Why I Am Hesitant To Sublet

I am a rather decent person at most times, or at least I think I am. When I was informed of the rent increase for the house, I got the subtenants together to discuss plans, wanting to create an arrangement that is preferable to all. I guess it is understandable that everyone has got their own priorities, but I left that discussion getting a distinct feeling that the subtenants don’t give a damn if I have to deal with shit with the landlord, as long as they are not affected. My shit is none of their businesses. I’m not going to go into specifics, suffice to say that it is money related.

So be it. Let’s part ways then. That was why I immediately went and got myself the new place and informed the landlord that I will not be renewing the rental contract.

The thing is, I rented the house empty. The kitchen, the washing machine and the fridge are all mine. If I move, I will be moving these bulky items with me. I am still trying to be a decent human being by giving them upfront notice.

IMG_20141108_090818 (1024x759)
I wrote this 2 weeks ago

I am sure they read it, because Whatsapp just introduced the blue tick they came to me individually to confirm what I wrote.

So.. for the entire week before today, they have been occupying the washing machine and drying rack 100%. I was not able to do any washing of my own. Fine. I still have enough clothes to last me until the move. I’ll just wash everything in the new place.

I was rather ticked off last night when I came back and saw that they just placed a fresh load of clothes onto the drying rack..

IMG_20141108_090830 (1024x759)

Fine, so that’s how it is going to be eh? I only mentioned about moving the washing machine, I didn’t mention about moving the drying rack. Okay, okay..

Imagine my chagrin when I woke up this morning to see these inside the washing machine..

IMG_20141108_090824 (1024x759)
A load of clothes inside

Giving me free load of clothes? It is as if my notice was comprehensively forgotten. Bloody hell..

To compound my frustrations, one of them parked their car super close to the door. It would be almost mission impossible for my fridge and washing machine to get out.

IMG_20141108_091311 (1024x759) (2)


Now, this would be fine, except that he has went back to his hometown on his motorcycle, and totally ignored my phone call.

I was well and truly pissed by then. Thankfully, I got a few friends who came and help me. Between 3 big guys, we managed to carry both those big ticket items above the car and out of the house. All the while I had that feeling that if his car got a scratch in the process, I would not feel sorry for him.

I am planning to move the drying rack tomorrow, regardless. I would not show you where those clothes will end up. Don’t worry, my floor is rather clean. I hope they come back before I make the move though.

I guess my point is, sometimes when you live with other people, you expect some basic level of common sense and common courtesy. Apparently it doesn’t apply with these 2 blokes. And I am quite confident that they are not one of a kind. I believe there are many people who are like this.

My new place is cheap enough that I won’t suffer much even if I do not sublet. At the moment, this is what I am leaning towards. Maybe I’ll turn the extra room into my work room/guest room. We’ll see…

I’m famished and tired from all the toiling today, I guess I shall not try to be panjang lebar (long winded) today. And with my mood, I might say nasty things. Better stop here..




  1. Except my family and very few close friends, I just can’t deal with the hassle of subletting.

    I did sublet to a friend for 1 month in my final university year. Her landlady wanted her apartment back.

    I’m still great friends with this chum….30 years later. Thank God.

    • I’d prefer subletting to strangers than close friends, this way I cut off the risk of losing any friends.

  2. macam macam ada…*shake head…I guess it just not about housemates/roommates, but is everywhere including working place. We could jst rant about it when we have no way to deal with them. Hmmnn…if it happens to me, i will pay them back with nasty things, maybe putting sarcastic note when leaving? haha(*evil grin)
    well, now u should be happier since u own the whole house at ur new place.

  3. I think it is best to have the whole house to yourself. Less headache and vomit blood situations 😀 Basic level of common sense and common courtesy is very rare these days. Like last weekend at the supermarket checkout. This lady in front of me had paid for her purchase. Instead of moving to make way for the next customer (me), she lingered for the longest time. It was a no plastic bad day and I had to pack my own stuff. I said a polite (but blood boiling inside) “Excuse me, please”. You know what she did? She glared at me and said haughtily “I am trying to take my things!” and moved off. Sheesh!

    • Yeah, that happens all the time to me too. I don’t understand, I thought people used to be nice. Not sure what changed..

  4. No wonder….! I also won’t sublet if I could afford it..very headache one if your tenants are uncivicminded… anyway, Happy Housewarming to your new house.. Have a nice stay!!

  5. I know this situation, last time I used to stay with friends, but in the end many problems came up, they’re not cleaning stuffs and this and that!! Finally I moved out and stayed alone, everything settled and live happily!! =]

    • So you are now staying alone? You rent a whole house or what? How much is it? I’m interested to know how much people who work in KL is willing to pay 😉

  6. I feel your frustration.. I would like to see some shots of you manoeuvring those white goods out the door and above the car though! That seems like quite an accomplishment.

    • LOL! Unfortunately you won’t get to see those shots, because I have none. We were doing the carrying, remember? There was no one to take photos! 😀

  7. Sharing a place is like marriage – have to choose one’s partners very carefully, give and take…but like in many marriages, many believe in taking only and that is why they all fall apart, do not last very long. In this case, it is best to stay single…and likewise, in the case of sharing a house. Better to be alone (not lonely) that getting pissed off, so angry all the time…about to explode like a time bomb.

    • I am generally a very tolerant person, I think. I won’t be close friends with the housemates, unless if the housemate is a girl and cute. You can stick to yourself and I stick to myself. I won’t even get mad if they refuse to help with cleaning the communal area. As long as they pay rent on time and takes care of the rooms.
      But when they don’t even care to show some common courtesy, that’s when deal’s off..

  8. Hmm, I feel very mang chang after reading your post.. But I think you know ‘hai kam ger la’ when staying with others.. Dont say sublets or housemates, even own bil or sil staying together will have the same problem.. My bil and another bil (his sis’s hubby) stays together and the same thing happens.. Doesnt clean his own toilet, leaves the glass/bowl on the table (mou sau mei), leaves noodles bits on the sink hole, the list goes on..
    Your housemates all very kiasu.. Yung dou jook timm (use til the max).. I dont mind about the clothes at the rack but I hate the clothes in the machine and that car parked at the porch.. Feel for you.. It’s ok, over already 🙂

    • LOL! You know, the doesn’t clean toilet part, that happened with me too. Apparently the housemates thought 300 bucks is already too much for the room, and they expect they no need to worry about the amenities. In fact when we had the discussion, one of them said, “300 already so expensive, some more the house got nothing, and the toilet always not cleaned! If increase the rent, will the house be cleaner and will there be someone to clean my room as well?”
      That was the first instance that made me speechless.. hahahaha 😀

  9. why aren’t they bothered about the landlord increasing the rent? If the rent has increased, they also need to pay more for their portion, right?

    • Tsk, you are making me go into specifics. Oh well..
      I was trying to see what they want, trying to arrange maybe a few months buffer where we pay the increased rent while slowly searching for a cheaper new place to move. They were not interested to pay more. To them, they rent 1 room from me for 300 bucks and I rent the house from the landlord, is 2 separate things. They will only pay 300 per room, if I increase the rent, they will move out immediately without notice since to them, I am the one who is trying to kick them out. Landlord increase house rent is my problem, not theirs.
      Since it got down to this, I have to change my approach. The house rent increase is my problem, so I solve my own problem. I got a new place (thankfully), and took them up on the moving out immediately threat and let go off the house within 1 month.

  10. Super strong men your friends are. How to carry such big and heavy items above the car!!?? I thought you all push his car out of the house instead and destroy his car handbrake.

    Yes, I agree not to sublet your new place so that when STP goes to Penang, there is a guest room for him to stay! *wink* *wink*

      • LOL no lah, not that heavy actually, single door fridge and 7kg load washing machine, all of them can fit inside my Myvi one..
        I think there will be many people who will be rushing to host STP 😀 . My new place? Low cost flat, no air cond, no TV, car have to park outside.. I doubt anyone would want to stay here LOL!
        But seriously, I would welcome any of you, not just STP if you really come and looking for free accommodation and nobody bothers about you, after I get everything settled down 🙂

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