Into The Woods

The other day I was persuaded to catch this musical movie by two friends. They said to me: “Come on, it’s a crossover between many fairy tale stories. It’s the fairy tale version of The Avengers!

The movie is called Into The Woods. I think the movie was released in the United States on Christmas Day last year, but it was only released here in Malaysia like, a week ago.


It was an interesting movie. There is an ensemble cast, with Meryl Streep playing the Witch. I can still remember Meryl Streep’s incredible performances from Mamma Mia!


There’s also a guy (sorry, I don’t know him) and Emily Blunt playing the main protagonists, the Baker and his wife.


True enough, there are quite a few fairy tales being featured prominently in this musical movie. I counted four of them throughout the entire movie..

Anna Kendrink as Cinderella


I-don’t-know-her-but-she’s-pretty-too as Rapunzel


Jack and the Beanstalk


Little Red Riding Hood


So, basically, the movie talks about how the four main characters crossed each other’s path as they go through the stories that we were so accustomed with as a child. Cinderella attending the ball and then winning the prince’s heart and then marrying him. Rapunzel was found by her prince charming and escaped the doorless tower she was kept in. Jack climbed up the beanstalk, stole riches from the giants and then killed the giant by chopping down the beanstalk. Little Red Riding Hood and grandma were saved from the Wolf. Heck, they even threw in a Johnny Depp cameo as the Wolf.


The musical leads us through all of them reaching their happily ever after in a barrage of delightful music and singing. It was rather refreshing to watch this movie as we re-live all these fairy tale stories with a few twists here and there so that they become an intertwined plot.

Except, that was only the first half of the movie. There is a second half. After watching this second half, the only thing that I can think of is to caution my fellow readers: If you have kids and want them to enjoy some fairy tale stories that you used to read as a kid, DO NOT bring them into the cinemas to watch this movie! DON’T DO IT!!

To tell you why, I’m going to have to reveal part of the plot in the next part of my post, so if you don’t want spoilers, don’t click it. Just trust me NOT to bring kids into the cinemas for this.


I remember leaving the cinema thinking, these guys from Walt Disney Pictures are all psychopaths and bastards. It is like they are trying to convey this message: You grew up with fairy tales as a kid. Now that you’re adults, it’s time to let you know that there is no such thing as fairy tales and reality is cruel!

UPDATE 25-Jan-2015

Apparently this is not even a Walt Disney original. Suituapui mentioned (and Wikipedia confirmed) that this is actually an adaptation from a Broadway musical earlier. Holy f**k. It means those guys from Broadway were the original psychopaths. Well, Walt Disney Pictures are still bastards anyway, for adapting this sick musical into movies!

And girls, if you’re obsessed with finding your Prince Charming, Walt Disney offers a piece of advice. They tell you what a Prince Charming really thinks in his mind..


“I was raised to be charming, not sincere!”


  1. So I didn’t read your post until I watched this movie myself, yesterday. And ummm… I’m impressed with how deeply you think. I think I have a better understanding now of the message thanks to you, lol. I was watching it just for something to do and I liked the twist. And I liked seeing how the stories intertwined.

    And what plugin are you using for the hidden spoiler thing?! That is awesome!!

  2. I haven’t watch this, but I’ve watch the Tracers and Vice!! I personally like tracers more, due to their cool and fast movement!!

    • Where you watched them at? I thought these two not showing yet in Malaysia?? OMG I need to check the cinemas again!

  3. really such a bad ending?!! it spoils the kids expectation of a happy-ever-after ending…holy shit! But this movie cast very good actors and actress, such as meryl streep and johnny depp…Im gonna go for it!

  4. I clicked the spoiler alert because I know I won’t get a chance to watch this movie. Not yet anyway. Sounds interesting the second half. I like twisted tales like this. Maybe I am psycho too? 😀

    • Tsk, I don’t like the second half, now I will forever remember there’s no happy endings for the fairy tales 🙁

  5. I should call you Sifu or Kung Fu Panda! I better not tease you more otherwise Kena chopped by your 10 years skills. I watch many types of movies from cartoons to fairy tales and thrillers too. Last night I watched a good thriller – The Boy Next Door.
    KL is not a happening place for good plays to perform here. Sad!

    • The only thing I can chop now is vegetables unfortunately, so you’re safe! 😀

      I don’t think there’s very many Malaysians who can afford or appreciate a good play, so it is hard for them to perform here frequently..

  6. Didn’t think you were into musicals…I love musicals but didn’t like Les Miserables though…too boring! I loved Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia…watched that over and over again. Let’s see if I would enjoy Into The Woods.

    That explains why your English is so good…you attended British Council since you were young!! 😉 I sent my son to the same crayon colouring classes too with the same result as you. Next, I sent him for organ lessons and his fingers couldn’t get the hang of it either! 😀

  7. My girl is waiting for this movie to be shown here. Already on there? I guess they will not be screening it here then – like Les Miserables…or the Hundred-foot Journey. No crowd, they go for horror, fighting…violence, lots of bloodshed and car chases…those kind of movies here. No choice, will just have to wait for the pirated DVD. 🙁

    Actually, like Les Miserables…and all the others – Phantom, Evita, Grease…this is originally a Broadway musical, they made a movie out of it…as opposed to Ghost – they made a musical out of the movie.

    • I guess it won’t go to the smaller cinemas. Even here not all the cinemas are showing it, I had to go to Gurney Plaza for it, and the hall occupancy is quite low.

      This was a musical?? You mean it’s not a Disney original psychopath script? Oh dear…

  8. Lastime I think Shrek also similar, I remember Rapunzel, Cinderella and her step sisters also team up to help Shrek’s wife escape, something like that. Ahhh we all love fairy tales eh… We grow up with it. And nursery rhymes too.. But I always feel there’s something ‘wrong’ about Alice In Wonderland, the one with Johnny Depp, and the Queen, oh dear do you remember the Queen’s face?

    • Hahaha Shrek is different kot, that one you expect them to twist the story beforehand. 😀

      Hmm, I didn’t watch Alice in Wonderland, no idea leh… 😐

  9. Hahahaha, I could not believe you went to watch this movie because don’t think you are the type who used to believe in fairy tales – you look so serious when you were a child (from the photos you posted before). Did you go with girls or men or alone?

    Thanks for putting a spoiler alert. I did not click it to read because I want to watch the movie and be surprised!

    • LOL! I don’t believe them, but I read most of the fairy tales. I attended English classes with the British Council since I was a kid, and they have a lot of these in the reading list.

      It was 3 guys, hahaha! 😀

      • Wow! Your parents really made sure you were educated well – private school, chinese tuition and British Council English. Any other lessons?

        • The Chinese tuition and British Council lessons were classes that I wanted to go, willingly.

          Let’s see what else.. I practiced Kung Fu for about 10 years since I was little, but that one was forced onto me, after I grow old enough to refuse it, I refused. I also went to art classes, those where you draw and color with crayon, like some kids go to. I think I won a few awards there, but after a few years it was apparent my talents were not there. And those art classes were not artistic at all, basically you have to draw in a certain way, color in a certain way, it was art class, but it felt like Maths class.

          I think the latest ‘extra’ lessons I took was guitar. I took it when I was in Form 3 or Form 4. I bought a RM800 guitar and a RM150 tuner (they’re still at my KL home, I think). I lasted for 8 month. It was too difficult for my fingers! 😀

      • Wow you know kung fu! (Although you stopped by after 10 years I am sure you could kung fu fighting now). Another plus point! Can protect future gf.

        • That’s not a plus point I’m afraid. I haven’t practiced in like 15 years now. Now I’m just a normal fatto. Even back then I don’t think I can fight, it was all for performances.

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