I Got Christmas Gift

I received a Whatsapp message from the sister yesterday evening informing me that a fan mail has just arrived at our home in Narnia..


A quick check at the back shows that the letter was sent by Sheta from Arendelle.. Seeing a girl’s name, the words fan mail was quickly replaced with the words secret admirer.. =.=”


Yeah, right…

Sheta 小影 is a fellow blogger from Arendelle. She has been sending out Christmas gifts for the past few years (I think) to fellow bloggers. When she heard that Jadis the White Witch has been killed by Aslan recently and that Christmas is restored to Narnia, she included me in this year’s mailing list. I am so so grateful for that.

Sheta’s Christmas gift is so thoughtful. Handmade bookmark charm and Gingerbread Man greeting card, she did all the printing, cutting, hole punching and everything, all by herself. And she made 50 sets because she is sending these out to 50 bloggers this year. Amazing!


There’s even handwritten well wishes inside the Gingerbread Man card!


I was writing my Christmas Giveaway Results post when I received these lovely pictures from the sister. You know what I felt at that moment? I actually felt slightly embarrassed with myself for my half baked Christmas sharing efforts. What I basically did was buy 2 books with vouchers that I got for free, and then make people comment on my blog, and then leave everyone but 2 persons disappointed with winning nothing.

Sheta? No such monkey show from her. No need to comment or lucky draw, everybody gets a handmade gift pack filled with creativity and sincerity.

Gosh, the more I think about how pathetic my attempt is, the more I feel like digging a hole and hiding inside it!

Only an idiot will not be touched but such a lovely gesture, and I’m no idiot (at least that’s what I’d like to believe), so yes, I am definitely touched, and feel deeply in gratitude..

Thank You Very Much, 小影! Your Wonderful Christmas Gift will be cherished!

And, Merry Christmas to you!

And, Merry Christmas to all my readers!


  1. What a nice gift! These days sending greeting cards is quite rare. Most are sending e-cards and somehow when I receive a proper card through the mail, I feel so happy 🙂

    • I have not seen e-cards in quite a while to be honest, recently all I get is SMS/Whatsapp spam during festive seasons. A proper card is always a nice surprise 🙂

  2. That is such a sweet and thoughtful gesture!! And to make 50 of them by hand is rather time consuming as well and then sending each and every one of them. BTW, you giveaway was very thoughtful and now you got me thinking about doing a giveaway myself (all I need to do is find something cool!)

  3. Haha I like how you made stories with Narnia and all.. Aiya, not only you, I also felt bad coz I gave her “nonsense” last week (some kiddo bracelet, stickers and stuffs) and I also did not give everyone something.. But yeah, she’s a nice person 😀

    • I was going to edit her name as Sheta Superwoman, but it was too difficult, so I became lazy and made rainbow strips instead. Ahh I am exposing my lack of effort again!

  4. oh, i have got that too!! hey, the sender has got your address!! i thought you are declining all things to be sent to you, i remember you said something like that in one of your comments in my blog, so i didn’t bother to send you anything, hahahahahaha!!

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