1P100W #4 – Alcohol


This was taken on one of my trips to Loveland. It was stapled to the noticeboard outside the office’s cafeteria.

It’s nothing funny. Actually, the message is very factual and precise. In fact, it was also very suitable for the folks here. After all, Loveland is very close to Fort Collins, the beer capital of America (and some say the world). In fact most of my Loveland coworkers live in Fort Collins.

What I find amusing is that, usually we have drinks during or after the meal. What would your resolve matter when you have already placed your order to the waitress?

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  1. I don’t drink at all, primarily because my body can’t handle alcohol well at all and I pride myself on a healthy body. Got nothing against beer and wine drinkers. Usually they are happy to be around me as if I do get a glass of alcoholic drink (say somebody passed it to me and it was on the house), they get my drink 😀

    • I’m not a heavy drinker myself. I do enjoy a glass or two occasionally, with friends and chatting. I’m not like some Malaysians who are crazy, paying thousands of ringgit for expensive bottles only to gobble them down like there’s no tomorrow.

  2. I used to be a drunkard during my 20s to early 30s! I never liked drinking except giving ‘face’ to friends. One decade while working for my ex-HKG bosses, I always drank until threw up by the drains and toilets. My appendix intestine ruptured and I was rushed to Subang Medical Centre!! No kidding! The surgeon even told my brother that I was in critical state as the toxin was all over my blood system & be prepared. That’s history now.

    Somehow I felt that certain amount of red wine daily could help weight reduction.

    • Sometimes it really takes a disaster of epic proportions to jolt us awake from unhealthy lifestyle. Like, I do cook since quite some time ago, but the gout was what made me really take note of what I cook and what I eat in a more serious manner.

      And I know a friend who had trouble to quit smoking and clubbing until his wife passed away due to liver malfunction as a result of excessive alcohol (They were both serial clubbers). Now he lives an even more regimented healthy lifestyle than me.

  3. I have quit alcohol because of low tolerance. Half a can of beer and I get woozy. I used to be able to down 3 cans with no side effects ages ago. And I remember that beer goes so well with junk food like potato chips and salted nuts 🙂

    • Many things that we used to be able to do, but will get us into trouble now. Maybe not so much on me now, but probably in a few years time I will start to feel the effect. 🙁

    • Right? So it doesn’t matter if it weakens your resolve about eating, because you are already done eating! 😀

  4. Moderation is the key kua.. Some wine is good for the heart, beer is fine too, if you are a casual drinker.. But don’t mix.. I only take some occasionally, I like Stout surprisingly.. I like the dark malty taste..

    • Some say a glass of beer a day improves your metabolism a.k.a helps you reduce weight. Not sure if it is just a bunch of bollocks or not. But Americans who come here will have at least a glass a day as natural antibiotic, they say beer kills food germs.

      I prefer Stout too lately, by the way Stout is technically a type of beer too! 😀

      • I have watched a documentary before about how a long time ago, when water is not safe to drink, the West brew alcoholic drink to kill the germs in the water but the East just boiled the water and made hot tea to drink.

  5. I’m off beer as it triggers severe gout attacks (Tiger), just ONE mug. They tell me the European ones – Carlsberg, Heineken are ok but no, thank you. I will not touch a drop anymore these days…no beer, no wine, no liquor. Strangely, I’m fine with food…in moderation, of course.

    • LOL! If you’re not fine with food then you will be in serious trouble! And nope, alcohol triggers gout, regardless of their origin, so you probably won’t fare well with Heineken and Carlsberg too. By the way, the ones you get here, they are all manufactured in KL anyway!

    • Well, we don’t really drink in the office, so I don’t think it is for that purpose. It is probably just a friendly reminder for when we leave work.

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