Mid January Incidents

Today a stray dog decided to launch itself to my car as I was navigating a bend near my house in the morning. It crashed onto the driver’s side of the door, then flew 5 meters away, then got back up, then barked loudly and tried to chase after my car. When I got far enough, I noticed it switched it’s attention to the motorcycle behind me. Thankfully the motorcyclist was able to evade and escape at full speed without falling over. I was pretty traumatized for the entire drive to the office..

Then I paid RM 5 for breakfast in the office cafeteria that should cost RM 2.90 and got RM 7.10 in change. I was going to rectify uncle‘s mistake, but then I remembered he once tried to give me a RM 5 note that had a hole in it and when I refused it, he took the broken note back and gave me fifty 10 cents coins instead. So I kept quiet and just pocketed the change..

Then I taught a visiting sales engineer the correct ways to fib on his clients after he tried to confuse me with technical jargon but ended up confusing himself instead. He was new to the job and did not know what he was doing most of the time. I hope he is more successful with his other clients and also realizes that I am not someone he should fib on..

Then I paid RM 5 for a packet of potato chips that should cost RM 3.30 and got RM 6.70 in change. The cashier has never ticked me off and has a sweet smile and she also called me handsome, so I pointed out her mistake and gave her back the RM 5..

Then as I was driving home from work, a bird decided to crash into my windscreen and.. and.. I have no idea what happened to it next. It just disappeared from my sight. Lovely day so far..

Then I got home and decided that I wanted to have pan fried fish fillet with stir fried broccoli for dinner today..

Then as I was frying the fish, I remembered about the mushroom and tomato omelette that I used to have in IHOP back in the US and decided that I wanted that too. But I messed up, so I ended up having mushroom and tomato with scrambled egg..

pan fried fish fillet

I might have overestimated my eating capacity, although that is not something new..

Yeah, it has been a long day, and my brain doesn’t seem up to the task for writing something serious today, hence all these crap. Hope you don’t get mad at me wasting your time again..



  1. This was hilarious and like Constance, I was laughing all the way through. Ooooh, Malaysian cashiers can be sooo terrible like that uncle. What goes around, comes around. Tit for tat 😀

    I hope that bag of chips was a sizeable one or gourmet flavour. Because I don’t remember chips being that expensive in Malaysia when I was last back almost a couple of years ago.

    • It wasn’t gourmet, but it is rather sizeable. You won’t get gourmet chips for RM 3.30 here! The chips that have Western names all go for RM 8 or more 🙁 .

      • Chips with Western names RM8 and up…unbelievable 🙁 I hope they still make Jack ‘n Jill BBQ potato chips. They are my favourite, and the last time I went to the Asian grocery store in the city here in Melbourne, they weren’t in stock…and haven’t been for a while.

        • Yeah, Jack n Jill is still around, but I don’t think I have seen BBQ flavored ones before. They are selling for about RM 3 per packet now 🙁 .

  2. What an interesting day! I enjoyed reading so it was not a waste of time at all 🙂 Your RM5 note must have magical abilities as the recipients seem to think it is RM10 note 😀 That doggy that ran into your car is a nut case 😀 (animals also got mad ones) and I’m amazed it could still get up a give chase after flying 5 meters. And your dinner looks pretty good and the portion size is just nice for me 🙂

    • That’s why I think maybe Dumbledore casted a spell on my RM 5 note when I was dreaming 😀 .
      I was keeping a watch for the dog again this morning, but it is gone. I hope it didn’t run somewhere and killed itself 😐

  3. I laughed my whole way through your post! Not laughing at you, but laughing because usually weird stuff happens to me like that. And I also had a crazy dog incident. There was a dog not far from where I live that always chased cars and scooters and was ever so nasty – scared the ‘you know what out’ of me many times. But, I haven’t seen it around in months. I guess someone called someone about it.

    • This was actually my first time encountering a dog that would ‘attack’ cars and motorcycles (and hopefully the last time). Normally they would avoid fast moving machines and focus on walking humans. I have had a bad experience running away from a dog by foot too!

  4. seems like animal suicide day….LOL!
    and lucky u to have 2 incident u get extra RM5 change!
    Ur dinner looks great…i would have ta-pau a portion for tomoro lunch if the food is too much.

    • I was able to finish them, so there was no need to tapao. It’s just slightly more than I should eat 🙄 .

  5. It was a mixed day for you in terms of luck…unlucky that you got bombarded by a dog and then a bird 🙁 but lucky that you got an ‘angpow’ of RM7.10 and a breakfast on the house 😀 If that nasty uncle were to give me 50 10 cent coins, I would have made a scene!

    • I’m generally a more ‘peaceful’ person, so I try to avoid scenes as much as possible. The only situations that usually make me lose my temper is when there is someone holding up queue/standing in the middle of a corridor blocking other people’s path. I would always “tsk” loud enough and make sure they see my pissed off face and body language.
      And, I paid RM 5 but got back RM 7.10, so the ‘angpow’ is just RM 2.10 😀

  6. your lucky day ah….everyone trying to give you extra money…despite one of it got hole la.

    The new guy must be tarak pay attention at Bluffology class la during uni days

    • No la, the RM 5 with hole was previously, I just remembered it yesterday and used that incident to decide that I don’t wanna return his extra change 😀 .
      Bluffology class, hahaha 😀 😀 .

  7. now, the LazyMan must be a super-magnet for animals and also extra RM5 change?? hahaha.. the boss was bad to give you 50 10sen coins!!! now I actually recall somewhere that there is a maximum amount someone can pay good or services using coins.. any lawyer here to enlighten us??

    • Really? There is such a law? But then, you hardly wanna sue people for RM 5 do you? How much to pay the lawyer? I know some people talk about “it’s not a matter of money, it’s a matter of principle”, my principle is “if it is too much trouble for too little returns, don’t do it”..

  8. Oh dear! Was the car dented where it hit the dog? Happened to me once. Hate those strays and dogs where the owners are not responsible enough to take care of them. All the poo on the round – have to be careful not to run over it. Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!

    Dish sure looks good!

    • Last I checked, there was no dent. I was worried about the dog actually when I saw it flew away. But then it got up and started chasing me again and I became angry instead..

  9. Handsome, you are just like any other guy who would melt when a pretty girl praises you ah, hee hee, I think that is normal cos anyone would love praises

  10. First thing that I think about – buy numbers, haha.. Since both times so lucky with money.. Somemore with bird poo.. People say if kena bird poo on head, more lucky wer… Dinner looks good – fish, tomatoes, eggs, brocolli, mushrooms.. Me? Chap farn only lor..

  11. Your this post is very entertaining, make me smile while reading it except for the dog part. That poor dog, must be mentally ill, to go chasing after cars and motorcycles.

    I think you are the one under a spell. All the while you are paying out RM10 but you think you are paying out RM5 so lucky that you did not return the money to that nasty man. How could he give you 50 10cents!!

    You can’t finish your dinner? Without any rice, I don’t think that amount is too much. I think I would be able to finish it although I am a small eater.

    Hope you have a good night sleep and tomorrow the spell will be gone. 😀

    • I don’t know, there are quite a few stray dogs around, I never really pay attention whether this one is new or not. If the motorcyclist fell down and got bitten then probably he is the poor thing here. I think if tomorrow morning I encounter that dog again I will definitely call SPCA or something.

      Haha I’m pretty sure it was RM 5 on both occasions. The paper is green LOL! And I read that in Singapore, there was one case, a woman bought handphone in a shop in Sim Lim Square, wanted a refund, the shop refund her $1000 in coins. Maybe that uncle read that and got the inspiration. I don’t like him anyway.

      I did finish my dinner la, but I feel super full. That’s 2 fish fillets in there 😐

    • I have no idea, it looks like a normal RM 5 to me. Maybe Dumbledore casted a spell on it without me knowing 😐

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