Five Teenagers In Coloured Suits

When I was a kid, I loved watching TV shows with five teenagers in coloured suits battling it out with evil aliens trying to conquer planet Earth.

I remember this show was banned by the local authorities because those shallow minded officials thought us kids would mistake Morphin with morphine and become drug addicts.

When I grew up, 20 years later (give or take a few years), I still love to watch TV shows with five teenagers in coloured suits battling it out with evil aliens trying to conquer planet Earth.

This is interesting. I always thought that the Power Rangers series are US original creations. Turns out they are just US adaptation of various Super Sentai series that the Japanese created. I guess the saying is true: you never stop learning. Who would’ve imagined  that the 28 years old me would learn a new fact about some TV show that I watched when I was 8 years old?

I’m now busy chasing this awesome and rather new tokusatsu (live action film with considerable use of low cost special effects) series that I discovered, titled 海賊戦隊ゴーカイジャーKaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (Pirate Squadron Gokaiger).

Actually, I think you know by now, I am doing another posting for the sake of posting blog post to keep up with the one post a day notion. Sorry for wasting your time. Please, feel free to not comment on this post unless you really want to. I would appreciate that, because I will be busy anyway, busy streaming 51 episodes of awesomeness 😀 .

I made this post (typed all these shit, embedded 2 videos and snipped 1 picture from video freeze) in about 8 minutes, that’s a new personal record..



  1. You like Power Rangers hah..hah… I have watched an episode or two but it was not for me 🙂 I do know that it appeals to all ages because I once discovered Power Rangers DVD in my uncle’s collection. He likes these colourful teenagers too 😀

  2. Ok I know them.. When I was around 14, I used to go to my friend’s house to lepak.. Her house TV was always on 24 hours a day, with these Power Ranger dvd.. I was addicted watching them and I thought her mum is very cool letting her kids watch these shows.. Mum never allowed these shows in our house..But now ahh, when I see this show in the TV (I think they air this on weekends, in the afternoon I think), I terus switch channel la, hehe, not interested jor 😛

    • It’s less than 300 words, took me about 5 minutes to type, non-stop. The 3 minutes to embed the videos and snip/upload the picture 😉

  3. hahahaha, five teenagers in colored suits?? totally doesn’t ring a bell to me.. okay, when you were still a kid, guess Uncle was already working on the office and hence had no time to watch TV~~ 😀

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