1P100W #1 – Coke

I’m going to start a new type of posts. I’m going to call it A Picture, A Hundred Words. As the name implies, in such posts I will share one picture, and then attempt to write about 100 words about it. Well, not exactly 100 words, but I shall keep it close enough, maybe +/- 10 words tolerance. And I’ll include the word count at the end of each post.

Lazy Man’s ultimate solution to daily blog posts, you might call this. I’m personally not so sure about it though. Sometimes trying to limit yourself to a certain word count can be more difficult than writing long winded articles. I guess we’ll see.

The reason I’m coming up with this idea is because while going through my old photos, I discovered that there are many homeless photos. You see, I like to sort my photos. Every time I come back from a trip or something, I would sort my photos into different folders, each of a specific category. These homeless photos are photos that I do not know how to categorize. These are photos I put in the Miscellaneous folder. Some of them I find rather interesting and want to share it in a meaningful way. Blogging about them would be a great way to do it, I reckon.

I’m not going to do every blog post this way. I will still do full length blog posts. It will be a bit of this and a bit of that. And I thought hard (about 2 minutes) about the right abbreviation to use. I am hardly going to write One Picture One Hundred Words on every title. I was  thinking between APHW and 1P100W. In the end, the engineer in me decided to go with the one with numbers. APHW sounds a bit like some NGO’s name or something anyway.

I’ll start with my first one today. The word count starts after this. If we count this introductory speech, we’re already at 333 words


Every time I travel to the States for work, I try to look for interesting souvenir for my family. It is always a pain, because usually the really interesting ones (like Coach) are freaking expensive and I’m poor.

On one such trip, I found the ultimate souvenir. We went to Fort Fun, an amusement park in Fort Collins. There, I saw Coke sold in unique metallic bottles. So I bought them and brought them home with me. My siblings were quite excited with this vintage set.

The following week, I saw the exact same bottles in Cold Storage (supermarket) near my home. Vintage indeed..

[104 words]


  1. You are always funny and creative with kinky ideas! LOL
    I like this idea to limit myself with 100 words.

    I love that COKE bottle! Are you a serious coke collector?
    I have quite a lot and plan to give away soon.

    • There is nothing even remotely kinky about this!

      And nope, I’m not a serious Coke collector. In fact, I am not a serious collector of anything. My last serious collection was stamps when I was 9 years old. My 8 books of stamps have since been given to some orphanage or something.

    • Except now that I blogged about it. There is still a chance that they don’t read my blog though. 😀

  2. Yeah, the one with numbers looks more cool. When I saw APHW I immediately thought “Auntie Phong Hong’s World” 😀 To blog everyday, you need all the materials you can get!

  3. 1P100W is definitely the better abbreviation. When you have nothing to write, this will certainly get you out of that situation! 😀 You mentioned Coach souvenirs…I only know of (and have) Coach bags. What would the souvenirs look like?

    • Souvenirs = Bags, hahaha! 😀

      But they do have a quite a few other things lah, like purse, wristlets, clutches, keychains, scarves and belts. 😉

      • Oh…you call those souvenirs…I call them bags. I have them too…wristlets, clutches, keychains, scarves….hee…hee! Anyone would be happy to be gifted this type of souvenir 😀 Too many Coach that I don’t use nowadays…I’m thinking of putting them up for sale in one of those second-hand sites…kekeke!!

        • Well, anything that you bring home from your travels can be considered a souvenir, no? 😉

          Go ahead and sell them if you don’t need them anymore! You wait a few more years and nobody will want them anymore. Coach is fast becoming a common brand among Malaysians now.

    • I suppose when there is a lack of information, people will be intrigued to comment and ask questions. 😀

  4. I support you, ngor chi chee lei, a post with picture with 100 words sounds good.. Can read it faster, digest faster, comment faster, ok wor, I like.. But what if got a few pictures? Like your cooking pictures, step by step one? Oooo Coke bottles.. Hubby likes looking at Coke collections, but no buy home.. The weirdest one we saw before was a teeny weeny one, as small as a key chain, with Coke liquid inside!

    • Yeah, that’s why I won’t do everything in this format. I will do a bit of these, and a bit of full length posts.

      I got the key chain one at home too, hahaha! It was some souvenir from Thailand or something..

  5. LOL at SK’s Ah Poh Hou Wan, muahaha, by the way this is a good idea, it can also be something that I can ask my students to do to improve their writing skill and composition skill.

    • It is a good way to train creative writing I guess. When there is a restriction on word count then you will be forced encouraged to find different ways to present your points.

  6. When I read 1P100W I thought of light bulbs due to the W. This is because I always look at the Watt of light bulbs when I buy them.

    I think it is a good idea to write blog posts for those photos that you cannot categorize in order not to lose them. For this first one, I have not seen these coca cola bottles in supermarkets that I go too.

    Hahaha, so now your siblings know your secret – you actually bought those bottles from the supermarket near your home. 😀

  7. 1P100W?? hmmmm kind of like my blogging style huh?? hehehehe!! i wonder how long you could stay up with 1P100W?? because my experience told me that we tend to type more and more and then it goes 1P200W and so on~~

    1P100W is better lah.. APHW can means “Ah Poh Hou Wan” (Granny is very dizzy)~~ 😀

    • That’s why I said it is probably not as easy as it might seem.

      Hahaha, Ah Poh Hou Wan 😀 😀

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