I Bought Some Books (Christmas Giveaway, sort of)

I won some online Christmas lucky draw and found myself with RM 100 worth of Border’s vouchers. So I went to get rid of them at their outlet in Queensbay Mall earlier today. The first book that was staring me in the face was the book When I Was A Kid 3 by Cheeming Boey.

I discovered Boey recently through the blog Eat What, Eat Where like, a couple days ago. Boey is a Malaysian who is currently based in California (I think San Francisco, but I am not sure). According to Wikipedia, he used to work for Blizzard Entertainment, and he was the lead animator for Diablo II and Diablo III (I guess he wrote the Wikipedia page himself). If you have no idea what that means, he used to create two of the most popular computer games in the world. But I think he is now an independent entrepreneur or something.

I enjoyed Boey’s blog very much. It is actually some sort of his daily comic journal where he draws about his mundane day to day life which I find to be (ironically) deeply entertaining. I have just finished his journals for when he was 29 and I can’t help feeling strange and unsettled. I feel that our train of thoughts are eerily similar. I suppose this is a good thing. I think he has a somewhat successful life. I will be 29 soon, so if the 29 me has the same way of thinking as he is when he was 29, maybe I will be successful like him. His journal gives me hope.

I think about this all the time too..

When I was a Kid 3 is a new book that he just released. He is currently back in Malaysia doing some publicity activities. Too bad they are all in KL and I can’t attend any of them. So when I saw this book staring me in the face, I knew I had to buy it. Especially when in one of his earlier journals, he had this to say:


And you know how I like supporting internet people, right? When it comes to the right cause, I always put my money where my mouth is. Especially when I got the vouchers for free.

I checked the price and found out that with my vouchers, I could buy all 3 books of his for free: When I was a Kid, When I was a Kid 2 and When I was a Kid 3. I was overjoyed. Then the staff that helped me informed me that they had ran out of stock for the first book, I could only buy his 2nd and 3rd book. That made me very sad. It meant that I now have about RM 30 more to spend and I didn’t really know what else I want to buy.

Then I had a great idea. I decided to buy 2 each of the 2nd and 3rd book, plus his 2015 calendar. I had to top up some cash, but it was a great idea, so I didn’t really mind. And I got 5 sharpie pens for buying 5 products of Boey. Sweet.

When I Was A Kid

So, time to cut to the chase and reveal the great idea. Since it is going to be Christmas soon, and Christmas is what people call the season of giving, I am going to conduct another giveaway for my blog! A Christmas giveaway! I have not opened the books yet, so I don’t know what the contents are, but judging by his comic journals, I’m sure the books are going to be legendary! I hope you guys are excited about this giveaway.

Here’s what I’m going to do:

  • I’m going to split the extra set of books and the sharpie pens up. I will have 2 sets of giveaway. I want 2 persons to get addicted to one of the books and spend money buying his other books as opposed to 1 person getting everything and spending nothing more people to enjoy getting gifts for Christmas.

Set 1

When I Was A Kid
When I was a Kid 3 + 2 sharpie pens

Set 2

When I Was A Kid
When I was a Kid 2 + 2 sharpie pens
  • How to win: I’m going to set 2 easy questions, one for Set 1 and one for Set 2. You can find the answers in this blog post itself. I just wanted to make sure you read the whole damn thing that I just wrote. Provide your answers in the Comments section below.
    • Question for Set 1: Where is Boey currently at (I mean, like, today)? Malaysia or California?
    • Question for Set 2What is the title for Boey’s latest book released?
  • The answers are easy, so I am expecting everyone to get them right. The answers are just like free tickets to the lucky draw. Lucky draw gave me the means to buy these books, so I figured it is appropriate the give them out using lucky draw as well. I will write a lucky draw software to randomly pick 1 winner for each question. I will try to upload a video of the lucky draw process.
  • Each person is only entitled to one set of prize. You cannot win both sets of prizes. As usual, you are allowed to cheat by getting your friends to come here and comment with the answers.
  • If you win, I am going to email you to get your shipping address, so please give me a valid email address.

I am going to leave this giveaway contest running until 6.00PM (GMT +8 Malaysia time), Wednesday 17th December 2014. I will run the lucky draw software immediately after the window closes. I will reveal the winners in the blog and at the same time try to contact the winners by email on Thursday 18th December, I hope to ship the prizes out latest by Friday 19th December, and then pray really hard that it reaches you before Christmas.

This is not restricted to Malaysians only. Anyone can enter, if you win I will ship the goodies to you wherever you are in the world. Although if you live outside Malaysia, I am not hopeful the shipment will reach you before Christmas, it’s kind of last minute, sorry. Maybe you can get it as a belated Christmas present. Or a New Year present. Or even a belated New Year present. Gosh..

Did I miss out anything? I guess not. Let the festive season game begin! And I’m off to hunt for a source to buy the first book..

PS: If you think you want to buy the book – Malaysians can go to the usual bookstores: Popular, MPH and Borders. For the international folks, you can go to Boey’s blog, there’s a link for online purchase which I think works for everyone.


  1. I know these books leh, every time I passed by it I must flip through it but then thinking on I still have a lot of books at home to read, so until now they’ve the 3 series already, I still haven’t get one for myself!! =p

    Q1: Malaysia
    Q2: When I Was A Kid 3

  2. Firstly, as if you still have Borders in Malaysia! I used to love that store when we had them in the UK, but now they’ve all gone 🙁

    Secondly, the answers to your questions:

    1. Malaysia
    2. When I Was A Kid 3

    • We really do. I know Borders is closing down worldwide, but they are surviving over here. Some local company invested in them or something. If you win it, I’ll keep the price tag on the book as proof! 😀

  3. Trying my luck…
    My answer to the questions as follow:
    Q1: Malaysia
    Q2: When I was a kid 3

    seems like everyone here is having the same answer..haha!

  4. I’m glad to have connected you to Boey and that you’re enjoying his blog and books so much. It’s like you’ve found your ‘soulmate’ or you’re joined at the hip or something…kekeke!! Now you know why I’m so ‘crazy’ about Boey…didn’t I tell you that he’s awesome! 😀 And to the lucky persons who get RG’s giveaway, you’ll be just as crazy about Boey once you’ve read his books (and his blog). Good on you, RG, to share out his books (I obviously can’t join this giveaway thingy since I already have all 3 books). What??…you got one Sharpie for each item you bought! We only get one per person here…so stingy!!

    By the way, I’ve seen him cover Penang and JB in his previous book signing tours….so, don’t despair…he may just come your way (and you can still get your books signed).

    • It sounds kind of.. gay.. Not joined at the hip please.. 😐
      You can join if you want to, I don’t set any restrictions. But if you win, I guess it does look weird to the others 🙄

  5. When I see your title, I thought you bought books at the Big Bad Wolf here in Mines.. Wah another giveaway ahh? But guess I’m late this time.. But your questions are very easy this time, all in your post, no need to go find out from other place or websites, haha..
    1) Malaysia, currently doing some publicity activities
    2) When I Was A Kid 3 (this one so straight forward)..

    • You’re not late, this is not a first come first serve thing 😉
      I read a lot about this Big Bad Wolf thing going on, but honestly, I’m not that enthusiastic. I used to be excited about book fairs, but not since I started using eBooks. Nowadays I mostly buy books for collection purposes.

  6. aiyoh, i LOVE the books!! and i want to get them so badly, so this time i will answer the questions seriously..

    my answers for you questions:-
    Q1: Malaysia
    Q2: When I Was A Kid 3

    mali-mali-hom!! make me lucky to win the lucky draw!! :p

    • You don’t actually want the books do you? I suspect the books will end up with you then, that’s how lucky draw works most of the time. Maybe you can start worrying who to give them to 😛

  7. I remember seeing this book when Popular had some concourse sale down in Ikano, but after reading your post on it, I now understand that it’s a comic journal. =)

    I agree with what you mentioned about deciding the winners; that way, it’s fair game. =)

    Question #1: California Malaysia
    Question #2: When I Was A Kid 3

    • Are you sure with your answer for Question #1? I think you misunderstood my question, so I’ll give you another chance, since you are the first person to comment.. Hint: I’m not asking where he is currently based in.

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