Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

You have OCD.” a friend declared over dinner last night.

What the hell are you talking about?” I responded.

You don’t know OCD? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.” she elaborated.

I know what OCD is. If you look at the state of my house, you will know that I sure as hell don’t have OCD!” I retorted.

The friend is a recent Psychology graduate from Boston (not Harvard). She is back for a few months break and is going to leave for Sweden after the Chinese New Year. She is currently on a road trip around Malaysia and happened to be in Penang for the weekend, so we came out for dinner.

Anyway, so, yeah… a Psychology graduate has just diagnosed me with OCD. Apparently, OCD is not limited to someone who frequently washes his/her hands or someone obsessed with the cleanliness of his/her toilets. As long as you exhibit repetitive behaviors due to certain anxieties, then it is a form of OCD.

So we were having dinner at McDonald’s. When I received my change, there were 2 coins: one of 5 cents and one of 10 cents. I immediately dropped them into the Donation for Charity box.

“Why don’t you keep those coins?” she asked.

“Nah, too much trouble, don’t want to be carrying those small value coins with me.” I replied.

“Do you do this all the time?” she asked.

“When I can help it. If I got those 5 cents coins from somewhere with no tip box or donation box, I will keep them and bring them on my next trip to McD to dispose of.” I replied.

“You have OCD!” she declared. (See above)

So, instead of catching up on life, we spent the next hour discussing my condition instead. Throughout my free consultation session, I yielded a few more symptoms.

  1. I am obsessed with punctuality. If I have an appointment or having a meet up with friends, I would try to be on time. I hate being late but I would try my very best not to be early either, but on time. For example, if the agreed upon meeting time is 10.00AM and I arrived at the meeting place at 9.55AM, I would wait in the car or wander around for 5 minutes and make it to the meeting place at 10.00AM sharp. Of course this changes if the friend(s) are early and called me when they arrived.
  2. I am obsessed with rounded numbers when it comes to money. The issue with coins is that, I am not exactly troubled by having coins. I am troubled by odd numbers where money is concerned. That’s the reason why I dislike small denomination money. Sometimes when I am buying something in the convenience store, for example a can of Coke, if it costs RM 2.30, I would then look for something else to buy in the shop, something that costs RM 0.70 or RM 1.70, just to round up the total amount into ringgit only instead of ringgit and cents. And when I buy those packed organic vegetables, if there are two packets that look the same but one is RM 4.35 and one is RM 5.00, I would take the RM 5.00 one.

So I asked if this is bad and if I need professional help. She said actually 90% of the people in the world has OCD, it is just that the obsessions are different. If it does not affect yourself and other people, then there is no problem at all. And it is nothing to be ashamed of to admit that you have OCD. That is why I am writing this post now.

And she offered a solution for my second obsession.

Go buy a tin of jumbo sized Milo (Malaysian chocolate malt drink) and quickly finish drinking it. Next time, instead of depositing the coins in McDonalds, bring them home and deposit them into the Milo tin. When it is full, wire the money over to me, I will put them to good use.

It made me feel like I have just wasted an hour of my life listening to bullshit.. Damn…


  1. I’ve OCD, I like things to have even number, I can’t stand for odd number; when I give the coins, I like it to be face up; like the new 20 cents and old 20 cents, if I need to give 40 cents, I will try to find two new 20 cents or two old 20 cents, instead of one old and one new!!

    Yup, this’s why friend calls me weird, always so straight on small small things!!

    • For me, I will try to use up all the old coins and keep the new coins as much as possible haha. If I get old coins then I will prioritize using them up first!

  2. My ex was obsessed with fueling gas… He would try to get an even number at the end. If the pumping stopped at $30.03, he’d want to get it up to $30.10 or something like that. He was also anal (slang for overly obsessive) about getting any kind of collection in a game completed…like in Pokémon or The World Ends with You. -_-

    • Either that, or she just doesn’t know what she is talking about, yet. She’s just a graduate, not a doctor yet. 😀

  3. I am sure she meant it as a talking topic only.. anyway, I am also like you at times.. drops the coins into the box available there.. do you know, nowadays some people don’t accept 5 sen anymore? Few times I gave two 5 sen and they returned to me saying that customers dont want wor.. apa la.. money also don’t want meh? They want 10 sen as a whole instead.. sigh.. why our 5 sen no more use? Then we must put into the donation box.. at least some people need that.. sikit sikit jadi bukit!

    • Haha, I am one of those customers. If given a choice, I would avoid buying anything that is priced with 5 cents at the back.

    • She is going to be a trainee doctor in Sweden..

      She only analyzed me lah, one person only, not keep on lah 😀

    • Well, your friends have OCD too, they are obsessed with being late and have compulsion on being on time! 😀

    • I think she wasn’t being funny. And I think maybe OCD is not a sickness but just a type of behavior. LOL 99.99% XD

  4. LOL. Hilarious. I have OCD too, always have, never been ashamed of it. When I’m eating, I absolutely cannot let the different foods on the plate touch one another before I start eating. If they are, I will use my utensils and push them away from each other.

    I’m also like you when I’m waiting for someone or an appointment. Must get their fifteen minutes early, wait for fifteen minutes and then walk to the meeting place. In Malaysia, I don’t know if it’s still safe waiting in the car alone…

    • Well, it is safer than waiting outside your car I suppose. I always keep my car running when I’m waiting in the car (safety over environmental concerns anytime). And you can’t really shut off entirely, have to be alert to the surrounding. Any sign of suspicious activity near your car and you should just drive off.

  5. Ahahahaha! 😀 😀 😀 I can totally relate to that! I am obsessed with punctuality too. If I go grocery shopping, I must reach Aoen at 10 am sharp. If I don’t I go beserk (in my mind) and really upset. And I like round numbers too when I bake. If recipe says 113g, I must round it to 115g i.e. odd numbers in progressions of 5 is fine. And before I go to bed or leave the house, I have to make sure the fridge/freezer door is properly closed (even though it is already is) and gas stove is turned off (though already off) like 10 times.

    • Seriously, I never understood recipes that require strange measure of ingredients, like 113g or 154g. Why would they do that? Except if it is from me, then you know it is only for a laughter effect 😀

  6. i have OCD!!! i always take all change given to me, so that i return a clean and empty tray to the cashier!!

    i have OCD!!! i always buy things that are priced with a 9-sen in threes, so that they sum up to a 7-sen and the cashier has to round-down to a 5-sen for me!!

    muahahahahaha!!! 😀

    • I suspect you are right, LOL! She’s going to Sweden for work though, apparently she got a job with a hospital in Gothenburg.

  7. Haha, give me 5, I have mild ocd kua, coz I vacuum the house and wash the toilet everyday.. Come back ahh, sure must think of vacuuming the house first.. One day no vacuum like feeling something missing.. I pickup the kid’s toys every minute.. I can’t wait until bedtime and just pickup once.. I see mess, I pickup.. See mess and I pickup again.. Mild ocd huh..

    • If nobody tell you OCD, I guess you probably would’ve just thought that you are cleanliness conscious. But wei, I think you will be very tired leh, picking up toys like that 😐 .

  8. I think I have slight OCD as I am very hygiene conscious and wash my hands very frequently and being obsessed with rounded numbers when it comes to money, I think I have that too, more with coins though, I dislike one 5 cents coin, I would always want to round it off with another 5 cents to make it ten cents.

    • I guess many of us are like that then. Actually, I am at the level where I really dislike 5 cents. Sometimes I would be annoyed at people who make a fuss over 5 cents, especially if that person is in front of me in the same queue. There was once when a fella argue with the cashier over 5 cents change and I just charged forward and gave him 10 cents and told him to f*** off. But only once, I was having a super bad day, I am normally not that impatient 😛 .

  9. Hahahaha, I like how you have a twist in your post, just like in a good movie. A good twist too.

    Before reading the last paragraph, I was going to say your friend diagnose you with OCD too loosely. Many people do not like to carry coins around so that is why there are loose change boxes for donation around.

    I am sometimes like that, will look for something else to buy in order to round up the money.

    Your friend has real potential to make a lot of money in her field seeing the solution she proposed to you. LOL!

    • LOL that solution was a joke lah (I think).. anyway I don’t think I will worry too much about it. I have been like this since forever, if there is a problem, I won’t have lasted this long I think 😛

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