My 7th Mobile Phone

Remember when I wrote about buying my 6th mobile phone, and how I hope it will last for 2 years? Fat hope. Those were written barely 2 months ago, and as you can probably guess from my title, I’m on my 7th mobile phone now.

I think the mi3 is a lovely gadget. It does almost everything a smartphone is supposed to do impeccably well. The camera is great, the game play experience is wonderful, it is lightweight, the screen response is marvelous.. I can go on and on. But… it failed on one count. The one count that really matters to me.

You see, to me, although a smartphone is many things combined, it still needs to be a mobile phone first and foremost. If it is not able to do well what a mobile phone is supposed to do, namely to make/receive calls and text messages, then it is a big f**king failure, regardless of everything else that it does right.

I work in a place where there is always no mobile reception, a.k.a no line. With all my other phones, it is alright, once I leave the office, the mobile reception comes back, and I can immediately be alerted of any missed calls or text messages. With my mi3 however, it has a very terrible symptom: once the phone lost reception, it remains locked in that state, even when you move back outdoors. The only way to unlock the no reception state is to reboot the phone.

F**king hell. Thanks to this wonderful phone, I am always encountering the trouble of not receiving any phone calls or even missed call alerts for days, and then for some reasons when I rebooted the phone, I was flooded with more than 10 missed call alerts. I got stick for being inaccessible for days. Some even suspected that I am secretly dating a girl behind their backs! What the hell?!

I’ve tried everything that I can think of. Firmware upgrade and factory reset did not help. My latest trick was a trip to the service center (again) to get some expert advice. And you know what expert advice I got?

It is unlikely to be a hardware problem. It should be your software. If you want to try, we can change the motherboard for you, but since your phone is no longer under warranty, we will have to charge you accordingly.” (I got a cracked screen 3 weeks into using it, remember?)

Pay more money to fix an unlikely root cause? Thanks, but no thanks. I started to check online to see if there are any other mi3 users facing the same problem as me. Surprise, surprise, apparently there are multiple forums having dedicated threads just to shoot Xiaomi for this symptom!

I’ve had enough. Even though the device is still in perfect working condition, when a mobile phone fails to do the basic things that a mobile phone is supposed to do, that is a deal breaker for me. There is no way I am going to tolerate 2 years of frequently being off the grid and constantly having to worry about rebooting the device. So, as much as it pains me to admit it, this 6th mobile phone of mine is a terrible purchase that went horribly wrong. Perfect example for the idiom penny wise pound foolish!

So, time to bid my mi3 adieu, and say hola to my 7th phone. Guys and girls, meet the Sony Xperia Z3!

Sony Xperia Z3

This is probably one of the most expensive phones that money can buy in Malaysia today. The official full price of the Sony Xperia Z3 in Malaysia is RM 2399 at the point of writing. I got it for RM 1699 from Maxis with a RM 78/month plan, 2 years contract. The way I see it, I am on data plan, so I am paying that money anyway. It is not like I am paying extra in monthly commitment, and I get RM 700 off the phone price.

And I managed to get rid of the mi3. Maxis has that trade-in program if you buy this phone, but they only pay RM 200 if the trade-in device is not Samsung, iPhone or Sony. Thankfully, I found someone (who is working inside the Maxis centre) who was interested with my mi3. She didn’t mind the lack of warranty, it is just as a second phone, she said. We did business for RM 350.

I think I got the best deal that I could given the circumstances. You can say that I spent RM 1349 to get a phone that is selling for RM 2399Some might think I am a spoilt brat for going for one of the most expensive smartphones currently available in the country, but if you are a smartphone user yourself, you will understand that it is almost impossible for us to go back to Android-less mobile phones. It is the same as when you start driving a car, you can hardly go back to taking the public bus.

But I can’t help feeling pissed for having to do this. I did not expect to switch phones so soon. I spent RM 769 on the mi3 and RM 260 for the screen replacement, making it RM 1029 in total. I recouped RM 350 out of it. So you can also say that I wasted RM 679 to learn my lesson on which brands to trust and not to trust.

Actually, I’m so pissed that I don’t think I’m even coherent. Maybe I should stop.. I probably won’t write a review of my Z3, there are already so many reviews out there for this guy..



    • No leh, this is perfect for girls too. You all always keep the phone in the bag, big phone easier to find. And the big screen good for using as mirror replacement 😉

  1. Sorry to hear about the limitation of Xiaomi. I guess not enough people experienced being locked out that would cause Xiaomi to fix this issue earlier. But the good news is that you’re having a much better and more reliable phone now!

    • I suspect so. I guess not many people would be cooped up in places with no call reception all day. It’s not a critical bug to be fixed.

    • I’m not actively telling you not to buy that brand. Maybe it just didn’t work out for me, maybe I got a bad unit 😐 .

    • Well, the easiest way is to go to the shop and demand the most expensive device and option. More often than not, that will be the best option LOL! 😀

  2. Wahhhhhh!!!! Impressive phone…but for am old dinosaur like me, that would be a nightmare! 😀 Ummmm….your DSLR that isn’t, you missed my birthday but Christmas is coming. You have my mailing address? LOL!!!!

    • LOL! Please.. I’m actually looking to get some decent money back from this one, it is quite expensive 😐

  3. wah!!! 7th mobile phone?? then 7th mobile phone since when?? you are indeed changing so much more frequent than me!! let me think, i started using in year 2000 and now this is my 6th mobile phone.. ooopssss, not much better also!! hahahhaha~~ 😀

    • Mine started since 2003.. Nowadays with smartphones, anything that last 2 years or more are miracles already 😐

  4. not to overpraise the phone in blog hoping that it will last longer? haha! i dun like to disclose my phone in blog coz many times when i hope for something in blog, it turns out otherwise…i rather keep to myself 😉

    • I think it should be better for you. Since it is a China brand, I suspect they keep the better quality batches for the Chinese market. I still maintain that apart from the call reception troubles that I was facing, it is an excellent device on other smartphone counts.

  5. Wah buy new phone again ahh? You blogged about your mi3 not too long ago and now, you already got another phone! Jealous la.. I’m still using my cute lil pink S3, I ‘mm seh tak’ change new phone leh, as this S3 has some sweet but complicated memories associated with it.. I got a feeling your new Z3 is more fantastic and greater than the mi3, more canggih and hi tech timmm..

    • Why are you jealous about me being forced to change phone again? I don’t want to do this either if I didn’t think it was necessary 🙁
      On paper, the Z3 is really more canggih. Supposed to be lah, the price also more canggih @.@

  6. Oh, I really did not expect the xiaomi to have this problem because this seems like a very basic function. Most likely it is a hardware and not software problem because a software problem can be fixed pretty fast by the company itself.

    No, I don’t think you are a spendthrift for getting the z3. I heard it is a superb phone and can take very good photos in very dim light.

    Hope Z3 will last you more than 2 years. Enjoy it and don’t let it try to escape from your pocket. ;p

    • Sheeshhh!! Touch wood! Spit your saliva and DO NOT repeat mention it!
      That mi3 was a wonderful device, but as a basic phone, it is a big cock up. I don’t wanna guess what is the root cause.. I’m keeping my fingers crossed with this Z3. It is an expensive phone, so hopefully it will turn out well..

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