Post CNY Syndrome

I have been staring at the laptop’s screen for the past half an hour and realized that I do not know what to write today. I think I must have contracted the disease called Post CNY Writer’s Block Syndrome. After writing so much about the Chinese New Year, I am finding it extremely difficult to readjust back to writing other things.

I noticed the page views for most of my blog posts during CNY are somewhat low. I suppose that is to be expected, only people who are not Chinese or people who has no life reads blogs during CNY (people like me and maybe some of you). I am surprised that my overall page views have not decreased much, there are more and more random visits from search engines and overseas propping the blog up in terms of blog stats.

Anyway, I think most of you who follows my blog closely before CNY are back. Let me share the links to all the posts that I made prior to and during the CNY holidays, in case you are interested to read back. Self-promoting mode ON

RG’s CNY Posts:

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Or maybe I can write about Kamen Riders. After finish watching Shinkengers, I have now been lured into the world of Kamen Riders (otherwise known as Masked Riders or Baja Hitam).

The Kamen Riders today is very much different compared to the Kamen Riders that I watched as a kid. When I was a kid, my most favorite one was Kamen Rider Black RX.


I am now watching a relatively new one, called Kamen Rider Decade.


Some girls that I know are crazy about Decade too. No, wait, they are crazy about the man behind Decade, Tsukasa Kadoya. Apparently he is very handsome. You can judge for yourself, here..


The most glaring difference that I noticed between the old Showa era Kamen Riders (like Black) and the new Heisei era Kamen Riders (like Decade) is the way their cool factor are portrayed. Let me show you a video clip. Watch it, you can either reminisce your childhood, or understand why some boys like stupid TV series like these.

The first one is Decade. Then the two old farts after that are Black RX and his predecessor, Black. Decade’s henshin 变身 (transformation) looks cool thanks to modern day special effects. If you look closely, he doesn’t need to do much other than some slight hand movement and then just standing there. Black and Black RX’s henshin however, come with elaborate poses. In the old days, there were not super cool special effects, the way for the superheroes to look cool is to perform elaborate poses. That is why I loved these old Riders more than the newer ones. When I was watching them as kids, I always imagined that Kamen Rider is real, that if I got the poses right then I would be able to transform, and the reason why I failed to henshin was because my poses were not perfect. I spent a considerable amount of time and effort practicing the poses secretly, hoping that one day I would become a superhero myself.

Okay, I think I should stop talking about Kamen Riders, less I embarrass myself even more. 😳

What else can I talk about?

Maybe I can show you pictures of my meals since I officially ended my CNY holidays and got back to work.

DSC_0001 (1280x977)

Lunch at Cafeteria #1 (Tuesday): Vegetable, Tofu and Fishballs

DSC_0003 (1280x903)

Lunch at Cafeteria #2 (Wednesday): 2x vegetables, tofu

DSC_0004 (1280x1030)

Homecooked Dinner #1: Shin Ramyun with vegetables and egg, and miso paste as substitute for the flavoring sachet

DSC_0010 (1280x720)

Homecooked Dinner #2: Pan fried chicken slices with vegetable and bunapi mushrooms and ..

Oops, no, that’s the wrong photo. Let me do some editing to remove irrelevant parts..

DSC_0011 (1280x953)

Homecooked Dinner #2: Pan fried chicken slices with vegetable and bunapi mushrooms

This might sound funny, but I think to avoid an extremely unhealthy CNY, coming back to work early has been the correct move for me. At home, I have an ultra health conscious mom who will constantly nag about me being a 肥仔 fatty, but I also have to deal with the sight of snacks and cookies and pastries, prepared by the very same person. Now there is no one to scold me for overeating, but I do not have to deal with the snacks anymore.

Some say: if you have not gained at least 5 kg, then you have not had a wonderful CNY. If we measure by this statement, my CNY definitely sucked this year..

And on that bombshell, I think it is time to end today’s random post..


  1. That food looks both yummy and healthyーseems like you made the right choice. I know I can’t resist lots of “free” holiday food, so sometimes a short visit is the best. D:

    Speaking of Kamen Rider… Someone told me about Hentai Kamen the other day. Do you know it?? It’s… umm… weird:

    (And definitely not a love story!!!)

  2. I brought my laptop back to hometown expecting to draft out hundreds of posts but guess what? I was not even able to do ONE proper blog post.. haha. Everything shut down. Human time. Internet tutup.

    • Hahaha, that is because you balik kampung ma. My kampung is KL, nothing much to do except TV and going online! XD

  3. same goes here, my mum will nags me if i overeat the snack but the same time all the snacks were so ‘conveniently’ available jst rite in front of me!

  4. Ahah! You drank Shandy! 😀 I used to do that and drink beer too but now I can’t as I have somehow developed low tolerance for alcohol. Anyway, that bit about putting on 5kg is so true. It used to happen whenever I go back to KT. Before I leave for KT, I would swear to exercise self-control blah..blah..blah.. but in the face of all the good food and snacks and cookies, I cave in and the aftermath could be felt for many months before I get down to my so called “normal” weight 🙁

    • I am not familiar with those Japanese Kamen Rider whatever 😀 My two brothers probably know what they are because I remember they would be glued to the TV watching Transformers and other cartoons. I see the name “Baja Hitam” and I think of the compost in my garden 😀

    • The past few years is like that for me. CNY gain weight, then spend a few months to lose weight, then travel to US gain weight again, then spend few months to lose weight, then CNY again and the story repeats 🙁

  5. I never have Writer’s Block Syndrome. I always have several posts hanging inside my blog archives waiting to release. Right now I am still waiting to release these topics (1) Water Energy (2) King Of Ghosts – A true story (3) Love, Marriage & Divorces On The Rise.

    Which one to post first?

    I ate too much for this CNY and I would die if I gained 5kgs. I think I gained 1 kg after each dinner and would skip breakfast with light lunch the next day. That helped my weight back plus hitting the 24/7 gym to squeeze my fats out. Why are we so worried about too much food when millions of people out there are worried about NO FOOD??

    • Hahaha, you don’t write daily, so that is fine I suppose..

      I think it is because some people have to worry about no food that we should worry about too much food. If we can cut back on food wastage (including unnecessary overeating) then in the big picture, it would help a bit?

  6. Not to worry about page views, mine has dropped drastically too.. from 2000 page views to 1000 for the past couple of months. Don’t know why it dropped… maybe I ping to less websites this time and also in FB… last time I used to link up to many groups… but I refrained since a couple of months back.
    Talking about food, 5kg is a lot to increase! My son told me he increased 2kg… but he can afford to increase cos he lost 10 kgs since he started working down south. Wanna know his secret? He eats heavy during the day but eats like a pauper in the evening.. takes oats and soya bean almost every night.. he loves this very much!!

    • I try that too, but I can’t take oats every night, I would get hungry before sleep time then I would have to grab a supper, and that is counterproductive. I absolutely cannot sleep with a hungry stomach! 😐

  7. It’s common to experience a drop in pageviews during the CNY period since many are busy or away…I didn’t post anything for a week myself!

    Those Kamen Riders look creepy to me…with giant insect-like heads! 😀 😀

  8. When I don’t know what to write about, I write about food.. Like my previous post, hehe.. Go to a place, order some good food, then take picture of each, and blog about it.. What? 5kg??!! I cant let that happen to me !! If gain 1kg also I’ll do something about it, starve or what, haha.. I have a weighing scale and I weigh twice a day religiously leh..

    • Wei, you fast food princess leh, I can’t believe you are so weight conscious!

      I think many restaurants owner are praying that you always don’t know what to write about then! 😀

  9. Your homecooked meals look much better than your chapfan from your canteen. I think like that you can prepare packed lunch to work and save yourself from eating tofu and vege only for lunch.

    I don’t know any Kamen Rider but after looking at your photos, it reminded me of those dubbed Japanese shows in BM I watched with my younger brothers – Baja Hitam. Then I google to see what is Baja Hitam and what do I find – Kamen Rider Black. Hahahaha, so I do watch this when I was young but I know it as Baja Hitam. But I never do any poses to transform lah cos since no girl role models for me to follow there.

    • Chap fan pay RM 2 and below, if prepare packed lunch would cost a lot more than that @.@ .. Alternate lah..

      Haha yup, Baja Hitam is Kamen Rider Black. If you watch the video I shared, you will recognize the uncle in it. 😀

      Girls stick to Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger, or Powerpuff Girls 😀 😀

  10. hahahaha.. post CNY?? hey, it’s still CNY now lah, we have 15 days of CNY remember?? so please keep on writing about CNY and keep all your chap fan photos for next month!!! hehehehe.. and oh, if you are a Hokkien then i think tomorrow night will be even a bigger thing huh?? 🙂

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