胜记杂饭 Sun Gee Mixed Rice

I didn’t go out in search for good food on my recent trip back to KL. Apart from running some errands and making a trip down memory lane, I spent the rest of my time at home watching Discovery TLC and sports. Ironically, mom was away on a road trip, so Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast consisted of packed meal boxes.

vegetarian bihun
Sunday morning breakfast with Ian Wright as company

I wanted to have something that I can blog about for lunch before heading back to Penang. After much deliberation, about 10 full seconds of it, I decided to head to Jalan Bunga Mawar 2, otherwise known as 太子园胃食街 Taman Muda wai sik gai (Nom Nom Street).

wai sik kai
400 meters of Malaysian Chinese street food

Anything you want, you can find here. Chicken rice, pork noodles, wantan mee, chee cheong fun, tai chao, vegetarian, desserts, pastries, etc. You name it, we have it here.

I came here for the famous 杂饭 zhap farn (mixed rice). Now, there are a few zhap farn stalls along this stretch. The last time I counted, there were 4 of them. Only one of them is famous and does brisk business, the others mostly deal with mosquitoes.

How to identify which is the right zhap farn stall? Simple. Look for the only one where the crowd is insane. If this doesn’t work for you, look for 胜记杂饭 Restoran Sun Gee. If it is not this name, stay away.


For the international readers, the way mixed rice works is, you get a plate of rice, then there is a buffet line of dishes, you pick a few dishes that you fancy, get a portion of each, and then get charged based on what you took.

If you ask me, forget about char kuay teow or roti canai. If you are looking to eat “what the locals eat”, mixed rice is the real deal. This is something that non-cooking people will eat day in, day out instead of just occasionally.


Sun Gee Mixed Rice

It was actually almost 2 PM when I arrived. Lunch time is supposed to almost be over, but not here..

Sun Gee Mixed Rice

So, why is this zhap farn stall so famous? Well, first and foremost, the sheer amount of dish selections on offer. Sun Gee Mixed Rice is sometimes known as The 100 Dishes Mixed Rice. While I think 100 dishes is an exaggeration, I do believe they have close t0 80 dishes going.

Sun Gee Mixed Rice

And it’s not all just the usual cheap stuff. They have a select pool of about 20 more exotic dishes that you can get, dishes like steamed fish head, steamed village chicken, braised pork belly, curry wild boar, etc.

Have you noticed that I used the word crowd instead of queue earlier on? Here, you only queue to get your plate of white rice. After you got your rice, the word queue should be banished from your vocabulary for a few minutes at least. You have to basically scan for the dishes that you want, then just squeeze in. This is a place where nice guys finish last.

Another good thing about this place is that they offer complimentary drinks and soup, free flow. You can have 10 glasses of Chinese tea and 10 bowls of soup and nobody is going to give two hoots about it.

Sun Gee Mixed Rice

Seeing poor families dine here is a common sight. This place in non-halal, so obviously the Malays and Muslims will not come here. But you can sometimes see poor Chinese and Indian families here. The parents would each get a large plate of rice with one dish. Then they would sit down, parents and a few children in tow, enjoying two large plate of rices with 2 dishes and unlimited soup.

Sun Gee Mixed Rice

They are obviously taking advantage of the free flow soup, but the staff hardly bother to disturb them. I guess they do such great business overall that they are willing to overlook some not so well to do parents trying to feed their kids.

This was what I got myself..

Sun Gee Mixed Rice

Everything are my favorite zhap farn dishes. Romaine lettuce in chili stir fry, long beans omelette, tofu in minced pork sauce, and of course, every kids’ most favoritest food, 古老肉 gu lou yoke (deep fried sweet and sour pork). All these, with free flow Chinese tea and soup for RM 7, or US$2.

So, what do you think of this 100 dishes zhap farn?


  1. Ah, yes, I know this chap farn stall…very cheap and with lots of variety (I’ve eaten here like twice). There’s helluva lot of food on this one road. I prefer chap farn stalls with less variety…lol…coz it tastes like home cooked food. Those with a lot of dishes taste ‘commercial’ if the reference makes any sense! There’s one chicken rice stall here that’s quite good….they’ve “tan tong” and sour vege and their chicken rice comes with a very nice grated ginger dip.

    • LOL, for me, if you buy from outside, I doubt you can really get home cooked taste. So for me, more choices is still better 😀
      Haha I know which chicken rice stall you mean, I’ve had it quite a few times too 😉

  2. There’s one near my place called Tan Chong Mixed Rice and they also say they have 100 dishes. Not too bad as there’s lots of choices and the food tastes good. Mine usually comes to RM7-RM8. But unlike your chap fan place, this one does not offer soup or tea.

    • Seems like 100 dishes is not really such a wow factor nowadays huh. LOL Tan Chong? Nissan Mixed Rice? 😀

  3. Wowwwww!!!! So many people. Guarantee good lah like that! I’m not so concerned about the number of choices – don;t mind just a few…as long as they’re nice and they change the menu everyday. Some have a lot and have the same things day in day out. Get bored after a while, no matter how nice.

    • Well, when you go to 100 dishes, it would be the same stuff everyday. You’ve got everything, what else is there to change? 😀

    • If you really want to, it is located on the same street as the mini egg tarts that I blogged about earlier. There’s a location map there 😉

  4. I think now the ‘hundered dishes chap farn’ is thd next in thing.. More and more chap farn places blooming up.. Near my place alone, there are already 3-4 shops selling ONLY chap farn, with 100 dishes too.. There are only chap farn, soup and Chinese tea in the shop.. No Coke, no leong sui, nothing else.. Those eating in could refill and take all the soup and tea they could..

    • I think they are getting popular because of the relative cheapness, and they offer somewhat a balanced diet.

  5. chap fan is a promising business these days, especially in chinese taman like Serdang, Cheras, OUG, Sri Petaling. Nearby my office also have these self-proclaimed 100-dishes chap fan. The prices are reasonable and they too serve free flow chinese tea and soup. But anyhow, i seldom eat at mixed rice stalls coz i normally eat at canteen.

    • When I’m working, I also eat mostly in the cafeteria. I guess after awhile, zhap farn is still zhap farn, regardless whether it is 20 dishes or 100 dishes..

  6. If I live nearby, you can be sure I will be eating my lunch at this place every day. Price seems ok too since you took 4 dishes. How’s the price of houses there? Affordable or not? Maybe can consider moving there just for this zhap farn.

    • LOL, there is a newly built row of terrace house in my taman, it was going for RM 900k a few months back. Interested? 😉
      Ampang is mostly prime land, hard to find cheap properties in this area..

        • Then you can drive here for lunch instead 😉 .
          Actually, from some of the comments, it seems there are many 100 dishes zhap farn scattered around the Klang Valley now. Maybe you don’t even have to come here..

      • Actually I don’t believe can really have 100 dishes. How many woks do they have going at the same time to cook so many dishes? 5 minutes to stirfry one dish means 500 minutes to cook 100 dishes means like around 8 hours so if need to finish in 1 hour means concurrently 8 woks must be cooking.

        Well, I will go and count these so-say 100 dishes zhap farn to see how many dishes there are. Are they open on weekends for lunch?

        • I’m not so sure about others, but this Sun Gee has like 8 to 10 woks going. I have never really counted their total number of dishes, I would be interested to see your results. This one opens daily, from 11AM-2.30PM and then 5.30PM-9 or 10PM. The midway break is to cook new round of dishes for dinner serving.

  7. i have heard about this chap fan stall in 太子園 and i have been there once (i think i went to the same stall if not mistaken).. really very impressive with the variety and choices, i remember i spent like 5 minutes to decide which three dishes i would put onto my plate~~ 😀

    • You know right beside this is another zhap farn stall. It has a wide array of selections too, but the food quality is crap. When Sun Gee closes from 2.30-5pm, they get to do some business. I so hope you went to the right one! 😀

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