Chinese New Year Decorations @ KL (2015)

I said I will show you some CNY decorations from a mall in KL. I almost had to renege on that promise. You see, I triple confirmed with the family members that they have nothing in store for me on CNY Eve, that I was only needed for the reunion dinner in the evening, and that I can have most of the day doing some last minute shopping in a mall in KL.

Yeah, I should have known better to trust them. After all, family members are the last persons on Earth that you should trust when it comes to things that don’t matter much. I was occupied with a bit of this and a bit of that and when I was finally ready to leave home and hit the malls, it was already 3PM. And dinner was going to be 6.30PM. I had three and a half hours to drive to the malls, look for clothes, grab a couple boxes of drinks, and drive home. With the sister in tow.

So what you see here are all rushed shots, all point and shoot and go. I had no time to wander around the malls and find nice angles like I did in Penang. And before you comment how I put my camera to good use, these are all taken with my Xperia Z3. I was on a rushed shopping trip, I didn’t think it was a great idea to carry my camera and get carried away. Basically, if you think these photos are not that great, that is because they are probably really not that great.

To compensate a bit, I will show you decorations from not one, but two malls..


This was the first mall I hit. The sister suggested to park my car here because the parking fee is (very much) cheaper here. And there is a Uniqlo here.

Fun fact about Fahrenheit88: This was my first visit to this mall. This mall was opened AFTER I moved to Penang for work. So I can say, it is one of the newest malls in KL.

Outside Fahrenheit88’s entrance, along Bintang Walk

I only saw this because it is right outside of Uniqlo’s entrance..

Inside Fahrenheit88’s front entrance
Main Concourse – Goats and more goats


A quick dash-and-grab and RM420 later (clothes for me, mom, dad and sis), we made our way across the street to Pavilion. Now, Pavilion was the newest mall when I left for Penang. Back then, it was intended to be the new high end shopping mall, but I suppose everyone wants to associate themselves with being high class, so everyone flocks to this mall instead. Today, it is just another crowded mall, albeit a very nice one.

Red Lantern Walkway
Lotus flowers and cherry blossom trees

I mentioned before that these lavish decorations are basically investments by businesses in the malls to encourage spending. Here’s proof:


It was 5.00PM then, not much time left to muck about anymore, one last photo..

Main concourse

And then it is time to quickly finish my shopping and call it a day..


  1. Faaaaaar too many shopping mall in KL but looking at all the decorations are fun. I can’t imagine how busy it must have been on the roads on the eve of CNY! You’re brave!

    • Actually up till last year, KL will be almost deserted by noon on CNY eve. This year is the first time I get caught in crowds! πŸ™

  2. You spent all RM420 at one place (Uniqlo…my favourite place to shop too)! πŸ˜€ You were in a rushed shopping mode but you still sneaked in some mall dΓ©cor…lol!

    • Hahaha, shoot and go stuff, no time to stop at one place to feel it and find angles. πŸ˜€

      I go Uniqlo because it is one of only a handful of chains that their XL can fit me 😐

  3. The photos are rather decent in spite of the rush. The eve is probably the worst day to shop but I guess you had to do that due to time constraint. I made a very quick dash to the supermarket and wished that I didn’t have to πŸ™

    • I didn’t go to the supermarket, but I went with mom to the pasar. It was horrible, super crowded and everything became overpriced! πŸ™

  4. Wow, you are brave to do last minute shopping. I was in the office working until 4pm on this day.

    P/s I am sure you know Fahrenheit88 used to be kl plaza until they had a facelift. The inside layout looks to me to be still the same as before, just the furnishing and shops are new.

    • I didn’t think about it until you mentioned! Actually I don’t know KL Plaza well, I only know Tower Records there!

      You know, I have been doing last minute shopping every year for the past 6 years. Usually it would be fine after lunch time on CNY eve, the malls would be almost deserted. I am pretty sure this year is the first time I experience crowds. 😐

  5. That last pic is pretty awesome! Actually, all of the CNY dΓ©cor in Malaysia is amazing [you have the pics to prove it]! I guess I am going to have to wait ’til the Taiwan Lantern Festival to get some photos of great dΓ©cor.

    And it is great to know that you are putting your brand spanking new Sony to use! πŸ™‚

    • They’re taken with a Sony, but not the camera! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      I used to take these decor for granted, it is this year that I really paid attention to them! I think maybe it is because you’re not in Taipei, I suspect Taipei will have some awesome decor going on.

      • I am sure you are right but I am going to wait for the Taiwan Lantern Festival which starts in a couple of weeks. This year it will be held in Taichung and is only a stone throw away from where I live [ok – not that close but pretty near] so I will have 3 or 4 kms of lanterns to photograph then. πŸ™‚

  6. Wah you still went to KL at this time? Thought it would be jam or crowded.. A lot of ppl still doing last minute shopping leh, even on cny eve.. Supermarket carpark full even at 5pm on cny eve! Wah hou rush wor, buy clothes on cny eve? Geng.. Errr I have a confession to make.. I didnt buy any new clothes and I was wearing my old clothes yesterday, hehe..

    • Last time usually if wait until after lunch, the places will be almost deserted, but this time it was crowded even until 5PM, I was caught in minor jam and almost late for dinner! 😐

      I only bought 1 set of new clothes, but haven’t wear it yet. Not going anywhere yet πŸ˜›

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