement..

    • Vanessa Mae? Yeah she’s good too, but Lindsey and her have different type of performing style altogether. That last sentence is taken from Lindsey’s website, her own quote I think. 🙂

    • What the… she came here earlier this month?! D*mn!! If only I paid attention to her a couple months earlier!

  6. That’s so funny. I just heard about her too! Our apartment in Singapore had a big TV with American channels and I got hooked on America’s Got Talent. She performed at one of the shows and I was hooked! I immediately went and watched a bunch of her YouTube videos. She is amazing! Very unique.

  7. Thank you for sharing this. Definitely something new and she is well ahead of everyone in this. Doing what she loves and is passionate about has earned her fame and money. Truly motivating. Even Yamaha pays her to endorse the Yamaha Silent Violin.

    • Oh, so you already know about her huh. When she is that famous, it is worth it to pay her for endorsements! 🙂

    • Yup. Amazing that she got voted out of the quarter finals of America’s Got Talent because the judges said there is no market for what she is doing!

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