Weekend Lunches

Oh dear.. It’s past 11PM! I’m going to miss one day of blogging! No!!! What should I do? What should I do?

I haven’t had time today to sit down, think and write. I attended a wedding last night, had a morning appointment today, and attended another wedding just now. I took the time to sleep in between because I was too tired..

Okay, maybe I should just bore you with photos of my lunch over the weekend.

Saturday Lunch (24-Jan-2015)

DSC_0003 (1280x1088)

Teochew style mixed rice 潮州式杂饭 – braised pork belly, crispy something, stir fried vegetable with baby corn and button mushroom, I don’t know what the other one is called in English.

I have this every time I send my car for a car wash, which is about once a month. It’s at a rather famous Teochew porridge shop in Bukit Jambul. The dishes I have is also the same, every single time, because I love all these dishes.

Sunday Lunch (25-Jan-2015)


I wanted something light in between two heavy wedding dinners, so I decided to just have fruits. Bought banana and papaya from AEON, but then, as I was leaving, I noticed the Durian Puff stall was open, so…

With these, I maintain my 100% daily blogging record for 2015! Now it is time to go sleep… Zzzzz…



  1. I also want 100% blog daily, but always delt so tired and don’t want to continue after finish one language!! =[

    • Just go at your own pace lah, do it in a way that makes you happy, that’s what blogging is about! Don’t be bothered by me, we have different priorities and motivations with the blog. 😉

  2. durian puff!! yumzzz…long time i never eat durian puff! used to buy it last time at Mid Valley but nowadays is not as good anymore, so i stop buying.
    Ur Sat lunch got pork & crispy fried stuff, later ur mom nags u again.

  3. Wah! I love your mixed rice but you ate too much! Faints!
    I am scared of wedding dinners where I have to give big red packets and return home fatter & heavier for over eating. Muahahahaha!

    • Too much? That’s not too much for me! 😀

      I agree with the big red packets, but nowadays it is 50-50 chance to return home from over-eating. Sometimes the food at wedding banquets are horrible and too small portioned. I had a few occasions where I (and my mates) had to go to McD for second round after the dinner.

  4. Two weddings in two days!?! You must have been lovin’ all the love around you these past two days! 😉

    And I have never heard of durian puffs. Do they taste good? I am not a fan of durian, but you never know – the pastry may change my mind.

    • They’re like cream puff, except the cream is made of real durian mash + yogurt. If you don’t like durians, you won’t like this cream. 😛

  5. At first I thought you cooked hee..hee… Oh, durian puffs for lunch! I used to do that during weekends. I’ll pop into the bakery and grab a few stuff. It makes for a fun lunch. Something different from the ordinary weekday meals.

  6. snap!!! when I have nothing special to blog about, that’s when I go and dig out some food photos and start blogging about them!! muahahaha~~:D

    • I was panicking, I actually didn’t want to blog about boring stuff, but it was already 11PM when I reached home 😀

  7. When I see weekend lunches, I thought you cooked your own lunch.. Coz you could cook on weekdays after work.. Oooo I like both of your lunches.. Chap farm, anytime anywhere for me.. I don’t like fruits for lunch but I like those durian puffs..

    • I was rather busy over the past weekend, so I did not cook. Fruits also you don’t like? Papaya and banana sweet one wor??

      • Yeah wor, I don’t like fruits and vege one.. Banana ok la, I like, if put in fridge.. But papaya I don’t like.. I still eat la, I’m not fussy, but if can, I don’t want la, hehe..

        • Strange, most people don’t like vege, I can understand, but I think you are a rare case that also don’t like fruits. You are unique! 😉

  8. Durian puffs? I LIKE!!! The stall in Kl would have nice pillow-like durian pancakes and durian swish rolls too. Yum yummmm!!!! You work Saturdays too? I noticed you did not cook your own lunch, had chap fan outside.

    • I wasn’t working much, but I was running some errands, plus attending wedding dinners on both days, I didn’t feel like cooking at all.

  9. Good one! Hahaha! I like your 2nd lunch, the one with the durian puffs and fruits – my kind of lunch too if only I could get durian puffs during lunch time. 🙂

    • This was the first time I tasted real durian puffs. That stall was always not opened yet or nobody was manning the front counter every time I passed by, but yesterday there was a sweet lady sitting at the cashier, I took it as a sign that I have to buy 😀

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