Outside Queensbay Mall @ Penang

I mentioned yesterday that besides shooting the Chinese New Year decor in Queensbay Mall, I also went out of the mall to shoot some photos, didn’t I? So… here’s more photos…

DSC00082 (1280x720)

Persiaran Bayan Indah – The road outside Queensbay Mall

I was surprised when I got outside the mall and saw the road. Usually, on weekends, even with less crowds, this road would be a terrible jam with all the cars queuing to reach the secondary entrance of the car park. Yesterday, even with super crowds, this road was surprisingly… relatively empty! If there’s not many cars coming in, where the heck did all the people came from??

DSC00086 (1280x720)

The Tourist Roundabout

The cars queue would typically begin at this roundabout from 12.30 noon onwards on a typical weekend, but it was empty yesterday! And it was also devoid of tourists standing beside the Queensbay signage taking photos. I guess it was due to the insane heat and everybody were busy taking photos with the Chinese New Year decor instead.

Speaking of which, after the horrible, continuous rain towards the end of last year, we are now served with weeks of insane scorching heat. If you have never been to Dubai and want to imagine what it feels like to be walking on the streets of Dubai during daytime, go outdoors now. The weather here now is about the same as typical Dubai!

DSC00102 (1280x720)

Pedestrian/Bicycle Path

When the weather is not actively trying to bake you to death, the area outside Queensbay Mall is actually not a bad place to hangout. It is basically like southern Penang island’s version of Gurney Drive. I wonder why no one’s ever named this place as Queensbay Drive.

DSC00088 (1280x720)

Good Picnic Area

I used to come to this stretch quite frequently on weekends for my morning jog. But ever since the episode with gout, I have stopped jogging. No, I have not stopped working out, I just stopped jogging. Nowadays my workouts are mostly sessions on my exercise bicycle and walking, with occasional basketball sessions. The doctor said that due to my (heavy) weight, running is not a suitable exercise for me. My weight means the only thing I can achieve with prolonged running is the accelerated ruination of my leg joints. He recommended cycling and swimming, and since I can’t do both, I settled for getting an exercise bike at home instead.

Oh no, I just strayed from the topic again, now some of you will comment on my gout instead of my pictures… >.<

DSC00106 (1280x720)

You will be able to see the Second Penang Bridge here

It’s not so visible from the camera, but it is very visible with the naked eye. In fact, you can see both the bridges from where I was standing. After all, Queensbay Mall is (approximately) the halfway point between both the first and second bridges of Penang.

DSC00091 (1280x720)

If you turn to the other side, you will be able to see the First Penang Bridge

DSC00095 (1280x720)

Prime properties in the areaBaystar Condominium, Gold Coast Condominium, Putra Place

In case you are planning to move to Penang for retirement/migration/whatever reasons, you can purchase a 1600 square feet Gold Coast unit with sea view for around RM 850k (~US$ 250k). Baystar is an even higher end condominium and each sea view units goes for about RM 1.5 million (~US$ 430k). These numbers are 84.365% accurate as of February 2015.

There was one other feature of the camera that I managed to test before heading back into the comforts of air-conditioning in the mall: Sweep Panorama.


Condominiums and the Bridge

Looks good, isn’t it? Don’t click and enlarge the photo! Don’t focus on the bridge alignment! DON’T DO THAT!


Queensbay Mall and the Condominiums

And then I’ve had enough for the day and quickly made my way back into the mall, and that was the end of my day of shooting photographs…


    • It was super windy, but the air blowing was scorching!

      That panorama function is really handy when you really can’t fit everything into a single frame!

  1. The views are so lovely and nice, but for me, I probably went out to take pictures only then faster jump inside…can tell it’s so hot, didn’t see any clouds in the sky! =]

    • It was freaking hot! Now that I think about it, I felt like an idiot. But then there were a few other idiots with their DSLRs out there too that day! 😀

  2. u still managed to take great pictures under the scorching sun..i rather hide in the malls and enjoy a nice cooling drink…Anyway, great view…hmmm perhaps sunset would be nicer?

    • Regret now. I am on MC second half today, fever. Just woke up from a nap. I think my body is telling me it is really a bad idea to go out under the scorching heat.

  3. I used to live near there at Minden Heights ever since I was a kid and hung out at Queensbay shores. I remember the horrible heat as there are little or no trees there!

    Oh dear, try whatever methods to treat your gout fast as one thing leads to another. Better be safe than sorry later as gout is the starting downhill for men’s health as seen in all my friends today.

    • Quite a few condos in that area now, and with the shopping mall, I guess the developers have no choice but to do some landscaping and add some trees. But it doesn’t help much with the heat anyway, especially the past few weeks, feels like Dubai!

      The gout episode is over lah, I’m just saying when I was treated for it, the same doctor advised me against running/jogging. He said running is better for lightweight people and worse for heavyweight people, and I’m heavyweight, so..

  4. Great photos, love the panoramas in particularly! I accidentally rediscovered the panorama setting on my own camera a couple of weeks ago and have been obsessed with taking panoramas ever since!

  5. Very scenic! I love Penang and have been there a few times but not lately. I know that during Chinese New Year it is jam packed and the best time to visit is during off peak seasons. Your camera (or rather you) takes rather good pictures and that Sweep Panorama function is pretty cool.

    • The island is actually pretty crowded on the developed areas, but then there is a vast area not developed yet, so it gives you a feeling of openness.

  6. Been there twice only as I always stayed at the city centre and taxi fare here was RM30 one way. A mall is a mall, big or small…and I’m not into shopping that much. You know me – all about food and Penang is about hawker food and kopitiams and mamak/nasi kandar shops. I would just go to the real thing for the authentic local delights, wouldn’t bother going for the rest.

    • Actually, if you ask my honest opinion, that’s what tourists think of Penang. To me, the food is just a small part of Penang. Their food is nice, yes, but so are the food in KL, JB or Sibu. If we say food is what Penang is about, the same can be said with every other towns and regions of the country, or the world.

      I think the main thing that differentiates Penang is the people. But then, you can only experience that if you live here. You can see how different they are when you drive (their interpretation of dangerous driving is different from KL), when you visit the shops everywhere including the malls (they assume every Chinese would speak Hokkien, the older generations even tsk at non Hokkien speaking Chinese even if he/she is tourist), and when you say you had better of certain food outside Penang, and when you hear them talk about KL and Singapore in a condescending tone (they will show you the power of Penang pride).

      • No offence but I do find Penang people nicer than KL’s…or maybe it is the way they speak Hokkien – very gentle, very pleasant, music to the ears…and wait till you hear the Sibu people speaking Hokkien or Focohow. People in MU told me they had a few, always sticking together…and they were wondering why they were quarreling every day. Muahahahaha!!!!!

        As for the food, if it’s not their hawker fare or their nyonya or local Chinese fare, all the rest can be found anywhere, even better – why go Penang for western, Italian, Japanese or food from Hong Kong or Taiwan or any of those – we have our own here (and may be nicer and cheaper even)! And even their own local delights are very much over-rated. Penang sure is nowhere near what it was when I first went in the 70’s…but it’s the same with KL…or Singapore. And true…true…come to Sibu. We have our own…and you may find those are anytime nicer than many things you can find over at your side.

        • No offence taken. I get you, but like I said, that’s what tourists (which you are, because you don’t live here) view Penang as, food haven. For people like me, I don’t really care. I am living here so I can’t be having char kuay teow and laksa all the time. When it comes to food in general as opposed to just Penang food, nah.. don’t think Penang is all that great. KL still thrives better in diversity and quality in diversity when it comes to food. That’s just me, Penangites will definitely refuse to agree with me LOL!

      • P.S.
        Same as KL, many of the people there now are not necessarily locals, all from elsewhere (including Sibu). Come Chinese New Year, one can go sleep in the streets – all gone home…hardly anybody around, all shops closed, nowhere to go and eat except maybe at the nasi kandar shops and the fast food chains. I had the misfortune of spending CNY there once…and once in KL too. Miserable.

        • You might be surprised that Penang’s non locals are fast growing. It is easier to find Cantonese speaking people (Ipoh and KL) here today than say, 6 years ago.
          I agree with what you say about KL though. But if you visit KL for CNY this year, you might find a different sight compared to 10 years ago. Some of the shops and restaurants are open on CNY nowadays (not a lot, but getting more and more), and the malls are mostly open throughout. It is not as dead as 10 years ago. I guess the generation that came out from the villages have slowly died out and current generations are people who has more ties in KL than in their parent’s hometowns. In another 10 years time maybe KL will be lively even during CNY.

  7. Wah macam virtual tour, and kebetulan most of the pictures you took kam ngam no cars, so they look very nice, like postcards..I personally like the tourist rondabout picture and the second Penang bridge picture..Like very pro like that..

    • Yeah, that day was kind of funny. The mall was jam packed by outside no cars. Strange!

      Haha, I don’t think my photos can be postcards lah, a lot pro photographers will bay for my blood if I claim that.. 😛

  8. I love cameras with the sweep panorama feature. Can cover a larger area. Your camera is really worth it!

    I recognize many photos above because I always go to Queensbay Mall everytime I go to Penang because I take the Aeroline Bus to KL from this mall.

    You may want to mention that the condos if I am not mistaken are built on reclaimed land.

    • Yup, they are built on reclaimed land. But then, most of the seafront condos in Butterworth facing Penang are like that. Who knows what will happen in 50 years time? They said they used cutting edge technology with the land filling.

  9. one thing i love most about Penang is that it is an island and almost everywhere you go, there’s sea!! ah, in KL we only see the muddy river, and when it’s a rainy day, we see more muddy “seas”, muahahahaha~~

    • It used to flood too whenever there is rain in certain areas in Penang, but past 2 years conditions have improved. Now it takes a super heavy rain to flood us.

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