Why I Don’t Niche My Blog

Apparently, there are some people who loves my “Why I…” series. They love those posts with less pictures, more words. And they prefer reading about the strange inner workings of my mind more than they prefer reading about my cooking or places that I have been to.

It is actually rather difficult for me to do it. You see, unlike many of the bloggers out there who generally spend lots of time and effort preparing each blog post, I spend about an hour per blog post, from mapping the thoughts out in my head, getting the photos in place, writing and proofreading. It is not so much the writing that is difficult, it is the proofreading. When I type a lot of words, I tend to have many typo errors and grammatically deficient sentences. It is a pain in the arse to go through the post and do minute rectifications.

Some say, you can’t please everyone. Just stick to what you love doing and ignore what other people say. Well, this is me trying to do what I love doing: trying to please everyone here and there. Yes, I am going to write a “Why I…” post again.

I sometimes get asked: “Why don’t you focus on specific topics for your blog? Like maybe, make your blog a cooking blog, or travel blog? It might be confusing for the readers to follow you. Today you write about your baked chicken breasts, tomorrow it suddenly changed to Japanese porn anime, and the next day it is about visitor guide to some place overseas.

Yes, it is a well known fact within the blogging fraternity that to achieve great success, it is many times easier if you choose to focus on a specific niche. After getting my own domain, it would probably seem to you that I am ready to embark upon my quest for world domination. So why still write a wide array of gobbledygook?

I don’t have a specific reason why. Let me attempt to tell you what I can come up with as of now.

1. This is a personal blog

In case you didn’t know, a blog is basically a lazy man’s name for a weblog. A web log, as in, a web diary. And what do people write in a diary? Do they specifically write cooking guides? Do they specifically write about where to get the best restaurant deals? Do they specifically write about which countries to visit? Do they specifically write about OOTDs (Outfits Of The Day in case you’re wondering)? No, they write about anything and everything that happened in their lives that they deem worth writing.

Of course, as time progresses, there is nothing wrong with highly specialized blogs. A blog is essentially a website, and niched blogs are a great source of alternative information on various topics. Don’t get me wrong, I love them!

But I am also one of the earlier generation of bloggers. To me, my blog is and will always be a personal blog, first and foremost. I want to write about almost anything that I want to.

If I’d want a niched website, I’d have built a niched website. And how would you know if I don’t already have a few of those? 😉

2. This is also my online resume

For some mysterious reasons, I can no longer serve Adsense, meaning for the foreseeable future, this blog will not be a self-sufficient thing. But then, blog advertising revenue has never been my main reason for getting that self domain. My only plan for Adsense was to hopefully generate enough money to cover the hosting fees.

You know I am into freelance works, specifically writing and translation jobs. The main purpose for this blog from a commercial standpoint is to serve as an online resume for prospective employers. By writing a wider array of things, I open myself to more opportunities. If I want to bid for a travelogue job, I can. If I want to bid for a health article job, I can. If I want to bid for a cookbook job, I can too.

If my blog is a 100% cooking blog and I try to bid for a travel related writing job and then show my blog as proof of my accomplishments, what do you think my chances of success are?

3. I can only write when I feel inspired

If I restrict myself to specific topics, I will be totally uninspired. I will lose my mojo, so to speak. And that will happen very quickly. And then you will see me making blog posts that sound like this:

I’m going to take a short break from blogging, be right back“, or

Sorry for the extended hiatus, been busy with watching Youtube videos, couldn’t be bothered to blog, don’t worry, I’m back“, or even

[Error 404: Page Not Found]

As it is now, I write a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. I write one or two posts about one thing, then when I get bored, I write about something else. This way there is always fresh ideas to write.

And I am not like some of the more seasoned bloggers. I rarely schedule posts more than two days in advance. In fact, most of the time, if I can help it, I write today’s post, today. And I mostly write about things that I observed. And I usually observe many different things. FML (F*** My Life) if I only observe one specific type of thing, every single f**king day.

4. I get to be part of different blogging communities

One of the things I love doing is to read other people’s blogs. And I read a wide array of blogs, sort of. Being a general blogger allows me to feel more connected with all sorts of bloggers regardless of what type of blogs they run.

I feel more connected to the bloggers when I can tell them: “Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog. Nice work! From a fellow blogger!”. I hope the bloggers that I follow will feel more connected with me too.

I feel less connected to the bloggers when all I can tell them is: “Hey, I just stumbled upon your AMWF blog. Nice work! From a fashion blogger/automotive blogger!”. I’d imagine them to reply: “Yeah? Thanks. So, what are you doing at my blog?”

This is entirely personal. I mean, those are just my imaginations. Of course, I believe for a good blogger, any followers are good followers.

5. I’m a stubborn bastard

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m one stubborn asshole. If there is one thing I’ve proven, it is that I hardly pay heed to other people’s advice. And most of the time, I make decisions that go against the norm. So, even if all evidence points to the fact that “to build a highly successful blog, you need to niche it”, I’d still say “screw it, I’ll write my blog, my way”. If I am somehow able to prove to the world that a rojak blog that talks about a wide array of rubbish can be successful, great! If not, then… I’ll still write my blog, my way! Ne nene pupu~

Actually I don’t foresee myself being comfortable with fame. In fact, I’m not even comfortable with more attention than necessary. I might not want my blog to be a hugely famous one. If it is good enough to supplement my online profile, then it is good enough for me.

Dang, I thought this is going to be a long winded post. But I’m done. Barely 1100 words. Oh well..


  1. I’m really impressed with how you manage to post every single day. I’m one of those people who take HOURS/days to write a post (okay, I’m just a slow writer). I know I don’t comment enough (and that’s probably because I can barely even catch up!), but I really do enjoy reading your blog and your life, and I like the fact that it’s about a range of different things. I like the personal blogs the best, and I actually don’t read a lot of niche blogs (I get bored by all the posts sounding the same). I really wish I were more versatile like that, and I get bored of my own blog because it’s just about one thing. I’m trying to change that (but also scared because I don’t want to loose the community I pigeonholed myself into).

    • Well, that’s because your posts are better planned and more well thought out. I’m a rather spontaneous writer, I don’t plan and I don’t do much research. I just write whatever that comes into mind at the time of writing. So the process is pretty fast.
      Your blog is not boring! I enjoy every single post that you made! At least your travel blog is a highly personal one, filled with lots of personal touch. I suppose most people are the same. We tend to feel that whatever we produce are always inferior to other better ones out there.

  2. Everything is well said. That’s what I love to read in your blog posts which are the ramblings and thoughts of a very weird & funny guy who is so transparent! Keep going and be yourself, not to please anyone.
    You might not like my blog cos I am so stereotyped. LOL

  3. I too was contemplating if I should stick to a niche in my blog. Then, some friends/family asked me to share some of my recipes, so I started some cooking posts. Then, I got distracted further and added some other topics unrelated to food. I don’t even have Adsense…making money from my blog was never a priority, I just want to write (even if I’m not very good at it). Like you said, this is our personal blog, so we should write whatever that makes us happy. So, continue writing what your heart desires!

    • You don’t have to think about monetizing your blog. At least not until you get at to the level of 100k or 200k viewers per month at least. If you do Adsense now, you will be banned in no time as your blog grows rapidly.

  4. Ever since I came to your blog, I have been coming back regularly and I simply have to click when I see your new post on my sidebar 🙂 I like the various topics that you write and I find them highly entertaining 😀 So keep it up, do what you like, do what you do best!

  5. I prefer a balance – with pictures and words to make my reading more enjoyable.. and like you, I write everything and I don’t limit my topics into just that few area.. I would be bored if I keep writing/repeating the same food, restaurant, baking etc topics.. hahaha!! I am more for variety.. and how nice, you just spend an hour writing each post, I spend more time than you~~

  6. I am glad that I am not the only one who has a blog which covers several different topics. I think it is fun to write about different things as it appeals to a larger audience. My blog used to have a Taiwan travel theme with a personal touch but I found that I was limiting myself and now my blog represents me – a person with several interests and hopefully lots of good stories to write about.

  7. I always think a blog is like one’s own house – you do what you want. I know they are people who take pains to keep everything neat, spick and span…for people who drop by, just in case. We never bother, only when it’s Chinese New Year. And people dropping by other people’s houses – it is rude, sheer bad manners, to criticise, pass saracstic and insulting comments…and I do think it is the same in blogs.

    • Nah, nobody was being insulting to me, it was all sort of well meaning suggestions. I like your comparison between blog and house though 😉

  8. Oh yes I agree with every point you wrote.. Erm, as usual my favourite phrase lor.. Your blog, your like, your sukak! Kam serious jou mat yeh? As long as your readers keep coming back, blogging should be fun and stress free.. I also blog rojak-ly, everything got from cooking to parenting to office work politics but I try to avoid talking about ‘sum si’ already..

    • I banyak sukak your favourite phrase, give you 10 Likes! 😉
      Oh yes, one thing different between blog and diary is, blog is public, ‘sum si’ is not so convenient to write..

  9. You know what? I like to read personal blogs best! Never care much about niche blogs. So please continue to blog just the way you like to blog!

  10. The why don’t yous are prevalent.

    Whatever you do, it seemed that others somehow think they know better than you do in making decisions.

    • Well, there is no way you can please everyone at the same time. So I do it in a way that pleases myself: please certain group of people at certain times 😀

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