Wedding Crasher

I saw this video today. It is a new music video by Maroon 5 for one of their newer songs, Sugar. If you don’t know who Maroon 5 is, well.. they’re basically a very very very famous band. If you have a teenage daughter, ask her.


I have to admit, when I first heard this song late last year, it did not make an impression. But hearing the song while watching this video, it felt super awesome!

Okay, if you are too lazy to watch the music video, I’ll try to summarize in words..

At the beginning of the video, Adam Levine (lead singer of Maroon 5) said: It’s December 6th, 2014. We’re gonna drive across LA and hit every wedding we possibly can. It’s gonna be awesome!

And then the story starts. They basically drove around town, hit a few weddings and gave the wedding couples the surprise of their lives.


So what happened was, before they make their appearance at every venue, there would be some guys intruding on the wedding, draping white curtains over the stage where the usual band was supposed to perform. Then the semi-confused bride and groom were invited out front.


Then the curtain was dropped on cue, and the couple would find themselves staring at the superstar band singing to them. How about that?


This is where the fun part (for me, anyway) of the video starts. The expressions of the brides are priceless! I mean, just look at these..





To make things even more interesting, after the video was released, Maroon 5 gave interviews claiming that they really did crash real weddings in the process of making the videos. They even explained in detail how they carried out their plans.

Source: The Cosmopolitan

Interesting. If these guys really did crash real weddings, then I think this is one of the most amazing things rock stars can do!

Except that after the interviews went online, many people started calling them out, claiming that some of the weddings were staged and that the brides and grooms are actors. I mean, realistically, it is kind of hard to believe that the entire wedding hall would come out dancing even when they saw rock stars on stage, isn’t it?



In fact, it was soon revealed that the shooting of the wedding scenes took three days instead of just one day on the December 16th. Some people started to call for us to boycott Maroon 5 for being the biggest liars.

So I have a question for you guys. Let’s test your command of English language, and your command to read between lines a.k.a cutting through bullshit.

Do you think Maroon 5 are liars? Do you think they lied when they claim to have crashed real weddings? Okay, that’s two questions, but you can lump your answer into one.


Okay, now it is my turn to confess. The primary reason I wrote this post is not because of Maroon 5. They are just the secondary reason. My primary reason is that I just discovered the Show/Hide button (a.k.a the Spoilers button) plugin tool and I am obsessed with it. I want to keep looking for ways to employ it in my posts. I staged this post so that I can ask a question and use the button to hide my answer. Sorry.

Let me ask you a real question this time. If it was your wedding, how would you react to Maroon 5 (or any superstars that you know of) crashing your wedding? Would you feel excited and honored, or would you feel pissed off because they stole the limelight from you?



  1. It was a bit tough to answer cos I was in TV Filming productions before where I acted or assisted the producer. These days we could fake orgasms and films to make them too real.
    Crash My Weddings? No thank you to anyone as I am very reserved. Mine was voted Wedding of The Year by the invited guests. (Ahem!) I wish I was blogging then.

  2. I don’t mind if Maroon 5 crashed my wedding. I would be happy if I was invited to go up to stage to dance with them together. It would be a memorable wedding.

  3. Maroon 5 could crash my wedding any day – but then again, I had three (to the same person) so I wouldn’t mind sharing the limelight at one. As for if they crashed actual weddings, I am not entirely sure. I feel someone at the wedding had to know.

    • Well, they did say that the groom knows, so it wasn’t like a real unannounced crash. They were probably sensible enough to know that when they are playing with actual weddings, it is best to afford the bride some respect 😀 .

  4. Hey, that’s a nice song! I heard it for the first time today. Very like. Yeah, I’m ancient 🙂 I think the gate-crashing was part staged and part real. I mean it’s not possible to be totally real but who cares. It’s an entertaining video! Did one of the brides say “WTF”? hee..hee.. 😀

    • Ya, the video angles won’t be that nice if is 100% real. As long as the video is entertaining then good enough la! 😀
      Yes, she did say WTF hahaha! 😀

  5. to answer your first two questions…nah i think they really did la. Stars does crazy things for promo. why not crash real wedding.m

    Second question…nope wont be mad ..unless it is a group that i dont fancy la

    • Yup, I believe the same as you too. There should be at least 1 or 2 in that video that are real ‘crashes’ 🙂

  6. I don’t have a teenage daughter but this ‘mama’ loves Maroon 5 just the same…and it’s because of Adam Levine…he’s so cool and good-looking (and the only reason why I watch “The Voice”)! Who cares if it’s real or staged…he can gatecrash my wedding anytime which won’t happen since I’m married already 🙁

    That’s an awesome band…and an awesome song…and an awesome video…I’ve watched it a few times already…and will keep watching till I’m tired of it. Thanks so much for uploading and sharing it!

  7. Hmmmm…I thought you crashed into somebody’s wedding…or somebody crashed into yours. I would! If you get married and do not invite me. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  8. Wah, you really understand me, ok not me, but most readers.. I didn’t click the video coz I’m lazy to listen to the whole song.. So I read your summary instead.. Errr, if I’m a fan of Maroon 5, then I don’t mind seeing them crashing on weddings (if I’m the guest la), just sit down and enjoy the show only ma.. But if I’m the wedding couple, wahlao, dunno I wana “farn min” or not.. Maroon 5 performing on my wedding wor, but then, it would spoil my wedding, coz all concentration would be on them, and not me jor wor..

    • You know when I saw the reactions of the brides, I thought: “If this is real, then I guess they look happy now, but after the wedding, dunno they will slap the husband or not?”.. After all, they did say the groom knew upfront 😀 .

      • I come back today to listen to the song.. I’m in the office now ma.. Suddenly remember this post.. Eh nice song.. I like! I realize hor, I always liks the songs that you post ger wor, starting from those Kimberly songs.. 😛

      • I know Maroon 5 and Adam Levine (not a fan though)…and I’ve watched this video…and I don’t have a teenage daughter. Mine’s already in her mid-20’s. Don’t think she bothered to click and watch. I guess I’m the exception that proves the rule? Hehehehehe!!!!!

        • You are even more exception that my mom LOL! My mom watches The Voice on TV, she recognizes Adam’s face, but she doesn’t know his name or Maroon 5 😀 !

  9. well, if Maroon 5 is crashing my wedding, or any wedding i attend, i would be excited, and probably will sing along!!!

    hehehehe!! the Show/Hide button.. ah, i have been scripting that a lot in my posts, if you notice.. WordPress has that built-in for the bloggers?? how nice~~

    • Not exactly built in. I had to install a plugin from one of the developers. But it is wonderful LOL! 😀

  10. Hahaha, at your confession. You are right, I don’t care about whether the video is real or staged. Nah, Maroon 5 won’t be able to crash my wedding because I did not have a wedding banquet at all so that’s my answer. I just signed some papers that tell me that I am now married, zilch banquet and celebration.

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