The Curious Case of Frozen Fish Fillet

So yesterday was finally the day for me to continue eating up those frozen meal stuff that I bought. Time to try and see if my Oatmeal fish fillets are any good.

DSC_0008 (1280x720)

Strange. The box doesn’t look right. I remember the picture on my box has some black sesame seeds on the fish. Is this my fish? But there is only this box of fish in the freezer compartment. This has got to be mine, right? But why do I feel strange about this box of fish?

Ah, I think I have a picture of what I bought last week. Maybe I should cross check with that picture to see if my brain is playing tricks with me..

DSC_0014 (1024x576)

Wait a minute.. That’s my fish there. I didn’t buy Oatmeal fish fillet! I bought Multigrain fish fillet!

Why did I think that I bought Oatmeal fish fillet in the first place? And why the f**k is it Oatmeal fish fillet in my freezer?? How did it magically transformed??


Logically, I can only assume that maybe the housemates got hungry and ate my fish, and then bought the wrong fish as replacement. But.. this entire week, I am the one who is home earlier, and I am the only one cooking. In fact, the housemates have never used the cooking utensils before. If the housemates didn’t cook, then my assumption is wrong.

Oh, right. Why did I even think that my fish was Oatmeal fish fillet? Let’s see, I cooked the tom yum soup on Monday, I must have saw the words on the box when I took all my frozen meal boxes out. So, the fish must have already been changed on Monday. The change must have happened over the weekend.

Oh well.. I guess what’s done is done. And I think the price is the same for both types of fish fillet. I’m not really losing anything. Might as well just cook and eat it.

DSC_0011 (1280x720)

The fillets are of decent size, nice..

While waiting for the fish to bake, I cut up an apple and a pear. That’ll be dinner. Fish and fruits..

Let’s check the inside of the fish and see if it is real fish or fake fish..

DSC_0008 (1280x720) (2)

It tasted just like a normal battered fish fillet. I can’t really taste the oatmeal. But still, it is real fish, so it is still wonderful 🙂 .

When I was eating, a thought occurred to me. The housemates were supposed to be have been away over the weekend. I watched them leave on Friday evening with their bags. I watched them come back on Monday evening with their bags. I was home alone over the weekend.

Unless they came back and did something with my fish when I was out. I was only out for a couple of hours Saturday, then another couple of hours Sunday, and half a day Monday. The rest of the time I was at home.

Should I clarify with the housemates to get to the bottom of this strange case? But, what if they said they did not touch my fish at all? What if they said they did not come back over the weekend? What would this mean? Maybe I should let this remain an unsolved mystery?

And I’m probably going to buy another box of Multigrain fish. I’m intrigued with it. Phong Hong said she likes the Multigrain fish..

Updated 1.40PM, Saturday 10-Jan-2015

Mystery solved.

It was last Friday. The housemates is a couple. I was working, the girl was working, the guy was not. He woke up hungry and took my fish for breakfast. He asked his girlfriend to buy a replacement box to bring home. And yeah, she bought the wrong one. That’s why when I saw the box on Monday, it was already the wrong one.

Phew.. No aliens, no strange woman living in my closet, and no supernatural causes.. I’m relieved..


  1. Ah, another person like me who likes to eat fillets from the packet. The good thing about them that they are bonesless, and so very easy to prepare. I am not surprised you barely tasted any oatmaeal in the fish. Marketing gimmick 🙂

    • Yes yes yes, exactly, boneless is the only reason why I love fish fillets. Any fish that is boneless is good fish for me 😀

  2. hah..hah..I read your post this morning and came back to comment. But mystery already solved. I was going to say that photos don’t lie and you are too young to be “nyanyok”. So it must have been the housemates. Now you make me want to buy the multigrain fish fillet again. I haven’t had it for a while Why not,eh? 😀

  3. The case of the replaced fish!! Inspector CL is on the hunt for the person or persons involved in eating and replacing his fish!! 😉

    I think it was one of your roommates. I mean, who else would go through the effort of replacing it?

    I once had a roommate who wore another roommate’s new t-shirt with the intentions of replacing it with a new one. And with her luck, the t-shirt in that color was sold out and she ended up washing it, placing it back in the bag with the tags taped, and hoped the roommate didn’t notice. It took her all of 5 seconds for her to ask about it. It ended up being one the funniest stories ever as one roommate explained to the other roommate what had happened. 🙂

  4. Well, ask them and don’t leave us all intrigued!

    What if they deny everything? I would say there is only one logical explanation then… ALIENS!!

    • I asked, mystery solved, and no aliens (much to my relief!) 😀 .. You can check out the last part of the post again.

    • Sigh.. it’s not about suspect or not. I’m actually fine with the fish being changed, if I can explain logically. See my reply to Princess Ribbon’s comment.

  5. This is very weird! But my guess is one of the guys ate the fish and bought back the same (brand) for you, but didn’t or forgotten to tell you about it.. Or perhaps the fella thought no need to tell you lor since he already replaced the fish.. If I’m you I’d just keep quiet.. But depends.. If I’m close with them I’d ask..

    • I’m not worried if that is really the case. What I’m worried is if it is something else. Like I analyzed, they were away for the weekend, and they did not cook on the weekdays. If one of them ate the fish, when did they eat it? It doesn’t make sense.
      If it was something like: they had a friend stay in their room over the weekend, a friend that did not make his presence known to me when I thought I was home alone all weekend, now wouldn’t that be creepy? I’m uncomfortable with surprises.
      I guess I really should get clear on this..

  6. What a mystery! I think you should definitely check with your housemates. Just casually ask them by holding the oatmeal fish box, is this box of fish yours? Don’t mention the multigrain fish first and see what they say.

    • I’m thinking to do that, but that depends on if I still remember this by Sunday. They took their bags early this morning, I don’t think they will be around for the weekend again.

      • Thanks for updating this post with what actually happened! Are you disappointed that it was not some woman living in your closet?

  7. Maybe they bought a box, same brand…and they never bothered to see what specific type it was – some people are like that…and when the time came, they just took out and cooked and ate…without realising they had taken your box…and they had taken the wrong box. Again, some people are like that…and as long as they have something to eat, that’s it! They’re happy already…

    Or maybe they were hungry and had nothing to it, they cooked yours and ate…and went to buy to replace, not realising that they had bought the wrong type. (Like what some people would do with the drinks and stuff in the mini bars in hotel rooms) If your box just went missing, then maybe that’s another story.

    • Yeah, what you said are the logical explanations. It doesn’t explain why I have not seen them cooking or being around over the weekend though..

  8. off topic a bit… you should investigate the source of the fish.. mostly are pangasius which you can google a lot of articles about the health concern consuming this fish.

  9. have you heard about the case in Japan that the guy thought he lives alone but had a lady in his closet? I would check up on that… INSERT EVIL LAUGH 😀

    • I don’t have a closet, but I might check my storage room. Oh dear.. But then, my food was not missing, it was just replaced with a wrong one 😐

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