Trick Question

Today I heard this over an online radio channel and thought it was funny and correct at the same time…


Alan shows up in a dinner gathering with his new girlfriend. His friend Bob scrutinizes his girlfriend and then asked a stupid question.

Bob: Hey, I thought you only like pretty girls. How come your new girlfriend is… you know… ?

Alan: ____________________________________________________________

What would be the correct answer for Alan? Is it:

A) No, who said I only like pretty girls? I’m not that shallow!

or is it:

B) Pretty is subjective. What might be pretty for me might not be pretty for you.

or is it:

C) I’m not handsome or rich myself, better to find someone who is not pretty, less stressful.

Which one would it be?


Enjoy your weekend 😉 .


  1. I was thinking that if the girlfriend is listening to the conversation ALan cannot answer any of those three options, or he would be risking his balls 😀

  2. I was thinking of C, mana tau its none of the above.. Hmm I think his answer also very good wor.. Gf is the prettiest in the world, haha.. Eh but honestly la, if I’m the gf and I hear Bob’s remarks, errr, I’ll very terasa lor, so sarcastic wor, means ugly girl wor.. Aiyoyo..

    • It is a rhetorical scenario, that’s not the main point at all, the main point is how to answer the question 😐 .

    • B is a non-committal answer. It is basically saying: “It could be possible my girlfriend is not pretty, but I think my girlfriend is pretty.”, as opposed to “Rubbish! No way my girlfriend is not pretty! She is the prettiest gem in the world! That’s a fact!”.

      So you are someone who is okay with your boyfriend answering B 😀 .

    • It’s online radio, not something from Malaysia. Unfortunately I forgot to check how to go back to that channel. Didn’t save the URL 🙁

  3. Hahahaha, the real answer is spot on! Alan cannot say B) because it will imply he acknowledges his friend’s view that his gf is not pretty so he has to say his gf is prettiest thus implying that the answer is B), to him his gf is the prettiest although his friend does not think so. Brilliant! Keep listening to this radio program and share the good ones with us, ok?

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