I Bought A Camera (Again??)

You might have noticed that shortly after I wrote about my regrets buying the DSLR wannabe, I posted it for sale on eBay. I told myself that I would only get a smaller (and maybe better) camera if I am able to sell that Nikon. Otherwise I would stick to that camera.

Nikon P520

Well, guess what? I was able to (finally) sell it off last week for RM 850. I bought it for US$300 more than a year ago when it was still RM 3.10 to US$1, so it was slightly more than RM 900. In other words, I paid less than RM 100 to own a formidable looking camera for more than a year. In my definition, that’s a pretty good deal.

I got the money, time to get the camera that I want. This one, the Sony ILCE-5100L mirrorless camera:

DSC_0029 (1280x720)

ILCE basically means Interchangeable Lens Camera with E-mount. E-mount is a type of lens that Sony manufactures for their mirrorless camera range. I won’t go deeper with the technical jargon (because I don’t know them all that well myself). To put it simply, I bought the perfect type of camera a photography noob can possibly buy. A camera with the size of a compact camera, but with the DSLR-like interchangeable lens capability. The best of both worlds.

DSC_0001 (1280x924)

The official price for this guy in Sony’s website is RM 2099. I checked a few camera shops and they were all selling between RM 1750 and RM 1800. I was actually prepared to wait till March when Sony is expected to launch their 6100 model and the 5100 that I want would hopefully have a further price drop.

But then a friend reminded me about GST coming in April and the risk that the price might actually increase. So, last Thursday, I rather spontaneously went to the Sony shop in Queensbay Mall to take a look (again), saw that they were doing a RM 300 cash back for my camera, and rather spontaneously decided to take the camera, on the spot. RM 300 cash back means I pay RM 1799. And I got a free lens filter to go with it. The shops I checked earlier doesn’t give free lens filter.

DSC_0002 (1280x801)

Another plus point about this model that I will probably never use is the selfie capability.  Like the Nikon that I sold, this guy has a flip screen.

DSC_0004 (1280x980)

It’s been almost a week now, but I have not given this camera a proper shakedown yet. Heck, I don’t even know most of the settings yet! Penang sky was covered in haze over the weekend, and I didn’t feel appropriate to carry the camera with me to the weddings. Weekdays I have to work and go home and cook. So the only photos I can show you from the camera are these random useless photos..

DSC00013 (1280x720)
Traffic Jam – taken in the car with both hands
Empty road – taken in the car with one hand while the other hand was driving
DSC00018 (720x1280)
Vertical view of my flat – checking out the dim light capabilities of the camera
DSC00020 (1280x720)
View from my house – the Second Penang Bridge is beyond those constructions
DSC00009 (1280x720)
Saturday Breakfast – tomatoes and peas omelette
Today’s Dinner – pan fried tilapia fillet with vegetables, egg and secret weapon

I did not use any special settings, they’re all taken using Intelligent Auto mode, and the only PC enhancements I made to them are crop/resize.

I’m planning to go out for a walk with the camera this weekend, hopefully that will happen.


  1. I’ve got a similar camera – I don’t know enough about photography to warrant spending loads on a DSLR so it’s a good middle-ground. Although I was hoping to pick up a couple of reasonably priced extra lenses for it… then I found out that they were £500+ each – ouch.

    • I think the kit lens is a decent enough one to play with for a long time. If you are into macro shots then you need to get a macro lens, otherwise I think it is fine to stick to the kit lens for a long time.

  2. If it hadn’t been for the college assignments, I think I will still be sticking to the camera on the cell phone or the ancient Kodak. The Nikon that I have (I can now proudly call it mine, hehe) works wonders too…

    Wait, selfie on a camera? Uhh, thanks, but no, thanks. ^^

  3. am not really interested in the camera but are more into the pictures taken with it! the camera is great in taking scenery pictures, even when u r using one hand in taking picture and the car is moving, the picture still seems so clear!

    • That’s how clever the camera is. I was using the Intelligent Auto mode, where the camera decides the best setting by itself.

  4. I have a Sony camera (not the same model as yours) as well as a Canon DLSR. However, I love using my Sony as it is lightweight, has an awesome zoom, and the macro function is amazing.

    I replaced my last Sony with the Sony I am using now last year. I took over 50,000 photos with my last one over a 6 or 7 year period before it decided to call it quits. You will definitely get your money’s worth. I suggest experimenting with all the functions.

    • I know from my Z3 smartphone that Sony’s cameras will be packed with functions. I’m not even sure if I will be patient enough to try all the functions! I guess we’ll see.. 😀

  5. Nice! I am waiting for my present one to konk off before I buy a new one. It takes a lot of practice to take really good photos. I saw a lot of difference between the photos I took when I started blogging and now. I think there’s some improvement.

    • You always said your bakes are failures yet the photos look superb. I think your photography skills must be pro lah 😉

    • I think most brands will have at least one or two flip screen models now to jump on the selfie bandwagon..

  6. Ok…now that you have a new “hebat” camera, I’m looking forward to seeing more “hebat” pictures….kekeke…I like to pile on the pressure!! 😀 For a noob like me, I wouldn’t know how to use one so I’ll just stick with my trusted iPhone 5S. 😉

  7. Wow a very god price for your camera leh! Bet you’ll be playing with your camera more often these days.. Call me jakun, I’m only taking pictures on my new Redmi Note 🙂
    Eh your flat looks like one of the scene from Rigor Mortis (keong si), have you watched it?

  8. I’m using my new Sony now. My old Canon decided to call it a day one fine day, cannot be switched on. I think the Canon is a whole lot nicer…but never mind, as long as can take photos for use in my blog – mine is not a photography blog – pictures solely for illustration, no need to be too nice. Anybody complaining can just go fly a kite!

    • Canon is easier to use for noobs like us, too bad they don’t do mirrorless, else I would’ve bought them instead..

  9. Sounds like a really good camera, and the shots look great to say it’s just been on auto and you’ve not had a chance to try it out properly yet! Can’t wait to see the pictures if you do managed to get out this weekend 🙂

  10. Wow! You got a superb price for the camera you sold. The photos from your new camera are so sharp, even under dim lights (the one taken at your apartment). Please take more photos to share with us.

    • I did. That P520, when I bought, it was selling in Malaysia for RM 1800. Today, a brand new one is about RM 1200, so for a out of warranty one to fetch RM 850, definitely a good deal.. to the seller (me)! 😀

  11. new toy and i guess you are almost hugging it to sleep?? muahahaha.. this is indeed a very handsome new gadget!! okay, i admit i was “drooling” over this new camera of yours (note: not at all on your pan fried tilapia fillet with vegetables, egg and secret weapon, hahahaha!!)~~ 😀

  12. You made a wise and smart choice dude. I got my wife the first mirrorless which was launched by Panasonic for her birthday and I had never seen a sharper & more sophisticated camera for its so many features packed into this light weight. I am looking forward to see the good shots from your new toy! Aim at cute ladies too.

    • I actually only started to be attracted by this one after I bought my Z3, Sony too. Hopefully they can make a good pair of gadgets.

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