1P100W #7 – Hot and Spicy

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In this plate, there’s: one piece of chicken breast, one tilapia fillet, one chorizo sausage, half piece of tofu, a handful of elbows macaroni and some romaine lettuce.

I was going to do a stir fry today and without the fish, but I had a bad day at work and out of work. Anything that could go wrong, went wrong. I have not felt so frustrated in a very long time.

I ended up just chucking everything into boiling water for a bit, then drained them and tossed them in four big tablespoons of Nando’s hot peri-peri sauce.

Bad move…

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  1. Sorry to hear about your bad work day, and outside of it. I sympathise with you loads 🙁 Sausage in a stir fry. That is so Malaysian. Reminds me of primary school canteen food – fried rice with sausages like those in between the rice.

    • No no, I planned to do a stir fry, but I didn’t. I boiled everything in water, then tossed them in hot sauce. But yeah, if I sticked with my original plan, then you are right! But I think sausage in a stir fry originated from Hong Kong, we are just following! 😀

  2. I have this kiasu habit of cooking or baking cookies. I would do in small portions or trial quantities. I would keep tasting and checking them until perfect. I developed this habit while making many unsuccessful gandum dessert.

    Hey I would have fried your whole vegies into the wok and thrown in more eggs until it becomes omelette or quiche.

    • I was too frustrated to give too much thought about how I cooked and what I added last night. It was a miracle that I did not chop my hand off.

    • This IS the one with the hot peri-peri. I tossed the food so it is not visible, but it’s there.

  3. Yeah, bad move with the boiling! It would have been good stir fried. You are not alone. I have had my bad days at work (yesterday too) and I think most people do. Hope today is better!

    • No, the boiling was not so bad. The hot sauce was. Too many tablespoons, ruined it and ruined my tongue! 😀

      I don’t normally feel so frustrated with the normal bad work days. Yesterday was not normal.

  4. Oops!!! Commented earlier. Seems to have disappeared, connection problem, I think. Many love the peri peri sauce, Nandos – I’m just ok with it, not bad. I think if you eat there, you have a choice – what level of spiciness you want, right?

    • Yup, if you eat there, there’s a few to choose from. The one I went to were selling the sauce, so I grabbed a bottle. I was actually going for the garlic sauce (least hot), but somehow I took the wrong one LOL!

  5. Why bad move? It didn’t taste good? 🙁

    Aaaa, Mondays. They tend to suck haha. I am always very busy on Mondays and on Fridays. And it also rained here today.

  6. Monday blues? i m having GST blues now…
    things not goin smooth in job, and lotsa frustration….
    Am hoping for a better day ahead.

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