Valentine’s Day Playlist

If you are reading blogs on Valentine’s Day, then I presume that you either have had a crappy Valentine’s date, or (like me) have no Valentine’s date at all. Fret not, I’m here to cheer you up.

Before that, a side story first..

I drove all the way to Gurney Plaza to take a last minute stroll, shoot some photos and see if I am able to find any clothes to buy. I will share some of the photos in my next post.

You know, there are some people who might dislike solo activity, like dining alone, watching a movie alone, or window shopping alone. I am NOT one of those some people. I realized pretty early in life that people actually don’t even notice that you are there, let alone notice that you are alone. I am someone who is fairly comfortable being alone in the malls and restaurants all this while.

Except for Valentine’s Day. February 14th is the one day in the year that even I would feel awkward being out and about alone. I mean, everywhere you go, there would be couples here, couples there, the girls would more often than not have a bouquet of flowers in their arms.

So I did what I have to do quickly, and then ducked into a restaurant that seems deserted quickly. I don’t even remember the name of that restaurant. Grandma’s Cottage or something like that, it is located on the 6th floor of Gurney Plaza, right next to Old Town White Coffee.

When I ducked into the restaurant, it seemed like a good move to get away from seeing couples walking around. Turns out it was a bad move. I suppose there is a good reason that the restaurant seems deserted. Or maybe they are just having a bad kitchen day and the reason the restaurant was empty was because nobody wants Chinese food in a romantic day. I don’t know.

I ordered a Tom Yam Fried Rice and a Salted Fish Pork Belly Stew. When the food came, my Tom Yam Fried Rice somehow, miraculously, turned into Salted Fish Fried Rice. The waitress looked depressed, and I’m generally not a fussy person, so I told her that it’s okay and I’ll have it.

If the food look unappetizing in the pictures, it is because they are really unappetizing. I was thinking, two salted fish dish, “excellent”! Turns out, both were rather bland. Not nearly enough salted fish in both the dishes. Oh well…

Anyway, as I was eating these, I thought of Stephen Chow 周星驰. Specifically, I thought of something that he said in one of his movies.


That’s right. 做人如果没梦想 跟咸鱼有咩分别? If you (as a human) do not have dreams, what’s the difference between you and a salted fish?

I don’t think my side story can do anything to cheer you up. Let’s move on to what I actually really wanted to share with you today.

You know Youtube has something called Watch Later, where you can sort of create a playlist of videos that you want to watch all in one place. Apparently I compiled a list of songs and videos in there some time ago. I don’t know when to be honest, in fact I don’t even remember I did this before!

I think I must have subconsciously prepared for today, some time ago. The songs were mostly my teen songs, and they are all awesome. I played all these videos in full blast while doing some last minute cleaning up of the house. If these songs can cheer me up on a lonely Valentine’s Day, I hope they can cheer you up to. So I’ll share them here with you. 😉



  1. I was once in your exact shoes and know how you felt. I was so desperate that I went to see so many mediums in trance to ask about my Valentine date! Muahahahaha

    As you are, so was I. As I am, so you shall be.

    • I doubt I would go and ask mediums hahaha! You see, my problem (I mean my mom’s problem) is that, I’m not even actively trying to look for a partner. I’m so busy doing my own things now to even worry about getting a girlfriend. My life now includes working everyday at night and working over the weekends. A girlfriend would inconvenient this lifestyle. Of couse, it is not to say that I will say no if somehow there is a nice girl showing up in my life. 🙄

  2. Eh I know every song in your list except that Sasha and Heart Attack song.. Wah most of those songs 90’s one wor very ‘hing’.. Yep used to be crazy over Moffats even thought they are younger than me, hehe.. Eh same here, I like doing things alone, like eating and shopping alone.. I take a day off from work once a month to go shopping alone.. Yesterday? I did nothing, no go anywhere, no eat anything, no celebrate, Kz was down with fever, so ‘pin dou tit mm sai hoi, mat dou mm sai gong’…

    • Aiks, cham.. I think that’s it isn’t it? With kids, no need to talk about romantic things like Valentine’s anymore 😐

    • I watch movies alone quite frequently, especially if it is those unknown movies that my friends do not want to watch 🙄

  3. I like Savage Garden. I was around 27 when I first listen to Savage Garden, you said those were your teenage songs, so are you ten years younger than me?

    • I don’t know your age, and I don’t wanna speculate, so I don’t know the answer to your question! 😀

  4. Yo ugly girl hahahha

    Salted fish is ikan asin isnt it?

    I see youre around my age from your playlist hahahaha, the moffats lol

    I dont have gf this valentine but even when i had, dont really think i celebrate it. I like the idea of valentine but when i find it industrialized, overpriced food, flowers n chocolates, i feel its undermining the real essence of it. Not to mention brainwashing people, mostly girls that if youre alone on valentine day then youre living a sad life lol Puhleaseee

    • LOL! I didn’t expect you to comment. Don’t call me UglyGirl here, people might misunderstand! (UglyGirl is my character name in an online game long long ago)

      Yes, salted fish is ikan asin.

      You shouldn’t say bad things about Valentine’s Day in the public, you won’t get any girls LOL! 😀

  5. Happy Valentine’s day to you! For me, it is a normal day lah. Just did my usual weekend things.

    Salted fish dishes, both bland? Must be they bought a batch of salted fish that is not salty.

    I only know a few songs in your list. A few more days to you before you are back in KL. Hope no traffic jam for you.

    • Oh, I forgot to say, that Chow Sing Chi sentence is really funny. How long did you search before you found that youtube?

    • I’m not expecting traffic jams. At least not yet. But I think in 10 years time it might be jam from Penang to KL too 😐

  6. Helloooo there! Yup me and my valentine spent the evening at home watching a movie. And I cooked pork rib soup muahahaha!!! 😀 That’s what old couples do hee..hee… Anyway I only know the Linkin Park song. Nothing wrong with spending time alone, I like that too. Have a good evening!

  7. Hmmm…not really romantic leh? I love those really mushy-mushy ones.

    If I were to choose something more recent, I’d pick Ellie Goulding’s How long will I love you. Sam Smith’s Stay with me and Ed Sheeran’s Thinking out loud would be nice to…but the radio stations have played them to death. Maybe Sam Smith’s Lay me down would be good too…

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