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Remember how my multigrain fish fillet magically turned into oatmeal fish fillet? Well, I have been feeling rather grumpy since then, grumpy for not being able to eat what I wanted to. So I went hunting for it again last weekend. Alas, it was not to be! All the multigrain ones were sold out, there were only the oatmeal ones staring me in the face!

I was walking away, sulking and cursing when a couple other types of frozen food caught my eyes. I ended up going home with a pack of frozen smoked duck and frozen shimp wonton.

DSC_0027 (1280x960)

I have to admit, I was attracted by the pictures. I did not even check the ingredients and nutritional table at the back of the packages. I actually felt guilty for buying them once I got home. Worse, I felt like a fool. I strongly believed that I have been deceived by the pictures. My past experiences tell me that frozen food packs are always disappointing to look at when opened, every single time.

But, what’s done is done, no point to dwell on it too much. Let’s find out how they fare, shall we?

First up, the shrimp wonton. I cooked it with a packet of Demae Itcho 出前一丁 ramen.

DSC_0002 (1280x720)

I believe most Malaysians think this is a Singaporean brand, because the ones we get are manufactured in Singapore, but actually this guy originated from Japan and became famous in Hong Kong a couple of years later in the 1970s. The reason this guy became famous in Malaysia is because of that Hong Kong variety TV show, Super Trio Show/Movie Buff Championship 超级无敌奖门人. You know, that popular show hosted by 林晓峰 Lam Hiu Fung and 钱嘉乐 Chin Kar Lok? They frequently give prizes like 100 sticks of toothpaste and 100 packets of this Demae Ramen. 😀

Damn, can’t find a video clip of the show on Youtube, the best I can manage is their opening/ending song.

Anyway, back to the topic, my shrimp wontons..

So I cooked them with a packet of Demae Ramen and some vegetables. Before that, the wontons looked surprisingly decent. I poked open the skin of one of the wontons and saw a real piece of shrimp inside. Together with the instant Hong Kong famous ramen, it looks like a decent bowl of 鲜虾云吞面 Shrimp Wonton Noodles that you can get in Hong Kong. Or at least I think that it looks that way.

DSC_0028 (1280x960)

It was good..

Then the duck. Again I was pleasantly surprised. Instead of duck flavored meat substitute, I found myself staring at two slabs of smoked duck meat. I baked them in the oven for 20 minutes at 170, and while waiting I made a kuay teow (rice noodles) stir fry with some vegetables and an egg.

DSC_0014 (1280x720)

Again it was a decent dinner. The smoked duck looked and tasted like real smoked duck, which is itself a very good compliment as far as frozen food goes. I mean, just look at it..

DSC_0015 (1280x720)

Maybe it has been a really long time since I last bought frozen food packs in Malaysia. I was expecting meat substitutes and puny pieces, so I was pleasantly surprised. This is probably bad news, but I think I might give them more of a chance in my grocery shopping trips in the future.



  1. I remember last time when I cook this kind of noodles, I always put an egg with it, and want the egg to mix with the noodle together to eat!!

  2. Honestly, I must confess that your blog has influenced me a bit such as doing lazy cooking and now I started paying attention to your frozen food! I bought that Pacific West and fried the fish & chips for my old parents. They thought I am a good chef!! Muahahahaha! Ssssshhhh!!!

    • Hahahaha! I think that brand is not bad at all! I don’t know your parents, so there is no risk of your cheating being exposed here! 😀

  3. Your shrimp wonton noodles look really good, and the wontons don’t look that small. As for the duck, I don’t know. It looks like duck but a bit rubbery to me. But hey, you ate it, I didn’t, so I trust your review!

    I had no idea the Super Trio Show gave away those instant noodles to contestants. I loved watching that show (love the opening of the show and wasabi eating challenges) when I was much younger and never noticed it.

    • I set very low standards for frozen food LOL! As long as they taste like the real thing, then it is good. 😀

      They always have those lucky draw at the end of each episode don’t they? Sometimes it’s great prizes, sometimes it’s 100 boxes of toothpaste, 100 rolls of toilet paper, or 100 boxes of noodles! 😀

  4. The smoked duck looks pretty good, especially since it is from a pack. I used to always buy pre-cooked frozen BBQ ribs at Costco but the price went up (+US$1.50) and the quantity when down (950g to 650g) but the box remained the same. The last time I bought them, I felt so ripped off so I never bought them again and that was nearly a year ago.

    • LOL! I think I bought one of those ribs too, but it was in the US. Seriously, their TV dinners are pathetic! It would be more economical to have proper ribs in a restaurant! 😀

  5. My eyes are on the smoked duck. Haven’t seen that around here. I love duck! Ya…I love it this way too, hassle free…but not too often, all the preservatives and artificial flavourings. Just keep to days when one feels lazy or there’s nothing fresh in the house or fridge.

  6. I have to admit I’m always attracted to frozen food packaging.. Anything, you name it – frozen nuggets, beef balls, tempura, fish cakes, pizza, mochi, and now your wantons..Put me in a supermarket and I’ll end up buying a few packets of nuggets *gulp* Call me jakun but this is the first time I see frozen duck meat.. Interesting eh..

    • Maybe they’re new, or maybe you always focus on the nuggets and assorted balls and ignoring the rest 😛

  7. Hey, I couldn’t get the multigrain fish fillet here too! I wonder if they were sold out or discontinued 🙁 I have tried the CP frozen wonton and I love it. The shrimps are fresh and still has a crunch when you bite into them. So the smoked duck is good, eh? I saw these at the frozen section at the Aeon pork shop but not sure if it is this brand. I must try it!

    • What? Discontinued??! Damn!! Now I feel like killing the housemates!! Grrrr!!!

      The duck was good. Not great, but good enough if you know what I mean. I didn’t get them at the pork section, they were there with the wonton and siew mai.. same CP brand..

  8. hahahaha, “most Malaysians think this is a Singaporean brand“?? then I guess I am one of the rare ones.. but I actually think those frozen wanton/har gao/siew mai actually won’t go too bad, at least I think they go well with instant noodles.. :p

    • I haven’t try the siew mai/gyoza yet, last time I bought frozen siew mai was like 5 or 6 years ago, they were horrible! I didn’t know what I was eating!

  9. the shrimp wonton noodles looks great though i still prefer the real ones (non frozen stuffs). Not a fan of frozen meat, i try to avoid at all cost.

    • Yeah, real ones are always better. I was just comparing frozen food now compared to like, frozen food from 5 years ago. Apparently what they doing now is better.

  10. The smoked duck meat looks very tasty lah. I think you just bought yourself very quality frozen food, not those fake ones. Eh, I don’t think you state how much you paid for them. The duck meat would no be cheap I guess.

    Anyway I have nothing against eating frozen food. For those people who always tell me must eat fresh, fresh, fresh food, I ask them to live on a farm and rear their own chickens, ducks, oink oink, cows, lambs and grow their own vegetables and only go kill one animal or pluck a vegetable when they want to cook breakfast/lunch/dinner. See how they like killing their own animals for meat everyday.

    • I forgot the price lo, the duck, I think RM 10 or RM 12 gua..

      I’m actually not against frozen food because of health reasons, is because in the past, the stuff we get in Malaysia, really horrible in terms of taste and looks. I’m fine with frozen peas and frozen carrots hahaha 😀

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