Another Pink Ranger

Remember how I was mesmerized by Gokaiger’s Pink Ranger? Well, apparently Gokaiger is the 35th series of the Super Sentai series. So after I was done with that, I did the stupid thing of exploring the earlier series. Apparently there are people nice enough to upload all 34 series online, and I managed to watch a bit of everything, like, the first episode and the last episode of each series.

Smart move, because I am now trapped in a second Super Sentai series. I was watching the 33rd series and was instantly hooked. The opening theme song was very catchy to me. In fact lately I’ve been unconsciously chanting “Chan chan bara chanbara~ Chanbara bara chanbara~” while working and received some weird stares from people.


If you don’t like the TV series cut, here’s a live version. You can just enjoy it like a normal rock song. The rock band is called Psychic Lover.


This 33rd Super Sentai series is called, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Now as you might know, I am a sucker for anything samurai, so naturally I paid more attention to this one. And what did I see in the first episode?


Oh dear! Another hot babe for Pink Ranger. Shinken Pink in this series’ case..


A hot babe as a katana wielding samurai Pink Ranger, how can I resist? You tell me…


And unlike Gokai Pink who is cute and innocent looking, Shinken Pink is the serious and intelligent type. Although the both actresses are gravure idols. You can Google this one up if you want. Her name is Takanashi Rin 高梨 臨.


So, excuse me for again doing a quick post and getting back to otaku mode.

Oh ya, I remember someone saying that Gokai Red is handsome. Well, I think you might like Shinken Red too. Here, let me give you a fan service..


Don’t worry, I’ve already watched the first episode of more than 20 series, no other Pink Rangers caught my attention, so I think I should be fine after I am done with Shinkengers.

Okay, now I really gotta go. See you with another proper post tomorrow. 😉


    • Apalah, Pink Ranger is one of the Power Rangers lah, hahaha!! The one I watching is the original Japanese version called Super Sentai series. Power Rangers are Americans copying this series 😉

  1. Eh, call me jakun.. Yeah, I remember the previous post about the pinky girl you like, and now, she’s in the underwear advertising thingy.. But this one.. Errr, she looks the same to me wor.. I think the previous pinky girl prettier leh.. But still, both are prettier than me, so…

    • Mana ada same, not same leh, this one slightly older.

      Er.. if you make up like the actors, you also same pretty as them one lah 😛

    • The girls ARE the attractions to the show… 😀
      No, seriously, these shows only make sense to boys I suppose..

    • You’re right, they are totally unrelated…

      But Amy is the only Pink Ranger from the American ones that I like, the newer ones are.. meh 😐

    • Malaysian TV only show Power Rangers, they don’t show Super Sentai, so it is understandable that you don’t know..

  2. You must finish checking out all the episode 1 and last episode of all 34 series since you only managed to check more than 20. Who knows there may be another pretty pink ranger in the ones you did not check.

    • I checked the newer ones, the earlier ones, 1970s and 1980s, not that interested because the watching quality is not that good, and the girls are probably aunties now! 😀

  3. pink!!!! i hate pink… muahahahaha!!! okay, i’m not that interested at these anime or manga, but looking at those beautiful faces are indeed sheer enjoyment.. 🙂

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