Poached Cod with Broccoli Stir Fry

I had an interesting day out grocery shopping yesterday. I went to Queensbay Mall again as usual, and as I was walking pass the Center Court from Second Floor, I was tempted to take a peek to see what’s going on at Ground Floor.

Interesting enough, it seems that they have rearranged the barricades in an attempt to make the 12 animals more accessible. And from zero (0) people taking note of those zodiac frames last week (besides me of course), I observed at least 5 different people taking photos of those frames.

DSC_0003 (1280x872)

I’d like to imagine that some of those visitors took note of the animal frames because they read my blog. And I’d definitely like to imagine someone from Queensbay Mall’s management read my blog, realized their cock up and rectified it. Makes me feel like my blog is at least good for something.

And then, when I was taking the photo, someone tapped me from behind and asked: “You RealGunners right? Why are you taking photos of this? I thought you already blogged about it!“. I turned around and saw a mommy carrying a toddler. No, I didn’t recognize her, and she did not tell me anything about herself except that she is a silent reader.

Yeah, I definitely think that some of those visitors took note of the animal frames because they read my blog!

Anyway, I think yesterday’s trip would be the last of my grocery shopping trips before the coming Chinese New Year. I’m going to drive back to KL on Tuesday, it doesn’t make sense to buy supplies for Monday alone. And I sure as hell am not looking forward to get into that insane crowd in the supermarket section again!

Even yesterday, it was difficult to buy things. I didn’t manage to buy any chicken as what I saw was not appetizing at all. I think all the good cuts were already taken. Instead I ended up with some frozen fish. Again.

DSC00120 (1063x1280)
Frozen Cod Portion and Barramundi (Siakap) Fillet

I always thought cod fish is super duper expensive. But that packet with two slices of the fish, it was RM13.99. I think that’s cheap. But then maybe they are not cod. The label said “Frozen Cod Portion”, I wonder what does cod portion mean? Cheapest part of a cod fish? Or fake cod fish?

Anyway, I decided to cook one piece of that cod portion for dinner tonight. I was watching this video from FoodTube the other day where a Scandinavian guy did a poached cod and I thought I could do the same.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9bhgNmuzFg]

To poach the cod, I did what Bart did. Throw the piece of fish into a pot of cold water, set the water to boil, then take the pot of the heat and leave the fish to simmer in the hot water.

DSC_0008 (1280x956)

In the mean time, I did a broccoli stir fry.

  • Cut up a head of broccoli. Chop 2 cloves of garlic and cut 2 strips of my not-so-secret secret weapon (bacon) to small pieces.
  • Heat a pan with olive oil, then saute garlic and bacon bits until it smells wonderful.
  • Add the broccoli and cook for 5 minutes.

When the broccoli is done, the fish should be done. 15 minutes, give or take a bit.

To serve, I scooped out the broccoli and bacon bits from the pan and placed them on one side of the plate, the fish on the other side. Then I squeezed lemon juice into the leftover garlic and oil in the pan. Mix the sauce up and pour it over the fish.

DSC_0011 (1280x997)

As I was eating, I thought, this can be an auspicious Chinese New Year dish. After all, I believe the cod is a staple among many Chinese (Cantonese) on the reunion dinners. At least it is a staple in my home.

DSC_0012 (1280x720)

It is a must to have a fish dish at reunion dinners, every year. After all, it symbolizes 年年有余(鱼) Nian Nian You Yu/Nin Nin Yao Yu. The Chinese pronunciation for the word 鱼 fish is the same as the word 余 extra.

年年有余 is literally translated as every year there is extra… And I’m going to wish all you readers today the proper translation..,


May You Be Filled With Abundance (of Good Things) Every Year!



  1. I never dared to buy frozen packed cod cos I am afraid is fake.

    Poached fish, good choice! I prefer the steamed Chinese style drizzle with soy sauce and fried garlic oil.

    • Actually this was the first time I try poaching. I think there is one advantage with poaching, if the fish got some fishy smell, poaching might be good to get rid of that smell as all the smell is transferred to the water instead. 🙂

  2. You becoming famous eh? 🙂 Your cod with broccoli looks good. I must look for this frozen cod as all that I’ve seen is frozen mackerel or dory. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough. The fresh cod is too expensive. I am not willing to pay RM30.00 for one small piece 🙁

    • I’m not sure, my blog numbers sure don’t indicate fame at all.

      I’m not sure that frozen cod is real cod or not. Maybe you can try it and let me know instead. I got them from Jusco, same freezer together with those Fresh Island fishes.

  3. Wah….you’re becoming a famous blogger already…people recognizing you ‘on the streets’ 😀

    If it’s real cod, you can taste it…the flesh is sweet and the meat is flaky (you can cut it apart gently with a fork). I see you bought Fresh Island’s barramundi fillet…now that I can vouch it’s good. I buy this brand of frozen fish quite often…in fact, I’ve blogged about it in one of my older posts http://eatwhateatwhere.blogspot.com/2014/09/ewew-cooks-pan-fried-frozen-fish-fillet.html

    • I think they taste like cod, but the texture is not exactly the same, kind of rubbery to me. I’m not sure if it is the fish or that I overcooked it.

      Haha, I bought that brand because of your recommendation. But it is rather costly, except for the tilapia, everything else is more than RM 10 per piece..

      • Overcooked cod is perfectly fine and still good…flaky and the flesh sweet.

        Oh, I thought you didn’t know about this brand coz my post on this was before I got to know you online, so I thought you didn’t see that. The cheaper tilapia is just as good.

        • I didn’t, but I went to read it after you commented on my rotten fish pie. It is a good find for me. I think I will buy this more 😀

  4. wah this one looks a little “fine dining” feel lah.. I love that combination of poached cod fish and that brocolli with bacon, looks good!! but to be really 年年有餘 probably you need more fish lah~~ 😀

    • Tsk got fish then can liao la, the phrase is not 年年多余,that would in turn sound very bad LOL!

      Broccoli is a type of flower right? In Chinese is called 西兰花 right? Maybe my dinner should be called 年年有余 花开富贵 instead! 😀

    • LOL! I’m not so sure about that. But for sure sunglasses would be a problem to me, because I need real glasses, and I don’t do contact lenses. If I wear sunglasses, I would walk into a tree (or maybe a beautiful girl) in no time..

        • I know, but they are very very expensive here, like, beyond my affordability. And actually I don’t really like seeing things through dark glasses. Well, maybe I might get famous enough and get desperate enough to get one 😀

  5. Call me jakun, I didn’t know got frozen cod ger wor !! I thought only frozen dory, assorted balls, sausages, nuggets and tempura.. And those mochi and pizza thingy.. But never thought of frozen cod !! “Suet yue” right? I always think of them as fresh, from the wet market, expensive, and steamed with ginger and spring onions, that’s all.. Your meal looks good, but portion of broccoli too much la (maybe I hate veggies?).. I want to have that cod only *ngap*

    • I didn’t know until last weekend too. I was looking at other fish fillets and then noticed the word Frozen Cod Portion. It seems too cheap so I just took it. But I think like Mun said, probably is dragon cod, or fake cod..

    • But if the cod is (very) fresh, the best way to cook it is to steam or poach it, this way the natural flavor of the fish is retained. 😉

  6. ur “cod portion” looks like cod fish…so i guess it is a real cod fish.
    Referring to Mun’s comment, i myself has experienced the laxative side effect few months ago, i took a somewhat ‘butterfish’ and discharge a huge amount of ‘oil’ for 3 days! It is sort of diarrhoea, known as keriorrhea. From then on, i m very careful with anything that labelled “butterfish or oilfish”…

  7. May You Be Filled With Abundance (of Good Things) Every Year too!

    Wah, you are now famous! Soon you will get recognized by your readers everywhere. If I see you in KL, I think you will not recognize me but I will definitely recognize you, hehehehe.

    Well there is a fish known as dragon cod, looks and taste like cod too it seems. A google search for dragon cod came up with two possibilities – The escolar (Lepidocybium flavobrunneum) or oilfish (Ruvettus pretiosus). Both are species of snake mackerels and the oil of both consists of wax esters, which cannot be digested like edible oils and when consumed in a large amount some people experience a laxative side effect.

    Some restaurants and fish sellers purposely mislabel these fish as cod, butterfish, white tuna, and many other types of fish. According to wiki, there was a Hong Kong oilfish controversy in 2006/7 and several cases in Canada where people fell ill after eating mislabelled oilfish that was sold at Chinese supermarkets (also in 2007).

    So your cod fish is real cod or dragon cod?

    • You hardly show your photo in your blog, and even when you did they were old photos and super small. It would be very hard to recognize you!

      I don’t know, when eating, it tasted like real cod, but it did feel slightly rubbery. Probably is dragon cod like you explained. 😐

      • No photos on my food blog but there are photos in my other blog. Once me and another blogger recognized each other at the same time in Ikea. LOL!

        • I saw a few in our other blog lah, but they photos all resized and too small I can hardly make out your face. Maybe I need to comb your every single post..

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