Nutella Butter Cake

Hola amigos, it is Tuesday, and here in Malaysia, it is a public holiday in conjunction with Thaipusam. To commemorate this wonderful day, I decided to put myself to the test again. Whereas our Indian amigos challenge their spiritual and mental strength by subjecting themselves to physical piercings, I am challenging my mental strength by subjecting myself to the risk of another baking failure and agony.

Yes, amigos, I am going to bake a cake again!

I’m not going to bake another pumpkin cake. You probably already know what I am going to bake, look at the title! Why? Because I still have half a jar of Nutella left, and I don’t really want to keep them for too long. They’re not healthy food, get rid of them!

I’d like to think that I’ve learned my lessons. But, first things first, no more pretending to be expert like Gennaro! No more trying to think you can get away with normal plain flour. Buy the correct flour! Use self-raising flour if you want to bake a cake!

self raising flour

I don’t know if this brand is any good, but this is the only brand left on the shelves


  1. 125g self raising flour
  2. 125g butter
  3. 3 kampung (village) eggs – because they’re small, you can use 2 large eggs
  4. 150g Nutella
  5. 3 tablespoons of raw organic honey – sugar substitute

When I was buying the ingredients (flour and butter), I was pondering whether or not to include sugar in my recipe. After all, Nutella is sweet. Bloody sweet in fact. But I am not sure if sugar acts only as sweetening agent or if they have some other purpose in the composition of a cake. In the end, the smart ass in me won again: I don’t know what will happen, but, no sugar it is!


  • Mix butter and honey in mixer until well combined.
  • Add eggs into the batter, one by one, and mix until well combined.
  • Add flour into the batter, and mix until… (Phong Hong: The flour was whisked into the batter. It is better to fold it in using a spatula. You see… All that violent whisking will result in a tough cake…) and.. and don’t mix with the mixer. Fold the flour in with a spatula until just combined.
  • Add Nutella into the batter and lightly fold into the batter with the same spatula.
nutella butter cake

Use spatula!

When I was doing the folding today, I finally understood that I misunderstood the words thick and fluffy when it comes to describing a cake batter. In my previous experiments, my batter was creamy and watery because I thought that was how thick and fluffy should be. If you can pour your batter into the cake pan like milk, it means the batter will be too heavy to rise.

  • All that is left is to transfer the batter into a cake pan. Before that, grease the cake pan/spread a foil on the cake pan. Don’t want the cake to stick to the pan, do we?
  • Whack the cake pan into the oven. 170°C for 40 minutes.
  • Although it smells wonderful and it looks ready, poke a chopstick through the cake and see if it comes out clean. It does, meaning my cake is ready.
nutella butter cake

Ignore the cracks! And ignore the uneven shape! That’s how a noob cake looks like!

  • Allow the cake to cool down for 10 seconds 10 minutes.

Time to cut the cake and find out if my embarrassment continues…

nutella butter cake

Looks… okay…

It’s certainly not the most fluffy of cakes (in fact, it is slightly dense), but… hey, the texture is as a cake should be! In fact, it is fluffier than the cakes that I bought from 7-11. Yes!!! So the lack of sugar will not seriously affect how the cake turns out to be. Maybe I will not use sugar in my future cakes..

And the fact that it smells delicious… this is probably my first cake that really looks, feels, smells and tastes like a proper cake! Oh yeah babe~~

nutella butter cake

And it is so so delicious! Of course it is, half a jar of Nutella went in.. I cut the cake into 10 slices, but I already polished 5 slices off before I was able to restrain myself and packed the rest up and chuck them into the fridge. (It’s okay, you did not have breakfast)

Happy day… happy day indeed! 😀


  1. Nutella cake! Well done, it actually looks very good, and good to hear it’s fluffy and not crumbling apart. When you make a cake, the last thing you want is the cake to turn out like a cookie…

    Agree with you that Nutella is sickly sweet. However, once I came across someone describing Nutella as bitter :/

  2. It looks very delicious! I think I could find all the ingredients to make this cake in Taiwan. There are many recipes I would like to try, but there is usually one or two ingredients I can’t find. That’s why I end up making banana muffins so often!

    • When it comes to baking, I try to keep it simple first. Novice should not try exotic cake recipes LOL! 😀

  3. Hola amigos! I knew it tasted good as 5 pieces went down to your tummy right away.
    Once I bought MFM and my missus put it aside saying good chefs don’t use this brand. adoi.

    • Since I am not good chef, it is no problem for me! 😉 .. Still, which brand do good chefs use? I don’t see any other brands in AEON..

  4. The cake looks out of shape…just like the person who baked it…kekeke!! 😀 (sorry, I couldn’t help myself, I just had to take a swipe). The cake is rather thin and would have probably come out better if you had used a smaller pan…go get yourself another loaf pan!

    • Tsk! I know, but I don’t feel like spending money for a small pan now. I eat myself, don’t care the shape lah 😀

  5. For a second you sound like Phong Hong.. Especially the title, and also when I see Nutella.. Oooo and I noticed your recipe no sugar.. Interesting.. Am bookmarking your recipe.. Looks very very easy to make.. I could just whisk everything using a fork..

  6. Congratulations on your tasty cake 😀

    I have never baked anything! But it is better like this, if I try and succeed I will surely eat too much and get fat…

      • So I don’t 🙁 I only eat cake when there is a birthday in the office (once a month, but as we are many people I can only eat a very small piece haha). I don’t remember the last time I had a Secret Recipe cake!

        • I’m amazed at your self control, especially now that you are living in Shanghai and alone on weekdays! 😀

  7. hahaha, nice attempt.. and well, i guess baking professionals will not show what they have failed in.. who cares the cracks and the uneven shape?? trim it and cut the cake into smaller cubes, stack them up nicely, take a photo with your new Sony camera – you are a pro baker!! :p

    • Hahaha, I won’t do that. I try to be as honest as possible. If it is ugly, then I will show you ugly 😀

  8. Well, well! You finally got it right! The texture looks good. Did you use the same loaf pan that you used previously? The cake appears quite flat so perhaps the pan is too big. But whatever, it turned out well and the fact that you whacked 5 pieces out of 10 is testament to how good it is 😀 Bravo!

    • Nope, the loaf pan was destroyed in one previous disaster, I got it all scratched up. I have a square cake pan now. Yup, it is bigger. Lol if I make a full thick sized cake on that pan, I will really be a fatty! 😀

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