Lazy Man’s Improved Tom Yum Soup

Thanks to the tropical storm alert that thankfully never happened, I found myself buying a few frozen meal packs and now wondering how best to consume them.

DSC_0012 (1174x1280)

Maybe it is best not to think too much and just eat them as it is. You see, I bought the expensive stuff. The box of soup above costed more than RM 10. I was attracted to this brand because they are going big on how they are an Australian brand and how they won the Best Frozen Seafood 2014 award. I mean, Australian, won some award, and expensive. Should be good, right?

DSC_0014 (1280x720)


The instructions said, boil 220ml of water to cook 1 serving block. I was going to cook the entire box (2 servings), so I boiled 450ml of water, and then threw both the blocks in. There were bits of vegetables and fish pieces visible in the soup blocks. I was expecting the tiny pieces of ingredients to expand upon cooking, like how those frozen instant meal packs work usually.

I waited and waited and waited, but the expansion never came. Instead, they dissolved into the soup. After cooking for 3 minutes, the soup paste has been properly dissolved by the boiling water, but I could no longer find any fish pieces or vegetable shreds. I found myself staring at a pan of think soup with nothing chew-able.

I was watching Gokaiger (Japanese TV show) earlier, so I found myself cursing in Japanese: “Nani yo kore? Kore wa nasakenai yo!What the hell is this? This is pathetic!

Crap! Seems like I need to bring out my own reinforcements. Turned off the heat and set the soup aside, and then took out my own raw ingredients from the fridge.

DSC_0013 (1280x720)
Shrimp, chicken, okra

Once I cut them all up, throw the chicken and okra into the pan, bring the soup to boil and cook for a few minutes. Then add the shrimps to cook for the last 30 seconds.

DSC_0017 (1280x720)

Now that’s what a tom yum soup should look like, decent enough to go with some rice. With my ingredients added, it is indeed 2 servings, with half the soup in my fridge now, ready for tomorrow’s dinner. Without the additional ingredients… nope, never a 2 servings pack.

This sucks. I basically paid more than 10 bucks to buy tom yum paste for 2 meal portions. That’s quite expensive even by my standards.

Now I’m staring at the Seafood Gumbo Soup pack and the Oatmeal Fish Fillet pack that I still have with trepidation..


  1. I like the Pacific West fish fillet. You might like the Oatmeal Fish Fillet. I think they have a multigrain and cornflakes version too. I haven’t tried their soups but from your experience here, I think I’ll pass. Gee, you dumped your rice into the tom yum soup 😀 Tom yum porridge? 😀 I’ve tried gumbo before which came in a can. Not to my liking 🙁

    • No lah, I poured the soup over my rice.. Yeah I opened the fish fillet packaging, it looked okay to me 🙂

  2. Prawns and chicken in tom yum…thumbs up! 😀 But, okra? Seems kinda weird…no onions, tomatoes or mushrooms in your pantry? Hey, didn’t know you can speak Japanese…let’s rephrase…more like swear in Japanese…kekeke!!

  3. Simple and nice food but very costly wor.. RM10+ tomyum paste plus fish and shrimps and all.. Usually I buy tomyum paste in a jar and add in some when I steam fish.. Eh me also I will boil all the blocks and finish it at one serving, soup more thick and hou liew ma.. Those packet mushroom soup, I make 3 packets leh sekaligus so that it’ll be nice & creamy 😉

    • It’s probably my problem. I think it is supposed to be thick soup, but I use it as tomyum paste. Silly me..
      My soup is quite thick, but I’m saving half for tonight 😛

  4. wow…expensive soup for dinner! i rather go ta-pau…But since you hav already bought it, no choice but to use it before expiry…Yeah, tom yum with rice is great!

  5. simple and easy and convenient and quick!! that’s Lazy Man’s style.. but i will go one step further for being more lazy than you – i will skip the okra and just have the chicken and prawns, then i save time washing and cutting the okra!! muahahahah..

    ooopsss, the fact is that, i don’t eat okra, since the very first time i ate it and almost puke when i was young.. the hairy skin and the slimy inside, yucks!!!

    • It’s not the taste, the taste is fine. The problem is the fish and vegetables got dissolved in the soup. I suppose maybe it was meant to be that way, just that I did not expected it..

  6. Hhhmmm, now I am curious what happened here. I mean a reputable brand like this one would not purposely put out a product like that to con people, right? Maybe even if you cook 2 blocks, you are supposed to use only 220ml of water so that the soup will be thicker.

    Anyway you did good by improvising and putting the extra ingredients into it. But how does the tom yum soup taste? Like real tom yum?

    Now I can’t wait to see how the other two packs you named will turn out.

    • The box said, boil 220ml of water and add 1 block into water, 1 block means 1 serving. Anyway, the soup was thick, the flavor is good, my grief is the dissolved ingredients, I was expecting to see chunks of fish and vegetables, but they were all gone 😐
      I just opened the Gumbo, it looks the same to me, so I am not hopeful LOL! I probably won’t blog about it..

      • Maybe they wanted it to be like Western soup where the soup is thick and there are no chunks of anything in the soup. For example western mushroom soup or spinach soup.

        • I suppose so. Maybe those chunks of ingredients are meant to be dissolved into the soup. Now that you say that, I remember the instructions did say: serve with your choice of bread, or something like that. Hmm..

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