Let There Be Miracle!

This is supposed to be my first post for 2015. As I am sitting in front of my laptop thinking what to write, I am also reading news about Tropical Storm Jangmi wreaking havoc in the Phillipines, causing at least 53 deaths with flooding and landslides. Yesterday the family Whatsapp-ed me a NASA article warning that the storm will Sabah tonight and reach southern Thailand/northern Peninsula Malaysia by 3rd January.

I know what the resident Mrs Paranoid at home is thinking, so I made sure to stock up on more instant noodles and frozen meal packs when I went shopping today, and made sure to take a photo of it and Whatsapp it back home to reassure her. And then she replied, telling me to buy some eggs.

DSC_0014 (1024x576)

Jokes aside, really.. if there really is such a thing as prayers bearing miracles, then I am praying again, please let the miracle manifest this time and let the storm break quickly. We are all supposed to have prayed for a better 2015. If we get hit by a big storm barely 3 days into 2015, that would be like a big slap on our collective faces. Worse, if Jangmi is coming through the South China Sea, then northern Peninsula means hitting Kelantan and Terengganu first. The poor folks over there are still contending with the flood (the current one), a fresh round of storm will totally destroy them.

Seriously, God, if you are reading this blog, please, don’t do the flood victims like that..

*****UPDATED 4-JAN-2014*****

Apparently there really is miracle! The storm died down in the Sulu Sea some time on the 31st Dec. It did not continue into 2015! Yahooo!! In fact, over the weekend, it has been like desert where I am, in Penang.

I don’t know which God or Gods that you are praying, but keep praying, it works! 😀

Okay, back to what I was thinking to write. I think I am going to write something that maybe 90% of the bloggers have written. I am going to write something very cliché. I am going to write my New Year’s resolution for the year 2015!

I didn’t write one for 2014. In fact, I don’t think the word “resolution” even came across my mind once throughout 2014. Basically I had no plans for 2014. Maybe that was why I spent the year not even knowing what I was doing most of the time. I shall try to rectify that this year. Here goes, in no particular order:

  1. Learn stock trading – I’m not saying make big bucks by being a stock trader. The thing is, I’ve done some research on gold and silver, enough to decide to place part of my savings in that type of savings account. I’ve also done enough forex trading in the past few years, with virtual money and then with $200 cash capital (I made enough to make me happy, but not enough to bring about serious changes to my life), enough to know that forex is not a game for small timers long term. I have not tried buying and selling shares yet. I want to know the processes involved. I want to know the technical jargon that stock traders use.
  2. Use up all my KrisFlyer miles – I have kind of forgotten that I have 8800 KrisFlyer miles that was going to expire yesterday, until 11.15PM yesterday. It was fortune out of misfortune, I managed to spend 1200 miles to save 7600 miles just in time. Now I am staring at a grand total of 68000 KrisFlyer miles left. I think it is about time I do something with these miles. Let it be this year!
  3. Publish my book – When I started writing the book version of Love Story last year, I planned to publish it before end of the year. Due to various reasons, it did not happen. In fact I am ashamed to admit that as of now, the book is not even 50% complete. I will have to complete writing the book, and then learn the ropes of self publishing, and then publish the book by this year. I’m still 99% certain that there will be no hardcopy books and no payment involved, the book will only be available in Google Play Store and in pdf format downloadable from this blog, for free.
  4. Hit 1000 pageviews per day – I have already revealed to you that I am against kissing asses and I am against sacrificing my soul to score SEO page hits, so by now I think you should know that my blog will hardly be able to achieve celebrity status. Don’t worry, I’m not bothered by that. You should know that I don’t treat my blog as something to achieve fame (or infamy). But I do enjoy seeing the numbers climb week over week, month over month. I am currently beginning to hit the range of 400-500 pageviews per day, I think a double up by year end should be achievable?
  5. I… I don’t know… I guess that’s it… I don’t really have very many goals thought out huh…

Notice how I did not say things like: be happy, be more forgiving, be more compassionate, etc? Those are the basic fundamentals of being a human. Those are things that you need to practice every day, every year, until you die. Those are not things that you try to achieve in one year. Hence, those have no place in something so goal driven like a yearly resolution.

It will be interesting to see if I remember about this post and do a cross check come December 31, 2015. If you are still reading my blog by then and you somehow have a better memory than me, feel free to remind me 😉

PS: Sorry about the feature image (the one at the top) which has absolutely nothing to do with the post. Since this is almost an all words post, and that picture is the only one I have in my archives that has no home, I kind of just plug it here out of amusement. I’m looking forward to see how many comments that will focus on siew mai instead of what I wrote..


  1. Do let us know when you’ll be publishing the book, CL! I’d love to read it, for one. =D

    If you don’t have the interest in finance (like myself), learning the ins and outs of stock trading can be quite a challenge. I did dabble in Economics in college for a while and mind you, hearing the seniors and juniors gabble away about staying awake to monitor the shares solidified my decision to switch subjects.

    • I will definitely announce it here when the thing is done! 😀
      I wouldn’t say I am interested in finance, the thing I am interested in is money. I’m not looking forward to real time trading and making big bucks, I’m more interested to know how things work and hopefully help me in making better investment decisions.

  2. Good luck with your book! I’m currently writing my first book too…well, planning out the chapters but so far so good. Just slow. very generous of you on planning to give it away for free. I guess you write for the love of it, and I am sure someone who picks it up will find it useful.

    I remember when I was a kid and still living in Malaysia, my parents would always stock up on tin foods (think luncheon meat and sardines) during the monsoon seasons. I see you have much healthier food than that, good on you 🙂

    • You are right, I am writing this book not for money making purposes. There is another reason to it. And, well, the most successful things in the world are free for the users, like Facebook and Google. I think being free of charge is the way to go 😉
      Most of those foodstuff are just for show actually. If the floods really hit, I will probably bail before it gets worse LOL 😀 .

      • Couldn’t agree with you more there. Best things in life are free, and when we share things around. Hopefully the self-publishing bit doesn’t get too hard. I have yet to dive into that arena myself, and am preparing for some roadblocks. Content always have to come first, though. It’s commonsense 🙂

        I hear the floods are receding, so hopefully you don’t have to bail anytime soon 🙂

        • Don’t worry, you’ll get there. And I agree, the most important thing is to have the book ready first.

          Thankfully, there was no storm over the weekend, in fact it has been very hot. I suppose it is good news after all the floods. 🙂

  3. Good luck in attracting as many page views as you wish.
    It’s even best to have a high number of unique visitors per day and, a high percentage of returning visitors.

  4. wah, this blog title is so powerful! “Let there be Miracle”….i wish for money to fall from sky…then that’s miracle! ok ok, i m so insane & crappy these days…I think the weather will improve these few days, at least i got to enjoy the sun during the day(noon) and early evening. All the best in achieving your new year resolution!

  5. Kudos to you for writing a book…so, “kar yow” to complete it by this year! As for publishing a hard copy, you’ve got to have patience…I remember reading somewhere that Boey took like 4 1/2 years to get his book published.

    Hitting 400-500 pageviews a day already…congrats! So, I wasn’t modest when I say my blog is puny compared to yours. However, I do realise (from the stats) that I get 2-3 times more hits on the day I post something than on the days when I didn’t put up a post. And since I post only 3-4 times a week, I have to accept the fact that my pageviews will not increase at such a fast rate 🙁 Who doesn’t enjoy seeing the numbers climbing, right?

    P/S: I’m also experiencing the same ‘hiccup’ with your site as with suituapui’s blog…asking me to key in all my details (over and over again) each time (but not every time) I want to post a comment.

    • The thing is, I don’t plan to make money out of the book. I have an entirely different reason for writing this book. We’ll see..
      Hiccup? You mean your details are not saved? Strange, let me check my settings.

  6. Wow a very detailed post. The first chapter has begun for 2015 and many more good post to come, ei… And ooooo look at those resolutions.. Ermm call me jakun or katak bawah tempurung, I don’t know about that storm thingy leh.. If it really hits us, no use buying perishable food kua.. Canned food and peanut butter are the best food during those times kua, hehe.. I don’t have any resolutions, ok, maybe one or two, let’s see if I can stick to it..

    • No lah, the perishables are for before the storm, the noodles and frozen food packs are for the storm. But it is a moot point, because apparently the storm is not coming anymore, yay! 😀
      Actually, if you have no resolution, it can also mean that there is nothing you desperately want to achieve, you are already very happy with life, that is good too! 😉

  7. Gosh, my parents are in Terengganu and I hope what was forecast does not happen or even if it does, there will be minimal damage.

    I was wondering what miracle you were going to talk about when I saw the siew mai 😀 Anyway hah..hah…I see that you have stocked up food and your mom is hilarious hah..hah… eggs!

    • Apparently the miracle did happen, the storm dissipated on New Year’s Eve! 😀
      I was surprised with eggs as well, I thought eggs are not known for it’s long lasting properties 🙄

  8. http://www.met.gov.my/images/pdf/gft_pdf/kenyataan_akhbar_ts_jangmi_1jan2015.pdf

    says “Ribut Tropika JANGMI yang berada di Laut Sulu telah lenyap
    sepenuhnya pada 31 Disember 2014.”

    so I think better check met.gov.my frequently since they are supposed to be the authoritative source on this subject.

    I like all your resolutions because they are all very achievable. I really hope you will finish your book because I want to read it.

    As for stocks trading, if you can do forex, you can do stock. You may not beat the index but you can still make a tidy sum of money. Actually no need to beat the index if you are not planning to earn a living by playing stocks.

    All the best! I will remind you at the end of this year if I am still around (on earth I mean because I will always be around on your blog).

    • Wonderful news! Then there really is miracle! The storm dissipated just before the new year 😀
      I’m not thinking about beating the index, I just want to know the processes involved. I mean, I have read about having to open account with OSK or Kenanga or something, but they involve huge administration fees/agent fees/transaction fees, that kind of thing. I am amazed some of my colleagues use a few thousand bucks capital and become so happy when a share they bought rose from RM2 to RM2.10. If I count based on what little I read, their earnings are not even enough to pay the transaction fees.
      I think my first priority though, is to finish the book! 😀

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