Chinese New Year Decorations @ Mid Valley (2015)

I’m telling you upfront that there are more than almost 30 photos in this post. If you attempt to load this page with lousy internet connection and your browser crashes as a result, you have been warned..

年初四 Day Four of CNY, I was going to meet up with a couple of friends, and then make the four hours drive back to Penang today. Unfortunately, they 放我飞机 fong ngor fei kei (Manglish: put me aeroplane, English: canceled on me). To make matters worse, the cancellation confirmation came AFTER I have already left home. As a result, I found myself at Mid Valley City, alone and wandering around with camera in hand. Since it is still Chinese New Year, there’s only one thing left for me to do..

Mid Valley City is a mixed development area in KL that comprises two shopping malls: Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens. Both the malls share a centralized car park and are linked via an underground bridge.

The Gardens:

I exited the car park to The Gardens and immediately found myself staring at this:

DSC00294 (1280x720)

Perfect! It seems like they are getting ready for lion dance! So I hung around in that area and looked at other decorations..

It was kind of boring at first. I mean, any other day, I would probably find these polygonal shaped lanterns to be interesting,

DSC00293 (1280x720)

but I have seen very many lanterns already this year that I was just not able to feel especially connected to them.

Then they have specially set up booths with cherry blossoms hanging around,

DSC00290 (1280x751)

which again, is sort of yawn inducing for me. Until I looked more closely at what those booths are about..

DSC00298 (1280x824)
冰糖葫芦 Bing Tang Hu Lu!

I don’t know what this is called in English, sugar coated fruit on sticks? This isn’t a typical Malaysian snack, it is something you can only find in China. They’re obviously fake ones, but I’ve had the real thing before in Beijing as a kid.

Anyway, I realized that these booths aren’t really souvenir booths. Some of them are display booths, showcasing various props of items that my grandmother’s generation used to use. Interesting..

DSC00299 (1280x876)
Meal container, thermal flask, teapot, etc

I have a similar thermal flask at home, belonged to my late grandma..

DSC00303 (1280x798)
Bird cages
DSC00305 (1280x787)
Rattan sofa (couch) frame

I think I spent about half an hour marveling at late 1800s/early 1900s props. Then I remembered that there’s going to be a lion dance, so I made it back to the center concourse area, only to find that the lion dance troupe is still mucking about. I asked a security guard standing nearby and he said, the lion dance will start at 1.30PM.

DSC00317 (1280x720)

That means I have one and a half hours to kill if I wanted to wait for the lion dance. Since I was done with The Gardens, I decided to head to Mid Valley Megamall first. Instead of going through the underground bridge, I chose to cross the street at Ground floor.

DSC00318 (1280x720)
Saw these on my way out. Fake, but still nice..

It really has been quite a while since I last came to Mid Valley. The last time I came here, there was no fountain in between the two malls..

DSC00368 (1280x720)

And there was certainly no famous Michelin star Hong Kong dim sum chain when I last visited. Heck, who would have thought that a Michelin star Hong Kong dim sum chain would set up shop in Malaysia, at all?

Man, look at the queue! I heard when 添好运 Tim Ho Wan first opened for business a few months ago, the queue was many times more insane than this!

DSC00321 (1280x720)

I suppose it is understandable. You want an auspicious start to the year. And to do that, it is preferable to dine at a place with an auspicious name. And what can be more auspicious than 添好运 Tim Ho Wan (add good fortune)?

I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed that there were nothing much going on at the entrances of both the malls. But I found amusement soon after I entered Mid Valley Megamall’s premises in the form of a HSBC booth.

DSC00325 (1280x720)

LOL! A modern bank in an ancient setup. I don’t know why but I find it really funny! 😀

I soon made my way to Megamall’s Centre Court. I had a rough idea what’s there, I have seen pictures from a few other blogs.

DSC00326 (1280x720)

It was bloody crowded! Basically there is no way you can get a clean shot without anyone photobombing you..

DSC00328 (1280x720)

Noticed another interesting prop. I was tempted to try climbing this ladder..

DSC00330 (720x1280)

I was particularly interested to see those hanging clothes myself and see if I can figure out what these things really are.

DSC00333 (1280x720)

Nope, still have no idea what they really are. I’m guessing they probably resemble an ancient China cloth producing place or something..

I got bored at the Centre Court pretty quickly, mainly because of the terrible crowd gathering there. I decided to head to one end of the mall to see if there’s anything special there. It took me a while to decide whether to head to North Court or South Court. You see, when Mid Valley Megamall was newly opened, the management spread a rumor that the mall was 1 kilometer in length, from North Court to South Court. While I can confirm that this is a grossly misleading exaggeration, it is still a bloody long mall. I reckon the entire length of the mall is 400 to 500 meters.

Well, if I walked to both ends of the mall and back then it would be 1 kilometer. I didn’t feel like walking that much, what with a backpack in tow.

In the end I decided to head to the North Court. And I soon realized what a genius I was, because I came across this fortune telling machine..

DSC00335 (814x1280)

I have very fond memories of this machine. I first saw this in Central Market, very many years ago. Back then, we had those weight machines where you step on the scale, pay 20 cents and get a card indicating your weight and a piece of fortune telling, much like what you get in fortune cookies. It was stupid. I always wondered how your fortune can be predicted by checking your body weight. And then this machine made it’s maiden appearance in Central Market, I think 20 years ago. At that time, Central Market’s management claimed that it was imported directly from Italy and was the first of it’s kind in Malaysia. We were thrilled. We paid RM 1 to get our fortunes read, every single week!

Of course today I know this machine is another bullshit machine. They made it look like it is a palm reading machine, but the hole where you put your hand in is all granite, with no sensors whatsoever. Of course it is not really reading your palm!

When I finally reached North Court, I discovered that this is a better place to be if you want photos.

DSC00336 (1280x720)

It is basically the same thing as the one in Centre Court, but smaller scale..

DSC00351 (1280x720)

There are still people here, but infinitely less compared to the madness at Centre Court.

And similar props can be found here. I’m loving these ancient and wooden props that both the malls use for decorations..

DSC00341 (1280x720)

It was also here that I finally discovered what these hanging clothes are for..

DSC00343 (1280x720)

They are for little girls to run around and play hide in seek inside! 😀

At this point of time, I was still 45 minutes away from 1.30PM (lion dance), so I decided to have lunch first. You know, it has been so long since I visited this place, there are a million new restaurants that I wanted to try. I think malls like these would most likely lure me to move back to KL some time in the future. In the end I settled for something auspicious since it is still CNY.

DSC00371 (720x1280)

What? You don’t think KGB is auspicious enough for CNY?

You know this KGB does not mean that Russian military agency, right? This KGB is an abbreviation for Killer Gourmet Burgers. Ever heard of 大杀四方 Dai Sat Sei Fong? Make a big killing in four (every) directions? That’s how you wish people success in their every endeavors, especially if they are going to the casino. Eat Killer burgers and you will 大杀四方 make a big killing in every direction!

Even after I settled for KGB, there are like a million different choices from the menu. It almost gave me a headache to decide what to eat. Their range of beef burgers looked especially tempting, but you know my concerns.. so I settled for this instead:

DSC00375 (1280x720)
Bella Bomb – RM 21.90

Don’t know why the burger is called this. It is basically a chicken burger, a few pieces of chicken patties stacked on top of one another, with some lettuce and special sauce (I think), in between a burger bun. I thought it was alright..

I also had a fries on the side..

DSC00373 (1280x720)
Truffle’d Fries – RM 10.90

I know, I should’ve tried the more popular Jalapeno Cheese Fries or Kimchi Fries, but I was thinking that I don’t want to make my hands dirty with sauce, so I chose this Truffle’d Fries.

It was great. It tasted different compared to normal fries, awesomely different. I’m not even sure if it is the truffles, I’m guessing that it is. I have actually never had truffles before in my life prior to this 😳 . I was shocked that I was able to polish both the burger and the fries, they seemed too much for me in the beginning. I was even more shocked when I looked around and noticed everyone else are polishing their own burger and fries too! I guess either the food here is that good, or that I am no longer acclimatized to KL people’s eating capacity.

Anyway, with a filled and satisfied tummy, I headed back to the lion dance place. It was 1.20PM, I thought I would just hang around for a bit until the dance started. But when I arrived back at the place, I saw that the lion dance troupe was already packing up and ready to leave! What the?? … The security guard lied to me! I had missed the lion dance!

So.. sorry guys, no lion dance video to end this post. And on that sad bombshell, it is time to end this post…

I think this will be the last of my CNY posts for this year. I know there is another Hokkien thing, the 拜天公 Pai Tee Kong (Praying to the Sky Deity) thing going on Thursday night, but I am 99.99% certain that I won’t be getting involved. If I go out for that, I would have to skip work on Friday because I would only be able to make it home by 3 or 4 AM. And I have to work on Friday so that is not an option..

Then there is Chap Goh Meh (Day Fifteen of CNY), but historically, I have never done anything on this day, and I don’t think it will change this year..

So, yeah… I quite enjoyed writing my series of CNY related posts. I hope you guys enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing.. 😉


  1. I’ve never seen MegaMall during the Chinese New Year period. Usually when I go back to Malaysia, it’s during the Christmas period. It really looks decked out for the new year…and so many people.

    That palm reading machine. I saw it at so many shopping centres in Malaysia, from the malls in Subang Jaya to Sungei Wang in the city. I don’t think they have it at the Pavillion. I never tried it, it’s basically a money eater 🙂

    • Yeah, I was a kid and I didn’t know better LOL! When they first introduced that machine, they said the machine can really read palms, and we believed it! 😐

    • If you eat beef, then I suggest you go for their beef burgers, they looked much more tempting than my chicken Bella Bomb. 🙂

  2. i have went to Times Square and Mid Valley…seen the decorations, but with all the red decorations all around (in malls), and people are all posting the same pictures over the social medias, it doesn’t bother me to take any pictures nowadays…i walked past, acknowledged on the ‘red decor’ and continue with my own business. I went to Tim Ho Wan 2 days before CNY, but there wasn’t a queue, it was nearing 7pm, i got my seat directly by just walk-in.

    • I suppose nobody wants dim sum for dinner gua 😐

      I usually won’t take note of the decorations too. I guess it is because of the blog and camera that I take note this time 🙄

  3. Gee…too bad about the Lion Dance 🙁 But still, you got to see many things and had an awesome burger! I think I will have no problems polishing off that burger and fries too hee..hee.. By the way, did you really think that ladder will hold your weight? 😀 Well, it’s back to work for me today 🙁

    • That’s the reason why I felt tempted to but did not actually try it. A real ladder would be able to, I have built bamboo ladders before as a scout so I know, but I was worried that it is just a prop and not something built properly. 😀

      I am very confident that you will be able to polish those off, based on how you eat out at El Cerdo and Morganfield’s 😀

  4. I love those old knick-knacks like thermal flask and tiffin carriers that our older generation used. That KGB you went is a branch of the one in Bangsar (I think) and they sell ‘killer’ burgers…I heard they’re very good! 🙂

  5. There is nothing as bad as someone being late (we discussed before) as someone cancelling. I really don’t like when that happens, specially when I have arrangements in advance with the person in and I am nearly there!! I feel your pain!

    Anyway, it seems like you got some great shots of the décor. I like the red cloth pics – very interesting display.

    Do you have dragon dances in Malaysia as well? I have a pretty cool video [actually videos] of one taken recently. I just need to figure out how to combine them.

    • It is mostly lion dance here. I don’t remember seeing a dragon dance up close, but I think we do have it in certain places. I think dragon dance is more of a Hokkien thing, which could explain why Taiwan is has it too!

  6. Call me jakun, but I never went to MV already after Christmas.. During Christmas, it was bringing the kids to go see those lovely Christmas trees and decorations.. But after that, “mountain people mountain sea” liao when people started to shop for CNY.. And you know la, MV always starts to get crowded by 10am..

    • You know, I have no idea! I’m hoping they might donate it to charitable homes for future use, or something along those lines.

  7. Yes, I had my palm read at the Central Market too, so long ago….and also at The Mall, if I remember correctly.

    Did you go for the dim sum? I wouldn’t bother? Nothing is that good to make me want to queue for it – I’d rather not eat. I know some dim sum places overseas have a time limit to cope with the crowd – must finish eating within one hour and get out!!! What an insult! We pay money to be mistreated. Makes no sense at all.

    I really love the displays – the tiffin carrier, the flask, the patchwork quilt – I would enjoy gong round looking and admiring all these things.

    • Then I don’t think you can visit Hong Kong. Most eateries in Hong Kong would have that time limit thing if I’m not mistaken.

      No, of course I did not queue for the dim sum, you can see that I had burger instead! 😀

  8. I did not count. Are they really almost 30 photos in this post? I braced myself to view many, many photos so I was like Huh, end already ah, no more photos?

    Ah, too bad that security guard simply answered when he did not know the facts causing you to miss the lion dance. I have not came across any lion dance for this CNY but I know there will be one in my office next week.

    About the cloth hanging like that, when I first saw it, it made me think of a scene from the Last Emperor movie, when the emperor as a child ran around some silk banners hanging like this. And also there were some movies where emperors and concubines will play catch me if you can amongst hanging cloths like this.

    Ok, will not be expecting to read more CNY posts from you. Hope you have a good CNY this Gooooattt year!

    May good health, prosperity and happiness be yours always!

    • You are not wrong, those cloth hanging are for entertainment purposes, run around, hide and seek, and catch me if you can sort of thing! 😀

      Well, when I uploaded, it was 36, but I removed a few that I didn’t feel like writing about..

  9. Hardly see you post so many photos at once one…

    Anyway, I always salute those management of the malls, cause not easy to come up with new and fresh ideas when it comes to festive decorations.

    • Hahaha I just felt like hantam everything. This post is the longest I have spent to compile and write in quite a while. Almost 3 hours I think..

      I think the malls pay a lot of money to those ID companies to come up with these special decorations.

  10. i go to MV quite often but most of the time, i arrive and get into the gym for a workout, done and leave, don’t really bother to go and see the CNY decor, haha!! and furthermore, this mall is forever packed with shoppers of all levels, i’d rather not join in the crowd :p

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