Gone Girl

I’m fucked. My brain is well and truly fucked.

Okay, that was a terrible opening line as far as blog posts go. Let me explain. Last month, I purchased a novel (eBook) at the suggestion of Anna from Slightly Astray. The book is Gone Girl, written by the American author Gillian Flynn.


It is a great book, but it is also a very stressful (more like traumatizing) read for me. Prior to this, I have been reading quite a few Harlequin Super Romances where the stories are more straightforward and predictable. This Gone Girl, well, it is a story of the unraveling of a happily married couple (Nick Dunne and Amy Elliot Dunne) into a battle of wits between a sociopath and a psychopath, where both man and wife are revealed to be bloody liars and assholes. To keep things short, let’s just say this book has successfully made me doubt whether marriage is a good thing or a horrible thing. After finishing the book, I actually spent 2 weeks rejoicing that I do not have a girlfriend! Fuck! Thanks, Anna!

So, when I saw that the movie version of Gone Girl is showing in the cinemas, the masochistic fool that I am could not resist. I drove all the way to Gurney Plaza (again, they’re not showing this movie in Queensbay Mall) to watch this movie, alone (again). I am fairly sure nobody in my circle of friends even know what this movie is about anyway, everyone is supposed to be going after The Hobbit.

I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone who has not read the book. This movie is kind of like Twilight and The Da Vinci Code, you won’t be able to appreciate the subtle things that the actors are trying to portray if you do not know the book version of the story beforehand.

Take this scene for example,


This guy’s wife is missing, they have a press conference to spread the news and get help, and he poses for a photo next to his wife’s poster with a smile. If you have read the book, you would understand why he did this instead of sobbing like a lunatic. The book has literally pages of character buildup prior to this scene. If you have not read the book, you would just think this guy is an asshole.

Okay, I have to admit, the other reason why I couldn’t resist the movie is because Neil Patrick Harris is in it. I guess we all know that Neil is mostly a comedian. And a bloody good one at that. If you watch How I Met Your Mother, you would know..

When I saw the trailers and saw Neil inside, I actually did not know which character he is going to be. I don’t remember any character in the book being someone funny. Whoever he is portraying, it will be interesting to see how he does it with a humorous twist, right?

WRONG! Neil plays Desi Collings, ex-boyfriend of the psychopathic wife. What the fuck…

You know how that messed me up? I was used to Neil being Barney Stinson, someone who is funny. Someone who is a comedic relief. Someone who is talented in pranks. Someone who is legendary and awesome!

Instead of being Barney Stinson the legendary serial womanizer who would work hard to get under ladies’ pants and then ditch them the next morning, I would now remember Neil as Desi Collings, the possessive, one-woman only psychopath ex-boyfriend of a psychopathic woman. Damn!

When I came home, I quickly searched some of the funnier video clips of Neil on Youtube and found myself unable to laugh like before. The only images that appear in my mind are the ones with his face when he was dying. I don’t know how long this is going to last! Shit!

That’s why I said, my brain is well and truly fucked, fucked beyond the highest order!


  1. So, you read romance novels. When I was in secondary school there was this craze over Mills & Boons romance novels. I was curious and borrowed one from my friend. I didn’t really like it, I was more into horror stories and crime.

    Don’t worry so much lah. You must be “super lucky” is you found a psycho girlfriend 😀 Remember Jaenelle (Ted Mosby’s gf) in HIMYM?

    Anyway, I watched one episode of Law & Order where Neil Patrick Harris played a psycho who murdered girls. It didn’t gel for me either seeing him in this sort of role.

    • Mills & Boons and Harlequin is same same, one is UK based one is US based.
      I don’t remember any Jaenelle leh, I remember Jeanette, stalk Ted Mosby for 1 year or something 😀

  2. I know Neil from the old school series Doogie Howser.. Is this Gone Girl something like Adultery? Happily married couple on the outside but wife committing adultery or something like that.. Now you make me suspense leh and wana read the book too..

  3. Aiya, not everyone is sociopath and psychopath lah. I am sure many married couples reading your post can tell you that so no need to be afraid lah. Go get a girlfriend when you all ready to start a family. 😀

  4. I have never watched any episode of how I met your mother so Neil to me is forever Doogie Howser, M.D. When I saw him in the movie, I said aloud, oh, Doogie Howser is in this movie.

    • LOL! And I have never watched Doogie Howser before, so to me, Neil will always be first and foremost Barney Stinson 😀

  5. I did not read that book but luckily I have watched the movie or else your spoilers would have spoiled the movie big time for me. Hhmmmm, now I am wondering should I read the book since you make it sound as if the movie did not manage to show a lot of thing.

    Anyway about the movie, I guess what happened to the wife after he discovered his wife missing so no surprise for me there.

    • Spoiled? Like, how? I read and re-read my post, I don’t see any spoilers leh. The only things I said was similar to saying: Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots, no big deal ma? Maybe I’ll just remove one sentence, hmm..
      If you don’t mind being mind fucked like I was, then please go and read the book 😀

      • But is the book really that different from the movie? Meaning reading the book will mess with the mind but the mind won’t be messed up by watching the movie?

        Saying that they are sociopath and psychopath is the spoiler lah because at the start of the movie, they are supposed to be a normal loving happy couple when the wife disappears.

        • Hmm.. okay lah… (lazy to edit the post).. at least it makes people intrigued. You see Princess Ribbon’s comment 😉

  6. I KNOW, RIGHT?! I’m glad you read it! Mind fucked is the only way to describe after reading the book (I watched the movie immediately after reading too, and dragged my mom to watch it with me because I know nobody else would see it with me). It’s such a great book!
    You just completely spoiled the part about Desi to anyone who may potentially want to read it, though :P.

    Now read Broken Harbor by Tana French. It’s another great book about the unraveling of a family. I couldn’t put it down and had a couple of late nights because of it!

    • Spoil? How? I did not reveal the details, did I? I think I did a good job of revealing just enough to entice people to go read it up 😐
      I’ll take note of that book, but I need to recuperate and let my trauma die down for a bit first LOL!

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