年初三 CNY Day Three

Chinese New Year is about three things:

  1. Food,
  2. More food,
  3. Even more food.

Don’t you agree?

年初二 Day Two we had a somewhat lavish 开年饭 at home. On 年初三 Day Three, breakfast was salad and kimchi sandwich and lunch was porridge (congee). Mom wanted us to detox from all those meat, because we are going to eat out for dinner and that means more meat.

Dinner was at a place of dad’s friend’s friend’s friend. The place is supposed to be good, it got 10 out of 10 good reviews. Of course, all 10 reviews are from dad’s friends and dad’s friend’s friends.

The place is called 心意小厨 Mind Kitchen. It is located in Taman Midah, Cheras. It is basically facing the main road, Jalan Cheras, directly opposite Shell and McDonald’s on the other side. You either know or do not know. I’ll share the address at the end of the post.

DSC_0008 (1280x720)

The place was closed for two days and re-opened for business on Day Three, and they have four different set menu. There were 7 of us, so we went for the RM288 set.

IMG-20150214-WA0000 (1280x770)

Speaking of which, this year’s CNY has left me somewhat perplexed. I know more and more people are opting to remain in KL instead of making the torturous journey back to the hometowns made worse with hundreds of kilometers of traffic jam. I expected the malls to remain open and while the shops might be 50-50, the restaurants would remain open. That’s how it was last year. But not this year. This year, it seems that the shops have remained open while most restaurants opted to close for the first two days of CNY. I read that many people who visit the malls were left hungry.

I asked a restaurateur friend why he is not doing business on the first few days of CNY. Apparently he is wary of social media and blogs. You see, during CNY, there would be no fresh ingredients, so if he wants to open for business, he would have stock up on ingredients before CNY, and then cook with those not-so-fresh ingredients. As a result, food quality would be compromised. It used to be alright 5 or 10 years ago, when people generally understood that when you eat out during CNY, you expect the food to be sub-par. The current generation (people like me) though, are less forgiving. If he serves sub-par food during CNY, in the eyes of the younger customers it would still be his fault and he would soon see negative comments on his restaurant in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Not to mention that he would need to pay triple to the workers to come in for the holidays.

I have to spend more and cannot charge more, and I have to worry that some customers might ruin my restaurant’s reputation for ensuring they get some food to eat. What for? Better to take a break, you bloggers and Facebookers can go hungry for all I care!“, he said. I suspect these are the same concerns that most restaurateurs face in recent years.

Anyway, back to my dinner. We did the Lou Sang routine again (no photo), and then here’s pictures of the other dishes..

DSC_0009 (1280x899)
清蒸红尾虎 Steamed Hong Mei Fu Fish

Yeah, I have no idea what fish is Hong Mei Fu fish exactly…

DSC_0010 (1280x930)
发财横财就手 Braised Trotter
DSC_0011 (1280x1014)
如意鲜虾伴扇贝 Fresh Shrimp Accompanied with Scallop

I think they were not able to get fresh scallops, so they replaced it with mussels..

DSC_0012 (1280x1012)
海参聚宝盆 Braised Dry Seafood
DSC_0013 (1280x1001)
美味金盅饭 Butter Fried Rice
DSC_0020 (1280x991)
黄金满盆 Almond Stew Dual Snow

Yeah, almond my foot. It is basically tinned pineapple mixed with tinned lychee and syrup..

The food was pretty decent. This place is not exactly a restaurant, so their dishes have a rather homey taste. The few deviations from the published menu, while it might draw the wrath of some people, it is fine for me and my family. I guess we would fall under the category of being unprincipled in the eyes of some, but I would rather think that we are decent people, capable of understanding the limitations of running a business (refer to the points mentioned above).

If you want me to rate this Mind Kitchen, I would probably give it a 7 out of 10..

If you want to find this place, here’s the address: No. 28, Jalan Midah 1, Taman Midah Cheras, 56000, Kuala Lumpur.

Or you can call Grace at the phone number shown in the photo of the menu above.

Oh, that’s not the end of our food though. We decided to have a very belated cake blowing session with mom after all. Bro and his girlfriend got this cake from Komugi (a Japanese bakery) in Pavilion.

DSC_0016 (1280x923)

It is called the Tofu Cheese, the whole cake is RM 65, and it is super yummy!

DSC_0019 (1280x975)


  1. RealGunner, I only tell you , you don’t tell others. I gain 3kg in this Chinese New Year. I wanted to faint, but I didn’t . I wanted to scream out loud and scold @#$%^&*, but I couldn’t. It is all my own fault.

    I went to gym and cut down my food intake after realizing the number on my scale. I lost only 1 kg, still have 2kg to go to be back to shape again.

    • Hahaha!! You tell me to don’t tell others in a public comment? Oops! Shall I edit your comment then? 😀 😀

  2. hahaha.. you are right.. CNY is all about eating and eating and feasting and feasting (besides a lot of sleeping too, muahahaha).. i started makaning since the day before CNY eve and continues until the 4th day of CNY.. OMG, i must have gained lots of weight 🙁

    • A friend told me, and I am telling you now: if you have not gained at least 5kg, then you’ve not had a decent CNY! 😀

    • I suppose it is a good price for CNY, probably not on normal days. The dishes don’t seem to be super luxurious types and it is not restaurant class.

      But then, what do I know about KL prices nowadays?

  3. Salad and kimchi sandwich? I don’t fancy kimchi, but I think I would like to try to put it into sandwich, and add egg and cheese, hehe.. I agree with you, CNY is all about food and cookies.. We have 15 days of CNY, and everyday is about eating.. Can’t miss that white cut chicken and braised meat with fatt choy and chicken feet though..

    • You can hunt it down, it is sold in a Japanese bakery called Komugi. I know they have outlets in Mid Valley and Pavilion, and probably a few other major malls in KL.

  4. Very interesting what your friend say, okla, will not be hungry one because there are always mamak stalls to eat at.

    RM288 is very good deal. If they have this package for reunion dinner, I will sure recommend my inlaws to eat here instead of asking my spouse to cook for them.

    • They do. Of course it is too late for this year but maybe next year. The printed menu was for CNY Eve and the rest of CNY days..

  5. Interesting to hear about how this age of blogs and social media have such huge influence on restaurant operations. It totally makes sense.
    That cake looks really good, but the name does not sound appetizing. 😛

  6. I think I know where this restaurant is…as you said, either you know or don’t know. Fairly easy to spot from the road. I spent a lot of time in Cheras while living in Malaysia and I’m familiar with the area. That banquet looks delicious. I’ve never heard of butter fried rice in Malaysia before but I like the sound of it and wonder how it tastes.

    “cake blowing session”. Only one candle I see 😉

    • Serious? I think most restaurants use butter in their fried rice nowadays. Of course they don’t call it butter fried rice.

      One candle is enough, it is rude to display too many candles! 😀

  7. I agree with your statement – that CNY is about food, food, and more food. I am looking forward to getting back into my regular routine again tomorrow. Today is my husband’s birthday so I am off to buy him a ‘Boston Cream Cake’ [Taiwanese style] and Haagen-Dazs!!

    Is the tofu cheese similar to cheesecake?

    • It is a cheesecake, but infused with soy beans, hence tofu. It’s smoother than a typical New York cheesecake 🙂

  8. I see that this place is what they call “chu char” where it’s a coffee shop but has a section where you can have rice and order dishes. I have been to one like that in Damansara Kim and the food is quite decent. But I don’t know if they have CNY dinner package. The food looks pretty good but the dessert’s name don’t seem to gel with what’s in the bowl.

    Tofu Cheese, eh? I suppose that’s a cheesecake that’s made with cream cheese and soft tofu. I am curious but never dared to bake one in case I taste the tofu hah..hah… But since you said it is super yummy, I guess my fears are unfounded 🙂

    • This one is not even a coffee shop. There’s no shop, it was set up on a plot of empty space beside a corner shoplot. And yes, it is basically a chu char (tai chao) place.

      You should go get a slice of that cake in Komuji and test it yourself (I saw one in Midvalley too), then you can bake one to match it 😉

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