1P100W #5 – Garden of the Gods


Garden of the Gods, one of the most famous tourist attractions Colorado has to offer. This is the only picture I have to show for it.

The thing is, this place is located in Colorado Springs, 130 miles from Loveland. It is like Ipoh and KL. When I finally decided to visit for the first time, I had to drive 4 hours in heavy traffic, spent an hour and a half searching for parking, gave up and drove 4 hours back to Loveland.

I don’t think I will be trying to visit again. You can Google for the pictures if you want to see its beauty.

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I spent the past 2 days organizing a big bunch of photos into a few travel related posts. They will make their appearances soon...



    • That’s exactly what I saw in GotG! Ok well, maybe some nice rocks from afar, all from inside my car. You can Google search this place to get a feel of it.

  1. When I read the title I thought it’s in KL hehe.. If really in KL then of coz must make a visit jor..So interesting wor the name..One and half hours to search for parking? If me pengsan jor..

    • I remember it looked magnificent, but I remember my frustration with the drive more! 🙁

      Let’s see, I think I went as early as I could manage. I left at 7 AM, but because of the terrible traffic and long drive, I only arrived at lunch time. It was already too late to beat the crowds! Well the I-25 was partially closed for works when I went, causing the jam to be worse, so if I ever go to the States again and want to visit this place again, I would have to check that the road works are complete. I remember it would be done by 2016.

  2. I guess you did not have GPS then? Hehehehe!!!! Saw something once about men never stopping to ask for directions and just plod along, never mind how long it takes, while women would. Looks like there’s some truth in this, after all?

    • Of course I had GPS. GPS was my best friend in the States! GPS would not help with congested highway anyway, unless there is a path where you can fly over it.

  3. I will google to find out why it is called Garden of Gods. You spent nearly 9.5 hours and this is what you get for it to show that you have been there and done that. I thought traffic and parking here is bad, now I read your post, it seems just as bad there.

    • It didn’t help that when I went, the I-25 (the highway) was partially closed for works from Denver to Colorado Springs (half of it), but even on normal days, that stretch of I-25 is one of the most congested highway in the States!

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