Unexpected Good Deal (I Hope)

I have a big ass industrial fan. You know, those that you mostly see in factories, where they only have 3 speed settings: Off, Whirlwind, Typhoon.

I bought it 4 years ago for RM 229 when I realized the ceiling fan alone was rubbish in cooling the room down, especially during the dry months. It was awesome. It gave me 2 years worth of good nights’ sleep. And then one day, the ceiling fan died, totally. Credit where credit is due, the landlord came with a new set of ceiling fan and replaced the broken one.

The new ceiling fan was more powerful than the old one, and it was adequate, so I tucked the industrial fan safely away.

I brought this big ass fan with me to the new place, as there are no ceiling fans in the rooms. I turned the fan on and went for a shower. Yeah, I have officially moved to the new place, although there is still 10 or 15% of things yet to be brought over from the old place.

When I got out of the shower, I immediately detected burnt electrical components smell. True enough, it was the fan.

Industrial fan

I have no idea why it broke down. I suspect some insects crept inside the motor compartment and chewed off bits and parts of the internals when it was on the 2 years sleep. Or maybe some parts escaped from the fan without me noticing, much like the animals in Madagascar.

Anyway, I was left stranded, without fan, and without sleep. The next day, I had to quickly go look for a new fan to purchase, lest one sleepless night became two sleepless nights. As I was scanning the fan section of the hypermarket, I saw this guy.

Air cooler

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t touch these air cooler (the only such thigs I trust are these best coolers bags here, something really useful). Air ones are designed to look like a portable air cond, but really, most of them are just square shaped fans.

I couldn’t believe my eyes though when I saw the price on display. RM 329 RM 159! I hesitated for 10 seconds. Something fishy seemed abound.

Then I saw a label printed on the box.

Air cooler

It’s got the Superbrands logo. As I remember, this is supposed to be a prestigious thing to qualify for. Surely the assurance of quality is there?

So I made the plunge, bought it, and carried it back with me.

Air cooler

I’ve used it for a grand total of two days now. So far it has been good. There is a water tray at the bottom. When you fill the tray up with water and add some ice cubes into the water, it almost immediately blows out cool air. According to the box, the power consumption of this guy is about the same as my old industrial fan. I guess I will know for sure when the electric bill arrives later this month, but for now, I suppose I am glad I bought this.

If I am not too tired tomorrow, I will show you an overview of my new place, with all the stuff in place…


  1. I find it impossible to sleep without the air-cond and what more without a fan. So hot! I suppose you need make sure you have steady supply of ice-cubes to put in the tray to keep cool?

    • I used to not be able to live without air-cond too. I’m used to it now. I have survived with just fan or fans over the past 6 years. I think 2 weeks down the road, I will only use the ice-cubes for when the heat is unbearable.

  2. this one not as noisy , right?

    RM159 is a good buy la. I saw this XMA brand being sold in electrical shops. Quite laris leh

    As for the logo ah…hmm..cannot really trust leh. Any ciplak co can go and print that logo. You see the newspaper…even those halal cert they also can fake.

  3. I’ve used a basic house fan in china and it does nothing but push humidity around, I think a better fan pulls the moisture out of the air – If I was staying longer I’d totally buy one of these

    • Next time, get 2 fans if you can only get those basic table fans. Set one up to face out of the door, that will do the job of funneling the warm air and humidity out of the room. It works for a room only though, a house is too big for this to work 😉

  4. yeah, a good deal it was, you saved RM170!!

    but not to say I “splash cold water” ah, I’ve used this kind of cooler fan before.. at first sure very excited to keep on adding water, but sooner you won’t bother to give it a damn.. and so, it didn’t last long and finally you probably spend another RM170 to get another new fan, I mean those normal type~~ :p

    • Yeah, I probably won’t keep up with the iced water routine for very long. It works like a normal fan without water though, so I probably won’t need to buy another fan unless this one breaks down.

  5. Hee! A white goods company should contract you to come up with the names for the settings. It would put a little humour into the day. Today I think I need, “Typhoon!”

  6. Nice eh? Gotta get one for my girl to use at her school in the jungle then. Portable aircons have a huge exhaust hose…and you need to make a hole through the wall to put it through…to let the hot air out. So inconvenient – not really portable actually, stuck to the wall.

    • Well, this won’t work like an aircond. It is basically just a boxed up fan with a function to evaporate iced water and blow out slightly cooler air. I suppose on a hot day, it won’t do too much good either.

  7. I bought this thingy before many years ago from Leisure Mall HSL.. They say if you put ice inside, then the wind is like aircond wer.. But how to put so much ice la everytime.. I just put normal water and it’s just like a normal fan.. I call it ‘tai kau sui’.. My mum gave it away after a while becoz I prefer using the stand fan in the end!

    • Like aircond is an over exaggeration lah. But it is cooler. I put ice and turn the thing on 1 or 2 hours before I sleep, just to bring the room temperature down after whole day baked by the sun. It for sure cannot work like an aircond for the entire night.
      With normal water, of course it is the same as tai kau sui normal fan, because the water is normal temperature. Cold water will give out cold air 😀

  8. I have a similar cooler box fan like yours too but not the same brand as yours. It must feel so good right to have the whole place to yourself? A bachelor’s pad. 😀

    • Yeah, I’m absolutely loving it! Although all my things still seem like a mess, and I don’t know if I will ever get around to organizing them properly. 😀

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