Not My Usual Weekend Meals

I hope my mom does not read this one.  I will be in trouble if she does.

When you are not cooking and you are in a hurry, there is not much choices in Penang when it comes to food. You can’t go to the cheaper kopitiams because there would be a lack of parking spaces nearby and you end up wasting time circling the area, and then you waste more time waiting for seats at the restaurant itself. So, what do you do when you are hungry and in a hurry? Simple. You go somewhere where most Penangites refuse to go.

Well, here’s what I had over last weekend while running around like a headless chicken.

Saturday Brunch

manhattan fish market

Some weekend mixed platter in Manhattan Fish Market. Forgot what’s it called exactly. Fried fish fingers, fried scallops, grilled chicken, veges, fries and garlic rice. Have this for brunch and you can forget about having another meal until late night. I paid less than RM 30 for this plus a drink.

Trivia: Did you know that Manhattan Fish Market is not an American franchise? It is a bloody Malaysian franchise. I was cheated once as a kid when a cousin who came back from studying in Chicago claiming that he had eaten at the real Manhattan Fish Market outlet in the US.

Saturday Dinner

kfc bombay crunch

I found myself back at Giant Bayan Baru to finalize my new Yes 4G plan. I just discovered they have a 1MB unlimited quota plan. I found myself absolutely famished and staring at the same KFC which I patronized on Thursday.

I tried to eat as healthy as I can. I really tried. See, I got the Fiery Bombay Crunch burger that has some lettuce and a slice of tomato in it! It’s actually just a Zinger burger pimped up with some cripsy flakes. And some vegetables.

Sunday Breakfast

I wanted to grab a quick breakfast in the morning market, but there was no parking spot. I needed to check in to the office quick, so I went to the only place that I knew parking spots exist in abundance: OldTown. And had this. I was inspired by Mun’s super early morning post.

oldtown nissin

No wait, this is the wrong picture to post. Photo op time..

oldtown nissin

Yeah, this looks much better. 😉

Sunday Lunch

I left office close to 3 PM. The only eateries still doing business at this kind of time are fast food, OldTown, or this guy..

james foo chicken maryland
James Foo Bayan Baru. I was attracted by their photo of the Chicken Maryland in the menu, so I got this.

Sunday Dinner

I had some grapes at the new place, then I drove back to the old place straight. I forgot to look for dinner. Then I was too lazy to go out again. So I blogged and then went to bed.

This is a guest post written by an unknown fatto. This is not me. True story..



    • Hello back!
      You are not alone, over the years I have countless KFC vouchers which expired. I am terrible at using food vouchers 😐

  1. You didn’t have a choice so that’s excusable. I mean you can’t cook at the moment and it is next to impossible to find healthy food outside. Your mum actually lectures you if she sees junk food in your blog? 😀 BTW, the seafood platter looks pretty good and so does the Chicken Maryland 🙂

  2. I guess that was around RM70+ for a weekend! (RM30 for that MFM, RM10 for the Bombay burger set, RM10 for the noodles and drink plus tax maybe, and another RM20 for the chicken chop Maryland plus drinks plus tax).. Chan hai sik heong sau/tarn sai kai.. I dont mind the fast food and the fried stuff and all, hehe, coz I can have chicken chop and fish &chips and KFC everyday for for 6 months too!

  3. Wah, I am honored you mentioned me here but I am also afraid your mother will go to my blog to scold me for inspiring you to eat instant noodles, 😀

    OKlah, the fatto got excuse mah. Very busy running around to move houses, where got time to search for healthy food to eat. Must eat high energy food some more – gotta carry fridge and washing machine – use a lot of energy, sure will burn all the food away super fast so no worries there.

  4. Wow… mostly fast food! When I read SK commenting that your mom will beat your pat pat, I had to smile… I will beat my son’s pat pat too if he indulge in too much fast food.. 🙂

  5. by the way.. you actually tried that Fiery Bombay Crunch?? muahahahaha!! i find it weird they added in cornflakes.. and their previous shot in the series, what Tokyo something.. comes with mushrooms and black pepper!! i don’t remember black pepper has anything to do with Japanese~~ 😀

    • It really is corn flakes? It felt that way to me too, I just cannot believe they will add corn flakes @.@
      Hahaha black pepper to Japanese is like durians to Japanese. Totally unrelated 😀

  6. wuahahaha, unknown fatso?!
    looking at all the fried stuffs and unhealthy fast food, u must felt so guilty and went on for more veggie and fruits this week? I had fish & chip last week (at my workplace canteen) and ended up having keriorrhea (some sort of diarrhea) due to the cheap fish that they served.

    • No no no, fatto, not fatso 😀
      You are quite right. Today I had grapes and oats for dinner 😉
      I also avoid the western counter in my cafeteria if I can help it. They really use cheap and lousy ingredients.

  7. wah, i like your unusual weekend meal!! hahahaha, and your mom will beat your pat pat if you eat all these stuffs?? errr, for a change once in a while mah.. i actually like the fish and the chicken chop woh..

    • I’m too old for the beating pat pat routine. But she will nag and nag and nag me on a daily basis. Then on my next trip back home, I will be served severe nagging and can forget about eating any delicious food 😐

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