Beyond Veggie @ Elit Avenue, Penang

What if I told you that I went for a vegetarian lunch last week? Me, who portrays myself as a bacon lover/perpetual meat eater. Would you believe me? Would you feel intrigued with my sudden change in lunch choice?

Wait a minute, I actually blogged about my last vegetarian meal outing during the Nine Emperor Gods Festival 九皇爷诞, didn’t I? Damn, so this is nothing new to you guys..

Yeah, anyway, so we went to this vegetarian restaurant called Beyond Veggie in Elit Avenue, the very same shop clusters that also house James Foo Western Food and Boiling Steamboat, both of which I have already written about.

I think if you are Malaysian and living in KL, you might know of this vegetarian chain, they have outlets in quite a number of those big malls. It is not even an independent chain. Beyond Veggie is basically the vegetarian sibling of Secret Recipe, owned and run by the same parent company.

The reason we came here was because the ex-colleague said that she is getting fatter and wanted to eat healthier. She also mentioned they sell Secret Recipe cakes. Can you see the irony here?

Good thing that I’m on Maybank’s credit card. We discovered something good.. Complimentary appetizer with a minimum spending of RM38.

DSC_0019 (720x1280)

I didn’t think we could hit RM 38 with just the two of us. I was wrong. Apparently, this is a vegetarian restaurant, but it is also Secret Recipe owned, so prices are not exactly cheap.

DSC_0020 (1280x720)

Aglio Olio with Olives and Sundried Tomatoes – RM 16.90

DSC_0021 (1280x720)

DSC_0023 (1280x720)
Revitalizing Herbal Soup (basically vegetarian Bak Kut Teh) with Brown Rice – RM 17.90

That’s RM 34.80, we’re short of RM 3.20. No problem, a glass of Ice Lemon Tea (RM 5.80) and we’re all set to get the free appetizer. We were allowed to choose any appetizer that they have on the menu. Naturally, we went for the most expensive option available. 😀

DSC_0024 (1280x720)

 Calzone Pizza – usually RM 10.90, Free in my case

I think maybe on my first visit, we had their set lunch, it was alright for me but not good enough for the friends. This time they no longer have the set lunch menu, and the food were much better. Of course, the price were much “better” too. And anyway, they don’t really need a set lunch menu. Even selling at full price, the place as properly packed with people.

Did I mention earlier that they also sell Secret Recipe cakes here? Well, vegetarian versions anyway, since this Beyond Veggie is a vegetarian restaurant.

DSC_0025 (1280x720)


In the end, all those worrying about not being able to spend RM 38 to qualify for the free appetizer was moot, because we were seated right next to this cake display. Throughout the meal, all 45 minutes of it, the cakes were staring us in the face, or rather, we were staring the cakes in the face. And when you are faced with such temptations for so long, you know what happens? Of course you know! How can you not know?

DSC_0027 (1280x720)

Hazelnut Choc Crunch – RM 7.50 per slice

The auntie ex-colleague said she tried this cake before and it was super delicious. So I bought it for tea time. I can confirm that what she said is true. This cake is vegetarian, but it is one of the most delicious cake I have had before.

If you are a meat lover and apprehensive of vegetarian food, give this place a try. Or if you are a meat lover but the guy/girl that you are interested in loves vegetarian food, give this place a try. You might be pleasantly surprised. Yes, the price can be rather steep. No, wait a minute.. actually I think the price is alright as far as KL standards go. So.. there really isn’t any solid reason to stop you from trying this place out, is there? 😉


  1. We also have Secret Recipe in China! (But not the vegetarian version). I loooove their cakes, probably my favourite cakes in Suzhou (not hard, considering Chinese cakes suck) but not in Shanghai, as there is Awfully Chocolate here! (I think this is from Singapore, have you tried it? Death by chocolate!). I also like Secret Recipe’s food but I haven’t tried the most Malaysian dishes.

    • What? I didn’t know they expanded to China! That’s awesome! You can try the Malaysian dishes, they’re probably passable but not great.

      I have never heard of Awfully Chocolate, don’t think they have any outlets in Malaysia. Damn! They go to Hong Kong and China but not their neighboring country! I saw the pictures in their Facebook page and went to heaven!

  2. I have been to Beyond Veggie once.. I ordered the tomyam.. not bad leh.. lots of vegetables and it is nice to be on vegetarian once awhile…

    • Right? I think the food there is really not bad, even without the “for vegetarian standards” qualifier.

  3. I have heard of this restaurant but yet to try. The only other vegetarian restaurant I have been to is Lohas and the food is very good. It is ironic that vegetarian food is more expensive. I don’t think I could ever become a vegetarian – I love bacon too much 😀

    • You are right, in restaurants, the vegetarian options are always more expensive! I guess that’s because they use exotic ingredients, like olives, expensive cheese, (hopefully) organic vegetables etc..

      If you study the history of human evolution and civilization, you would know that originally humans were mostly carnivores (hunter, eat meat only). It is later when we have communities that we start to plant our own food and turn omnivores (eat both plants and meat). That’s why it is confusing to me when people said things like humans are not designed to eat meat, must eat more plants to remain healthy. Sorry man, I love my bacon too much to accept that ideology! 😀

  4. Vegetarian cake?! That’s interreting, first time heard, my eldest sister is a vegetarian, gonna ask her she got heard something like this before or not!!

    • I did not really ask to confirm, it is just that the cake is sold in vegetarian restaurant, so I presume they are vegetarian. If your sis is a strict vegetarian/vegan, better confirm the ingredients before buying ya. 😉

  5. Great choice! If we all ate a little less meat we’d all be doing something good for the planet. Production meat sucks up a lot of natural resources and creates huge amounts of pollution. Have you looked into this? It’s worth a browse.

    • I love my meats too much to want to read about these things, sorry 😐 .

      The only reasons I eat out in a certain restaurant is because they are a) delicious, or b) I need to find out if they are delicious.

  6. I’m not surprised at all when you went for vegetarian coz I see you cook healthy meals at home. Not liking the looks of that calzone though…kinda limp looking + I’m not exactly crazy over vegetarian food! 😀

  7. Oh, man! I just looked up the how much this would cost in U.S. dollars (about US$11 if the converter is right). Please correct me if I am wrong because that seems pretty cheap. I have to say that the appetizer looks great and it is even better because it was free. Oh, and I would totally go for the more expensive one, too! 😉 🙂

    • You can’t convert to USD, not here, else you will be ripped off when you visit and still feel happy about it! 😀

  8. passed by and seen this “vegetarian version” of Secret Recipe many times but haven’t gone in to have a try (because I am more of a “carnivor” than a vegetarian, haha!!).. the cake seems heavenly good, maybe I should try that!! 🙂

    • Now that you asked, I think they don’t market themselves as a vegetarian restaurant. Even their Facebook page said “health food restaurant” and “meatless dining experience”. Probably no butter, but I’m not so sure about eggs. Their cakes for one, doesn’t taste like egg-less cakes.. Maybe I should edit my post..

  9. I’ve eaten in Beyond Veggie twice in Oasis Square.. Upstairs Secret Recipe, meat dishes and all, downstairs Beyond Veggie.. But even if you sit upstairs you can still order the ‘vegetarian’ menu.. I only like one thing from the menu – Nam Yue Rice from the rice section..

    • Haha, I know, you don’t like vege and fruits, if you like the other items here, I would be surprised! 😀

  10. i never know this shop is owned by the parent company of Secret Recipe…until i read ur post! The pasta looks great with the colorful veggies!

    • If you read their signage closely, you will be able to see “by Secret Recipe” in small fonts below “Beyond Veggie”.

  11. I have seen this place but never tried it because although I like to eat vegetables I don’t like to eat at a vegetarian place because of the price. I would rather just order vegetable dishes at normal eateries.

    Anyway thanks for sharing this. I think I will go and try their cakes, especially the one you recommend. There is an outlet in Midvalley so will try it this weekend perhaps.

    • You’ve definitely got a point there. Unless it is a temple’s cafeteria, specialized vegetarian outlets are expensive.

      Haha, try it, then blog about it 😛

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