Return of The Instant Noodles

I have a love hate relationship with instant noodles.

I love instant noodles because they are incredibly delicious. This entire post is written on the basis that instant noodles are delicious, so if you disagree, please pretend to agree or refrain from reading further/commenting. Any comment that is even remotely similar to “No, instant noodles are not delicious bla bla bla..” will be deleted without any explanation given. Not even puns will be tolerated, so don’t test your creativity in tickling me the wrong way. I am serious about this.

I hate instant noodles because they are incredibly unhealthy to eat. Regardless of how you cook them and what ingredients you add to balance it out, there is no way to make an instant noodles meal a healthy one. There is unhealthy instant noodles meal, and then there is super unhealthy instant noodles meal.

I try my best to avoid buying instant noodles when I go grocery shopping. I really do. Sometimes I am more successful when I can go for a few weeks without touching them. Sometimes I fail big time and stock up more than I should. You probably can guess by now, this is going to be a story of the latter.

I bought 2 types of instant noodles last Saturday. Prior to this, I have successfully avoided these delicious little monsters for close to 2 months. I guess a combination of feeling pissed with the then old phone plus trying my best to avoid cake baking ingredients left me with next to no mental defense against the instant noodles packagings.

Every time I buy instant noodles, disaster happens. In an ideal world, instant noodles can be stored for a long time, so I don’t necessarily have to eat them that frequently. But the world we are living in isn’t ideal. In the world we are living in, the very sight of instant noodles lying around will botch all my plans of cooking healthy meals. Much like my new electric mixer, those noodle packets will plant voices in my head, telling me things like: “Why settle for mild flavors when you can have overpowering MSG flavors with us?” and “You’ve had a long day, you need to eat yummy food!” and then the rest is history. It happens every single time.

Let me tell you about the 2 types of instant noodles that I bought.. and consumed..

1. Daddy Mee

This is a local brand of instant noodles, came all the way from Sarawak. By the way, mee is the Malaysian/Singaporean word for noodles. I was first introduced to this awesome thing by my housemate (now ex-housemate) a few years ago. Before, I was always procrastinating between Maggi, Mamee or Cintan when I wanted to get local brand of instant noodles, but after I had my first taste of this, I never bothered with that three inferior brands anymore. I don’t care if RamenEater rated those Mamee Chef cup noodles as number 1. To me, Daddy Mee is the indisputable Number 1 instant noodles in Malaysia.

instant noodles


When we first saw them on Jusco shelves a few years ago, these bad boys became our weekly purchases. But they were only around for a few months, then Jusco stopped selling them. It made me very sad. I knew I could never again have another Maggi or Cintan and enjoy them. So I stopped eating local instant noodles altogether and switched to the Korean ones.

Last week, I saw a bunch of them on the shelves in AEON again! And to make matters even better (or worse), There was a printout on the shelf that showed 1 FOR RM 3.99, 2 FOR RM 5.90. Of course I went for 2! After all, I don’t know when they will be gone from my life again. When I grabbed these noodles, I imagined them telling the other local brands on the shelves:See, this man chose us. Told you guys we are the best! Whose your Daddy now?

Each pack comes with 5 individual packets, so I now have 10 individual packets of Daddy Mee. I quickly cooked 1 packet that day for lunch. You see, the good thing about this Daddy Mee is, the piece of noodle is bigger compared to other local brands. With other local brands, I need to cook 2 packets to make a meal for myself. With this guy, 1 packet plus other ingredients is enough (this also means I can have 10 Daddy Mee meals now). So, not only is it more delicious, it is also good value for money!

As with all instant noodles, I always try to hoodwink myself (and hopefully other people) that I am eating healthier by adding vegetables and some other stuff (fish ball in the picture below) to the noodles. Sometimes we get those oil sachets along with the seasoning powder sachets. I never use the oil sachets, I always replace those processed oil with a glug of olive oil. But the seasoning powder, no way I am going to NOT use it. Only an imbecile will buy instant noodles and discard the seasoning powder sachet, and I am no imbecile. Seriously, 90% of instant noodles’ awesomeness is contained in that tiny little seasoning powder sachet.

instant noodles

By the way, a note to Mun: yeah I blanched the fu kwai choy, it tastes 95% similar to choy sum, but it has a slightly bitter aftertaste. I’m no food expert, that’s the only reasonable description I can come up with.

2. Green Tea Chlorella Noodles

I found these guys in the Organic section of the supermarket instead of the Korean foodstuff section. I don’t know if this is even remotely possible. Organic instant noodles. Sounds like a sham to me. Look at the Korean words printed on the package, not that I know how to read them.

instant noodles

This is the first time I encounter organic instant noodles. So I thought, maybe I should test it out and see whether it is a sham or not. I have conveniently forgotten that I already have my 2 x 5 of Daddy Mee in tow. If the noodles taste delicious then it is a sham, because I am convinced there is no way organic (a.k.a healthier version) instant noodles would be able to taste as delicious as the usual ones.

I was surprised when I cooked these organic noodles. They don’t seem too… horrible. There was very little sign of wax. You know, those white foams that always float to the surface when instant noodles are boiled, those super unhealthy stuff that we are supposed to discard with the water from the first boil? Hmm… interesting…

instant noodles


As usual, I added some vegetables, and this time I added assorted balls (chicken balls and fish balls) to the noodles. I was thinking of Princess Ribbon when I wrote assorted balls. Instead of the half sachet technique, I used the whole sachet of seasoning powder. Surprisingly, the soup remained clear.

instant noodles

Well, the soup was rather spicy, like how any typical Korean instant noodles should be. But it was also rather… subtle. It was not too overpowering like the more popular Shin Ramyun. It actually did feel like a soup with natural flavors, albeit just slightly.

Hmm… maybe it really is something else… But it is delicious, and going by my measurement yardstick that if it is delicious then it is a sham, I’m not quite sure if it really is organic instant noodles.

I suppose I wrote this post just to make myself feel better for having instant noodles for dinners again. When I was proofreading, it actually doesn’t sound too bad at all.

To put even more positive spin to things, I spent an entire week not eating out for dinner. I had that legendary pumpkin cake and oats for dinner Sunday and Monday, Daddy Mee Tuesday, the homemade fries with strawberries Wednesday, organic noodles Thursday, and Daddy Mee again Friday. This is a new record for me, yay!

Maybe now I should attempt to resist the instant noodles, leave them alone for a bit and cook something healthy for dinners this coming week..

Or maybe I should finish them up quickly. The sooner I eat them, the sooner they will be gone, then I can go back to not eating instant noodles. I will try very hard not to replenish Daddy Mee when I run out..


  1. I know you said no negativity about instant noodles but please hear me out before you delete this and please don’t hate me because of my opinion. To me, instant noodles are a poor student’s food and something you eat because you can’t afford anything else (that is the general idea of them where I am from in Canada anyway). I would prefer a sandwich any day! I think I can count on two hands the packs of pao mian (instant noodles) I have eaten since university. My husband, on the other hand, also loves instant noodles and personally, I think he eats them way too often (just think about the amount of preservatives in one pack)!

    • You actually replied seriously, so no, I won’t delete your comment.
      I totally agree with you about the preservatives, that’s why it is so so sooo unhealthy. But we grew up with these little monsters, I guess instant noodles is just our culture. We absolutely love these junk food, and it’s kind of hard to wipe the habit clean 100%. That’s why I try hard to not eat them, but sometimes fail 😐

      • I know!! I think they are very popular in most of Asia. I even see kids here in Taiwan eating dried instant noodles as a snack (without using water I mean). They just put in the seasoning, break up the noodles, and start eating it as a snack right from the pack. (I don’t know if it is a certain brand or kind.) Is that common in Malaysia as well?

  2. What an interesting post that brought me memories too. I ate so much Korean noodles in US and started frying them with eggs and chicken meat ala Mamak mee Goreng style. All my Korean buddies freaked out with shock that I broke their traditional soup noodles but they loved it so much and kept me busy every weekend.

    • I wonder if any of them went back to Korea and introduced stir fried instant noodles. It could be an incredible opportunity for something new and delicious for the Koreans. If they start a restaurant selling it, they might be rich!

  3. You’re not alone on this….I have the same love hate relationship with instant noodles!
    Daddy mee…have not heard of it or tried it…coz we’re Mommies…not Daddies :D. I do write about instant noodles on my blog, so I may give this a try. Yes, I’ve heard of this RamenRater…his and my posts on instant noodles are now in Maggi’s website.

    • Sibu? Now that’s strange.. My friend is from Kuching. As far as I know of him, he is hardly complimentary towards Sibu/Miri food, it is like he has that Kuching vs Sibu/Miri thing going on.
      But yeah, Daddy Mee rocks!

  4. I also love these dry noodles! But I also try to refrain… only on emergency days… when heavy rain pours… or too too lazy to cook or buy anything back… 🙂

  5. Unhealthy stuffs are usually delicious! When I eat instant noodles, I dont bother boiling them twice to ‘rinse’ off the starch and all.. I just campak into the pot and boil the noodles, pour in the MSG and then eat! Haha.. I usually buy chicken flavour, then add in egg and assorted balls..

      • Eh today read again only realized wor.. I read the bottom paragraph highlighted in blue and I saw that legendary pumpkin cake but I overlooked my own name in the paragrapgh above pulak.. My assorted balls is more ‘zhap’, looks like those steamboat balls, no fish balls inside one..hehe..

  6. I agree that instant noodles are delicious! Usually I use vit noodles so no seasoning to go with it so I guess it is healthy in a way. Furthermore vit noodles are said to be steamed and not fried so not so oily when cooked.

    I will check out Aeon groc at Midvalley to see whether they sell Daddy mee or not since you sing praises of it.

    • I suppose so. Strangely, I have not noticed them before. Maybe I bought them before but did not notice the name.

  7. I love the Mamee Chef selection. Priced a tad higher than the usual Mamee or Maggi Mee rnge but worth it.

    Tomyam with a generous serving of kimchii works well for me. Hahaha

    • I had their tomyam ones once, I think it was nice, but one thing I cannot tahan is the chili pieces they have felt like straw pieces, didn’t feel like edible to me so I spit them all out 😐

  8. Yes, they taste good, because they are the noodle version of the Devil, sent from hell to tempt you into eating them!!! One pack has 500 calories and basically all the salt you need to consume in one whole day, so I never eat them. My bf loves them though…

    • And you better not try to stop him. We grew up with that stuff. If I get a gf and she tries to stop me from having instant noodles (or watching Top Gear and Japanese animes), I will break up with her! Or at least, I imagine I would do that! 😀

  9. I agree that instant noodles taste very good. I used to love Maggi but after doing my own cooking, somehow I never went back to instant noodles. And because of this, I am not familiar with Daddy and the organic noodles. I don’t see any harm in eating them once in a while.

    • We have Vifon here too, on certain premium imported goods supermarket. I bought them once, it was okay.
      The Indonesian one, I don’t suppose you mean Indomie? You boil the noodles, then there’s a sachet of dark sauce, a sachet of oil and another sachet of seasoning powder? Mix them all up to get dark noodles? Those are heavenly too! OMG I might buy them next!

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