Silicone Sex Doll

I am not even trying to hide what I am going to talk about today by giving a misleading title. No, I am not going to say something horny like “I bought a doll and she is awesome!” because that is not what I did. Nevertheless, I am going to talk about the dolls, so if you feel uncomfortable with this topic, please close this page before it is too late. If you want to unfriend me and/or unfollow my blog because I talk about this topic, I can understand too. But this is my blog, so I will write what I want, as always.



  1. I totally agree with you on that the doll you mentioned in this post are really costly and I dont think anybody will be interested in buying such costly dolls. Rather then that they would go to some other online places where they can get a good enough love dolls at low prices.

  2. Good to see that some people have the gutz to say something about this topic of sex dol. Because I have seen many of people who font speak anything in the public but they know lots of interesting about this industry.

  3. I was exposed to all these nonsense when I was a student in US where there was a big sex shop right at the bus stop for me to get home. I never failed to watch their “Quarter Movies”! You heard of it I am sure. That was how I discovered dildos and dolls on sale. You really brought me giggles today of down my memory lane.

  4. Those prices are a scam or something. You can get dolls well out of the uncanny valley for 3k to 4k. The Rolls Royce of the industry, RealDoll from Abyss Creations, is 5k to 6k.

    I guess you can look at it this way: 200 trips to a prostitute is 200 chances to have your dick fall off from some hideous STD.

    I’m definitely curious enough to take one of these dolls for a spin assuming it’s was, well, a virgin. Fresh out of the box? LOL. I dunno. Women have their dildos, guys can have these dolls. Seems fair. Maybe they’ll catch on more and the prices will come down.

      • Welcome. I think I’d buy one if they fell to about, oh, $500, maybe? It’s just a fancy sex toy, and men are far more visual when it comes to sexuality. Yeah, the doll doesn’t react like a real woman but, hey, neither does your right hand. LOL. I suspect some healthy fantasizing is the key to these dolls. Put a sexy outfit on them or something.

  5. You had my attention right from the title and of course I had to read to see where you were going with the topic. I am still trying to figure out who the hell has money to throw around like that and why would anyone want to pay that amount of money for a doll.

    Usually my spam are selling fake brandname purses and iphones.

    • Beats me. I guess I would never know. If I have that kind of money to throw around, I would definitely not be getting a doll..

  6. These are so creepy! I have never understood how people would pay so much to have one of those dolls! And even more.. the people who actually have marriage ceremonies to these dolls!

    • well, like I posted above, these prices are inflated by a factor of 10. I think there’s maybe two guys in the world that “married” their dolls, and they probably did it for attention.

      Women buy disembodied silicone and latex penises for their pleasure. Why is that not weird? 😉 hell, I feel like crossing my legs every time I see a dildo. Ouch.

      • I think for people like us who are not used to the ‘toys’, it is creepy be it dolls or penises. Basically all the ‘toys’ for men and women would seem creepy to us 😛 .

  7. this kinda doll looks creepy to me, coz it’s so real with human body temperature. I wonder how they shipped this to the buyer? in a casket-like box? hahah!

    • Well, they’re not inflatable but full size dolls, so I think it is like what you said. The box would be big!

  8. RM130K for a sex doll…might as well buy a Vietnamese or Cambodian wife for only RM10K (not that I support human trafficking) but I heard one of the coffee shop owners in my neighbourhood bought one for around that price…wakakaka…can buy 13 of them…one for each alternate day!!!

    • So it only costs RM10k to buy a wife? I always thought it would be 50k or 100k. But then, if she is your wife, then you would have commitments to her family too. Unless you discard her after 1 year of “usage”.

      That sounds very horrible. I’m worried of people who might not be able to handle rhetorical discussions and take me seriously.. 😐

  9. Hoi, apa ni??!! 😀 😀 😀 I bet your page views skyrocket with this post:) These dolls are very realistic (my partner told me he saw on Youtube)but seriously, I think they are creepy. Can you imagine having one of these in the bedroom and tengah malam it came to life? Maybe that could be a good thing (:D 😀 :D) or bad if it scared the hell out of you. I know, I watch too many horror movies.

    • LOL, you might be surprised that “silicone sex doll” is a common term where millions of websites are already covering it. My page views are still the same..

      Exactly, I thought the same thing too. What if you forgot you are hugging a doll when you wake up in the middle of the night and find a realistic looking human face staring at you? Heart attack!!

  10. yeah I have read about these very real silicone sex toys, and wow!!! even if I can afford I won’t spend the money to buy dei~~ can get a car or even a low cost house already!!!

  11. I also get spam mails everyday in my “DBKL” mailbox which I used the address for all sorts of misc online registration, don’t bother to read but delete right away.. but I guess spam mails are way better than seeing them appearing in your comments huh??

    • I don’t even see them normally, it was a case of mis-click. I do get a lot of spam comments of this nature too, but Akismet filtered them for me 😉

  12. When I was living in UK back in 2002, there was a documentary on TV about this real doll but it was made in USA then and is really life like with real hair from humans on their heads. I guess over the years, production of these dolls have moved to China.

    Who will buy them? Someone rich who wants to have a girlfriend but does not want to have one who has a mind of her own.

    • They have documentary about sex dolls?? LOL!! @.@

      I suppose you are right, it’s just that I don’t understand why people with that kind of money would want a doll. There are many human girls (and boys) who would gladly be mindless in the face of money 😐

  13. Wah I love your title today, hou suspense wor.. I really thought you bought a doll online for love making and fantasizing leh.. I’ve seen it in the TV la, but not the real thing (of course)..Eh I receive these kinda emails all the time.. Usually penis enlargement or viagra but never on sex dolls.. Same here, I wouldn’t spend my money to buy a sex (man) toy lor, same same..

    • Haha.. if it is cheaper, like $100 or $200, I can understand, but $40000 is something that is beyond me. RM130000 leh!

    • But then, if you never opened the email, you wouldn’t know, would you? The email title I got was something about medical supplies LOL!

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