Lazy Man’s Fish Pie

I have a confession to make. I don’t like onions. In fact, I hated onions as a kid. This hatred towards onions is worse than my hatred towards the white and black fungus.

With the fungus, I don’t like them but I can tolerate them. If you serve me something with fungus, I would “tsk” in my mind but still eat it. With onions though, I actively try to avoid them. If you serve me something with onions, I would ignore the onions, I would pick them away and set them aside. Unless if it seems rude to do so, then I would eat the onions with tears in my mind.

It’s the taste. That onion taste, to me, is the worst taste that I have ever tasted in my life. Of course, it is not like I have tasted very many things in the world, yet. I don’t know what word to use to describe that taste. That onion taste, you know? Every time I eat onions, it triggers a sensation to my brain that makes me extremely uncomfortable. I think it is the same substance that make you cry when you chop onions.

My mom is very unhappy that I disliked onions because she thinks onions is one of the top 5 healthy food item in the world. She thought I merely disliked onions, she didn’t know I actually hated them. Every time I go home, she would force onions upon me. In her fruit and vegetables juice blend, and in all the dishes that she cooks. And she wouldn’t let me ignore the onions, she would scoop spoonful of onions onto my plate every single time. You can imagine how sad I was whenever that happens.

Oh gosh.. why am I telling you all these? Anyway, what I wanted to say is that, I hated onions until some time last year when I discovered that there is one way that I can tolerate onions. It was when I decided to make a fish pie after watching Jamie Oliver do it.


I don’t remember why I decided to use onions when I tried that dish for the first time. If you watched the video, Jamie didn’t use onions in the video. But he did say you can use whatever ingredients you want, mix and match. I think that day I just came back from KL and my mom had just secretly hidden a bag of onions and garlic into the bag of other stuff I was bringing back.

Anyway, so I made my fish pie with onions in it and discovered that the hated onions smell was not there when I tasted the dish. I had no problems finishing that dish at all! Onions taste less horrible when baked in the oven together with other ingredients! Since then, whenever I felt like making a fish pie, I would chunk an onion into the mix just so that whenever mom called and asked if I ate any onions, I can say “Yeah, I did!”

Okay, enough with grandmother stories. Yesterday, I decided that it’s time to make another fish pie for myself. I used the oven in the morning, lets use it for a second time in the same day because, why not?

This is not me trying something new. I think I have made more than 10 fish pies, so I don’t expect to screw up at all. Well my fish pie isn’t exactly an authentic British version. Like Jamie, my fish pie is twisted to suit my palate.


This makes 3 portions for me..

  • 2 fish fillet
  • 200g prawns
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 onion
  • some vegetables
  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • 1 lemon
  • seasoning

I don’t like salmon, so I use frozen sutchi/dory fish fillets. Sweet potatoes is something I started using as replacement for potatoes for the mash. I still insist that sweet potatoes are a healthier alternative compared to potatoes.


  • Grate carrots and put into baking pan.
  • Cut up onion, garlic and tomatoes, and put into baking pan.

fish pie

  • Cut fish into pieces. Marinate fish and prawn with salt and pepper. I think I got a bad packet this time, the fish were yellowish instead of white in color. And the fishy smell is stronger than usual.
  • Add fish and prawns into the baking pan. (Optional) Add some cheese in as well.

fish pie

  • Add vegetables into the pan. Squeeze lemon juice into the mix and drizzle olive oil over it. Mix everything up. I used spinach this time, but usually I would use either broccoli or frozen peas.

fish pie

  • Set the pan aside, let the ingredients marinate for a bit. In the mean time, boil sweet potatoes until soft.
  • Cut the cooked sweet potatoes to pieces. Add a dash of milk and a dollop of butter and make sweet potato mash.
  • Cover the mashed sweet potatoes over the ingredients in the pan.

fish pie

  • Into the oven the pan goes. 180°C for 30 minutes.
  • It’s ready.

fish pie

Like I said earlier, this tray is 3 portions for me. Serve 1 portion, freeze 2 portions for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

fish pie

Looks fantastic, isn’t it?

It was supposed to taste great too, except that I think I was right about the fish being bad. I used those frozen sutchi/dory fillets that you can find in supermarkets. Usually they are of acceptable freshness to me. They are supposed to have been processed and frozen on the same day that they were caught. Maybe I got a bad batch. The fish was not fresh at all, and it showed in the dish. It was a good move to let the fish and ingredients sit for a bit to marinate, the other flavors helped cover the fishy taste.


    • I also know it is good for health, but then, I live alone and mom is 360km away, so no need to force myself 😀

  1. Why don’t you try the local frozen fish supplier that I used in my (you should be able to get it there as it’s sold by Jusco). I find that it’s the next best thing to fresh fish.

    I, too, hate the taste the strong sharp taste of raw onions. I don’t like to eat them raw or cooked until I discovered that if you really caramelize the onions first, you get rid of the sharp taste and the onions turn sweet (but, of course, you need a little patience to fry the onions slowly under a low heat). As for raw onions (I still don’t eat them), I saw on TV that you need to soak them in an ice water bath to get rid of the pungent taste.

    • That brand is more expensive! Hmm.. maybe I could give it a try once in a while..

      Maybe most of the onions I eat are those cooked by my mom. She doesn’t like to overcook (I think it is more like undercook) her onions, so the taste is still there. I assume she thinks the health benefits correlate to how strong the onion taste is 😐

  2. Gee…I have never made pie before. That looks rather good. I might give it a go but not with fish. The fish does looks discoloured. There is something disturbing that I have noticed at the supermarket. Some customers take the frozen stuff and then later change their mind. Then they either put the frozen food back (by that time it would have thawed a bit) or leave it at the cashier. I believe what you picked up could be one of those 🙁

    I do know some people who cannot tolerate onions. But I love onions! I can even eat it raw like with satay or salads 😀

    • You might be right! I never seen people do that with fish before, but I do see people take things then put it back later, sometimes they are not even bothered to put it back, just leave it somewhere else! Unfortunately the packaging for those fish is not see through, else I could scrutinize them more closely before buying 🙁

      Raw onions are the worst! 😐

  3. Some say that an aversion to certain foods might be because of allergies and your body is naturally telling you to stay away. When you were younger maybe you really did have a sensitivity to onions. Now, you may have grown out of it?

    • Hmm, I’ve never heard people say that before. Maybe you are right, but anyway, it has become a habit for me. Avoid onions as much as possible!

    • Not just not fresh, it was bad. Even in freezer, today when I took it out, it smelled like rotten fish already. 🙁

  4. First things first.. Onions? Yeah if hate it as a kid ok la, most kids dont lile onions or veggies or even meat.. My kid ‘ptui’ out the chicken and pick all those greens leh.. But do you like onion fried egg? Tai choong dan wor, everyone I know likes it..You dont, eh?
    Wah your fish pie a lot of liew leh.. I think I will bookmark this too.. My version of fish pie very simple.. Onions, butter, fish, simmer in cream and lots of salt & pepper, topped with mash.. Kautim..

    • No, I hate onion fried eggs too, but I have to eat it, because my friends love it, every time we come out for tai chao gathering will either have that or fu kua chin dan.. >.< I always tend to go overboard with my ingredients, lack of skills have to cover with more ingredients to make the thing delicious LOL! 😀

  5. You really put a lot of ingredients into your fish pie. Too bad, the fish has gone a little off else it would taste very delicious with so many ingredients in it.

    Since you do not like to eat onions, how about the deep fried shallots that chinese people like to sprinkle over everything from chee cheong fun to noodle soup? Do you hate them too?

    • Nope, I will throw those fried shallots away too..

      You know, when I took the pie out from the freezer today, it smelled like rotten fish already, cannot eat, I had to throw the whole thing away. Damn! That was RM 20 worth of food wasted. And I am down with fever today, it is either the cake or the fish, I think it should be the fish!

      • Hope you are feeling better now. Should be the fish. Sayang the other ingredients wasted too. Next time if the fish looks not that good, just go without it. The pie would be still great as a vege prawn pie.

        • Better enough to wake up and reply to comments anyway. Gotta go to work today.

          I didn’t know the fish was bad, I just thought it was less fresh. Now I know. Actually, I still don’t know. Maybe next time I’ll just leave it if it smells less fresh..

  6. haha, first glance looks like some sort of chinese-style zhap choy with prawns…then read again, i saw the word ‘pie’ and then only noticed a thin layer of sweet potato ‘crust’ on top of the sliced pie. Your pie got lotsa ingredients…like SK mentioned, it is like a ‘prosperous’ CNY dish.

  7. I never hated onions and fungus but love them very much, haha!! well, if you want to be precise, I hate spring onions especially if they are not cooked.. haha!! love your pie, it’s so loaded and I feel happy seeing it!! so “rich” like a prosperous CNY dish~~ haha!! 🙂

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