[When I Was A Kid] Series by Cheeming Boey

Remember I said I could not get hold of book one, When I was a Kid? Well guess what, found them in MPH when I was hanging out in Gurney Plaza the other day. Now I have the full collection: When I was a Kid, When I was a Kid 2 and When I was a Kid 3, yes! Now I can write a proper book review for these awesome comic books by Cheeming Boey.

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I’m going to talk about two things in this post.

1. Why You Should Buy These Books

In true lazy man style, I shall not write so much. Instead, I’m going to let the books tell you the stories themselves, in a series of teasers.

First up, the back cover of Book 1 tells us what Boey’s books are all about:

DSC_0009 (1024x576)

And then there are reviews by close family and friends. I love these biased reviews, and I think you should, too. In my opinion, the biased reviews from family and friends are the most honest book reviews you can get. You know you are getting the real picture of the books by reading the biased reviews of the people close to the author, and especially if the extremely biased review comes from none other than the author’s mom.

DSC_0011 (576x1024)

Seriously though, you gotta love Mama Boey, don’t you?

If these biased reviews don’t intrigue you, fine. I’m going to show you the ultimate teasers. I’m going to show you Chapter 1 of each of the three books.

DSC_0012 (1280x985)
Chapter 1 of When I was a Kid
Chapter 1 of When I was a Kid 2
Chapter 1 of When I was a Kid 3

How? Did I get you interested? Do you think you will like these books? Please lah, like lah, or else it is very difficult for me to talk about the second thing.

Okay, to give you more reasons to like these books:

  1. For Malaysians, these books are great. By reading Boey’s childhood, we can be reminded of our own childhoods. And let’s admit it, the childhoods without the internet and iPads were awesome! If you have kids, the books are great materials for your kids to catch a glimpse of what it was like to grow up in the 80s.
  2. These books are bestsellers, they are in the top 10 charts in bookstores nationwide. If you do not trust me, you should trust the Malaysian majority. If so many people think the books are good, they must be good.
  3. For the international readers, these books are also great. They give you an insight on what it was like to grow up in a different country than yours. Some things might be the same and reminds you of your own childhood, some things might be different and you will be able to learn the differences. And the books are funny, because Boey is a funny comic artist.

In fact, I have evidence that even if you are not Malaysian, you will enjoy these books. You see, one of my Christmas Giveaway winners is Marta. Marta is a Spanish expat currently living in China. She won When I was a Kid 3, so I couriered the book over to her in China. She just emailed me to let me know what she thinks of the book, and what she thinks of Boey. I personally find her opinion on Boey more interesting 😀 .


You see, the books are enjoyable even if you are not a Malaysian, and apparently they are good English learning materials. And Malaysians, see, even angmoh loves these books. What angmohs love should be good stuff, right?

Have I finally made you feel intrigued? Yes? Awesome!

2. How To Buy These Books Outside Malaysia

If you are living in Malaysia, you can easily hop on over to the nearest major bookstore chain to grab a copy of the books. MPH, Popular, Border’s, they all carry Boey’s books. Of course they do, who doesn’t want to get a piece of the bestsellers’ actions?

When I did the giveaway, I attached some snippets of Boey’s comic from his blog. And then when I announced the results, I attached some teasers from Book 2 and Book 3. I have been getting a few emails from overseas ever since, asking me where to buy the books. Apparently, Amazon doesn’t carry these books. Neither does Barnes and Nobles. I suggested that they (all of them girls) to email Boey directly to ask. I told them they might get the books from Boey for free because, well, they are girls. I’m not sure if any of them did what I suggested.

So, this one is mainly for the international readers. I did this for you guys/girls. I emailed Boey and asked him personally how to access his books if one is living outside Malaysia. I received a reply in less than 30 minutes. Well, I guess it is understandable, if someone emailed me asking me how to pay me more money, I would respond ASAP too.

I’ll just show you Boey’s reply in it’s original form, I don’t think someone who tells embarrassing stories about his mom on his blog would mind me cutting and pasting his email response here.



So there you have it. If you are living in outside Malaysia, be it England or New Zealand or Taiwan or Timbuktu, you can purchase When I was a Kid, When I was a Kid 2 and When I was a Kid 3 online via MPH Online. MPH is a Malaysian bookstore, but they ship their books worldwide. And you are paying Malaysian Ringgit, I reckon for most countries, this means the books will be dirt cheap. Here’s the link:

MPH – Cheeming Boey’s Collections

Maybe not Timbuktu

I wonder if MPH will detect if they have a sudden surge in sales of Boey’s books overseas. And if they do, will they alert Boey to it?

And before I end this, as in customary, this is just another paid review, RealGunners style. If you are new to this blog, it means, I paid to buy something and wrote a review about it. And you know why I do these charity works, right? I just love promoting wonderful internet people and introducing them to whatever people that I can 😉 .


  1. How much I wish he could publish the childhood book every week haha! It will be very crazy and awesome! Seriously, those 3 books are very awesome, man! Hope there is still have When I Was A Kid 4, 5, 6, 7 …………..

    • He wouldn’t be able to draw the books fast enough LOL! You should read his blog, there would be new comic updates at least weekly 🙂

  2. I’m so glad to have introduced you guys to Boey and that you find him and his books awesome (just like me). I’m really happy that you all are now fans of him (though I think RG you’re an even bigger fan than me) :D. Does that mean we might bump into each other at his next book 4 signing….kekeke!!

  3. Wah mama said she read the 3rd book 8x ! That statement already making me ‘sum yok yok’ leh.. I already feel like buying them from MPH (online) tomorrow.. Just a click away.. But errr I read Phong Hong’s comment, book 1 no stock ahh?

    • Hahaha, that’ why I said, mama is the most biased when giving reviews, and that is the most accurate information for most people 😀
      You no need to buy online lah, if you got go to the malls, can just go get it in the bookstores 🙂

  4. Now I am intrigued. I wonder whether he will write a book 4 and book 5. Let me think who I can buy the books and send them to. I believe these books make great gifts from your review. 🙂

    • I think he will. I read in one of his blog comics or his post on FB I think, there will definitely be book 4.

  5. Hahaha thanks for featuring my email! I don’t mean to be disrespectful to Boey, his Chinese characters are very cute 😀

    If the books are selling so well in Malaysia I think they will all be on Taobao soon… probably sold by a Malaysian expat in China who sees a profitable opportunity, haha. And if not, I will buy from the bookstore you linked!

    • Wait till you see my handwriting! 😀
      I’m not so sure if English books are that marketable in China, but you’re probably right, Taobao rocks in that way! I think Boey will be over the moon if his books start selling like hot cakes in China 😀

  6. When I Was a Kid is AWESOME!! 😀 😀 😀 I ordered book 1 and 3 from MPH Online but they have yet to deliver book 1 as it was out of stock. And book 2 which I won from your Christmas Giveaway, I lent it to my brother to share the joy. I also read book 3 in one sitting. It is mostly hilarious but there are chapters that made me cry especially those on his grandma. I am a Cheeming Boey fan now. And also a fan of his mom hah..hah…

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