My Very First Pingback

This morning I was a very happy person. I saw that my Facebook page has hit 50 Likes.


I know, I know, peanuts number. I think most people will usually start taking note at 100, and start celebrating at 1000, and really start celebrating at 10 000. But 50 looks like a decent number to me, and it has been a slow crawl, so it felt like a mini milestone to me. I don’t care, I’m going to give it a good mention anyway.

And then my day seemed to get better when I got home from work. A quick check on my email yielded this:



A pingback? That sounds like wonderful news! You see, pingback is a feature that I think only WordPress has. It is a notification that someone somewhere wrote a blog post and linked one of my pages in that post. This is usually good news. It means someone thought my blog has been informative/interesting and wanted to share it on their site.

I have gotten a few friendly link backs from fellow bloggers who are using Blogspot so far (that I am aware of), this is actually the first time I receive a pingback notification. Some WordPress user has linked me too. I’m excited to see who that nice person is.

And then upon a closer inspection, I realized which page was being pinged. Silicone Sex Doll… Oh man, of all my blog posts… I have a not so good feeling about this.. Better find out what website linked me..


As suspected.. I am speechless.. And this is not even a spam pingback. The blog that linked me is apparently a legit one.. Why do you think I know? What do you expect me to do when I see a pingback? Not click on the link?


You know what my feeling is right now? 哭笑不得 (Cannot laugh or cry).

I’m not sure if I want to delete that pingback from my comments section. I mean, I did get like, 60 additional page views to that page in 6 hours since that link back happened. I should be grateful, right?

Well, I think I’ll just leave that pingback as it is in the comments section of that post for a couple of days. Should you be interested to check out a real sex doll addict’s blog, you know where to click. Just don’t tell me if you do. You’ll have until tomorrow at least..

Oh dear…



    • I think he left some comments in my post. Well at least I think it is he. He did mention his budget.. LOL..

  1. Bahahaha… okay I was curious and checked out the blog that ping’ed you. I think I’d cry if I was featured on that blog, hahahah. Don’t you wonder how he found you so fast?? LOL!
    And congrats on the 50 likes! Getting to 100 is the hardest, and then it grows faster after that. 🙂

    • In case you haven’t noticed, I think he replied on your comment in that post. I think it is he, anyway 😀 .

  2. Congrats on the 50 facebook likes!! I was thrilled when I reached that number as well and 100 was awesome!! The more likes, the more readers.

    I am still laughing about the pingback! 60 extra hits is not bad but it makes me wonder how many readers he actually has!!

    I once got criticized for being ‘too kind’ by another expat living in Taiwan and he challenged all the other bloggers to write ‘a better’ list about Taiwan than I did. It turned out that I got lots of pingbacks and LOTS of hits. However, it ended up turning ugly and he took it down.

    • I’m rather perplexed by how the blogging trend has changed to the opposite in the past couple of years. Instead of “all great” articles, I am reading more and more “all very horrible” articles. If you write anything complimentary about anything/any places, then there will be people who will said you are just writing a sponsored review. Why can’t people have nice opinion about places anymore? Why must it be deemed “too kind”? I’d love to read some “too kind” articles for a change now.

      • Actually, I just said that I was entitled to my opinion and the contents of my blog are my own personal thoughts. Then, I let them all battle it out. Some wrote negative posts, a few wrote posts defending me, and some Taiwanese told them if they are not happy in Taiwan, they are welcome to leave. However, they all started their posts by saying ‘Constance, the blogger behind Foreign Sanctuary…’ But, like they say, bad publicity is better than no publicity and I gain a lot of readers because he (as well as some of the other bloggers) has a pretty ‘established’ blog as he has been blogging for years.

        • LOL! It is like a contest: Write a blog post starting with these words “Constance, the blogger behind Foreign Sanctuary…”. You know what, that’s a great idea! I might steal this idea for my next giveaway. I would need a properly expensive gift to make it attractive for people to take it up though. 😀

          You’re right, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Any publicity is good publicity. I’m going to try to hunt up that ‘too kind’ article of yours to read if I have the time tonight.

  3. Mini milestone or not…as long as it’s a milestone to you, that’s all that matters. I’m not into social media to get my blog out there…that’s why I don’t have Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, although I did start a FB Page once (on the insistence of a friend), got like 10 likes and unpublished it after a month…too much work…heehee..

    • I think Facebook and Instagram are still okay, I update them like my personal account anyway. Twitter, it’s just for show and to join some #hashtag competitions 😀 . Others.. too much work for someone with full time job like me 🙄 .

  4. Getting famous and popular eh? I know many join those blogger groups, not one but MANY, on Facebook and they like one another’s posts. I’m not bothered.

  5. Glad you explained what is pingback, now I know.. Ok so that’s when someone link back my post in their blog.. I think Phong Hong linked one of my roast chicken post in her blog, that made my day! Oooo somebody linked your sex doll post heh… My opinion? Just leave it la, ‘yao chor dou lei meh’ (not disturbing you hor)… Ngam mou?

    • It’s when someone link back your post, and attempt to let you know “Wei, I link you back ya”, that’s the pingback. It’s quite syok right, the feeling to get that knowledge? 😀
      Yeah, after sleeping on it, I think I will just leave it. Actually my removing that pingback won’t remove my link from his blog, it just remove his link from my blog.

  6. You prompt me to check my tuition agent facebook page likes, I got 59 likes, where 48 likes are from Singapore which is more relevant for me as my business is in Singapore

  7. hang in there, you are surely becoming more and more popular blogger, and your likes and fans will surely hit millions in no time!! don’t “peanut forgotten its skin” and never drop by my blog to spam comment when you are rich and famous later ah~~ 😀

    • Millions, LOL! While I cannot guarantee that I will be blogging and commenting for life, I can guarantee that if and when I stop, it won’t be because of the ‘peanut’ syndrome. 🙂

  8. Wow, the writer of that blog must really be very keen on the subject to find your post so quickly but I don’t understand what the post mean lah. Wants whose opinion? I duwan to click to his blog so I will just leave it lah. Let’s see if anyone from there left any comments in your post.

    • I doubt there will be comments. Even that blog itself doesn’t have much comments. But judging by how much traffic spilled over from there, I think it must have steady followers. I suppose we know the comment rate of readers for this kind of topics 🙄

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