Yu Yu Hakusho 幽游白书

I believe you already know this is another rather pointless post. You know I was planning to write a proper post just now, but over dinner, as I was watching FoodTube, I somehow stumbled across a good source for this:

Yu Yu Hakusho 幽游白书 is another Japanese anime that I watched on TV and liked a lot as a kid, but I was never able to find a decent online streaming source. Until now. I am well and truly distracted tonight, so unfortunately, that proper post will have to wait. I don’t want to force my proper posts out when Voldemort had cast me with the Distracted spell. If you have no idea who Voldemort is, go watch/read Harry Potter.

By the way, the guy in the video excerpt is called Hiei 飞影. He is my favorite character in the anime, because he is the most bad ass. Or is it baddest ass? In fact, I think he is my second favorite anime character of all time, the most favorite being Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X. His most powerful skill as demonstrated above is called Ja-O Ensatsu Kokuryuha 邪王炎杀黑龙波, it is a skill that he can only perform when his 3rd eye, the Jagan 邪眼 is open.

I’m going to chase the episodes where Hiei is fighting, it should be about 10 or 15 out of 112 episodes, 20 minutes each episode. I won’t watch entire episodes, just parts where he is actually fighting, but it would probably be a long long night for me today, and a guaranteed panda eye tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can write my proper post tomorrow.

Side story:

Okay, maybe I should leave you guys and girls with something to comment about without scratching your heads. This is dinner today, baked chicken breast with garlic, chili and fu kwai choy 富贵菜. I don’t know what fu kwai choy is called in English, it’s a Cantonese pronunciation, just take it as a type of leafy vegetable.

IMG_20141203_190510 (1024x768)

Lesson learnt today: never bake leafy vegetables in the oven, they will change colour and become mushy in texture. The whole package tastes alright though.

No, not doing a recipe post today. Distracted, remember?

Okay, back to anime chasing. I’m curious to see how many comments are about the anime and how many comments are about the chicken. Or maybe you don’t bother to scroll down once you saw the post is about Japanese anime again 😉 .



  1. not a fan of Japanese anime, so no comment…about the chicken dish, my comment is the veggies has turned yellow…but i will still eat coz i dun waste food haha!

  2. When I saw the title I thought you were going to write about a pretty Japanese girl 😀 I think the last time I watched a Japanese animation was a movie called Ghost in the Shell or something like that. If I remember correctly the setting was futuristic about some robot. Can’t remember much.

    My grandma taught me early on that once you cook your greens, you must not cover them when they are still hot. They turn yellow and yucky. Hence, you can’t cook it like you did but you already know that now 🙂

  3. Nothing to comment in the anime cos I never watch them but my nephew is glued to them on his hp! About the vege…try blanching them instead… 🙂

  4. 幽游白書, nice name but I am not a fans of anime or manga though, hehe!! and 富貴菜?? never heard of it, in fact I am one who doesn’t know how to differentiate the different types of veggie by their look and names, haha!! makan aje lah no need to know 😀

    • I don’t differentiate either, it was just written on the packaging LOL! My differentiation is edible and non edible 😀

  5. Talking about anime…I didn’t even have time for anime, the only time I barely have is to squeeze 45 minutes to watch Bones every night, now finally catch up to the latest season 9!! If really about anime, does Doraemon count?? Hahahaha, that’s the latest “anime” I watch lo!!

    • Ang ang ang~ totemo daisuki~ Dora-e~ Monnnn~~ 😀
      I am not supposed to have the time either, but I was distracted, so I neglected my more fruitful things to do 😛

  6. Fu kwai choy? Never heard before leh.. Tai tau choy I heard before la, haha.. Looks like kai choy.. Or those used to cook choy keok.. Oh yes never overcook leafy greens, they will turn yellow and bitter leh..

    • Not a fan of the book, I just watched the movie, because I like how they create the special effects for the spells 😀

  7. I have never heard of this fu guai chai. Where did you buy it? Supermarket? What is the English name? I am going to the supermarket tomorrow to look for this vege.

    • As usual, Jusco organic vegetables section. That’s the only place I buy vegetables. It looks like those sawi with long stalks, is it called mustard greens? But the leaves are more wavy..

      • Don’t think it is mustard greens because mustard greens are kai choy. Google says silverbeet. I go check it out tomorrow.

      • I look through the whole aeon grocery vegetables (organic and non-organic) section today but could not find fu guai chai. Can you please take a photo of its label and packaging the next time you see this in the supermarket even if you are not buying it? Please? Cos very curious lah to know what vegetables this is. Thanks in advance!

  8. I know of Yu Yu Hakusho because I saw my nephew watching it and I caught clips of it but never really watch it myself.

    • They’re still showing Yu Yu Hakusho on TV now? Where??
      By the way, while watching, I discovered another Japanese thing called Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, it is Japanese version of Power Rangers. I’m going to watch it tomorrow 😀

  9. My gosh, Yu Yu Hakusho!!!! I really loved this anime and would watch it on Animax whenever I had the time. =) I still prefer Yusuke and Kuruma the Fox. ^^

    • I feel Yusuke is kind of lousy, I mean, his final move is lousy. Kokuryuha looks way cooler than Rei Gun 😀

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