Restoran Teluk Kumbar Seafood 公巴好友海鲜

If you want to mention about having the best seafood in Penang island, most will tell you that you can find it in Teluk Kumbar on the southern part of the island. There are 3 seafood eateries in Teluk Kumbar that are more famous than the rest, as far as I know of. One of them is Hai Boey, another is Khun Thai (which has a main outlet in the mainland). I am embarassed to say that I have never been to both these places all my time in Penang so far.

The other day, a friend from Singapore visited, and we went to the third one: Restoran Teluk Kumbar Seafood 公巴好友海鲜, more commonly known by it’s Chinese name, Hao You, literally translates to Good Friend.

restoran teluk kumbar seafood

This place is located by a beach nearby a jetty where fishermen uses. I suppose it suffice to say that if you can’t get fresh seafood here, you probably can’t get it anywhere else in the island.

restoran teluk kumbar seafood

It is not quite that easy to find this place if you are not familiar with the place. From Penang International Airport, you basically drive along the road towards Balik Pulau. You’ll have to go pass a tiny town with a police station, and then go up hill for a little bit before arriving at the Teluk Kumbar township. Then you will have to pay close attention to your left. At the point of writing, there is a rather tall building still under construction. You have to turn in at a small alley before that building. Look out for the sign by the road.

This place is about as rustic as it can get. The place is basically set up on the beach, with a few canopies being constructed. The floor is the beach itself.

restoran teluk kumbar seafood

I heard that Hai Boey and Khun Thai are more comfortable in terms of environment, and the food is slightly better. This Hao You? It is not so comfortable, and there are lots of mosquitoes flying around. Rustic, remember?

But still, it gets pretty crowded at dinner time. One of the reasons is because there is another stall operating within the vicinity.

restoran teluk kumbar seafood

What does the stall sell? This!

restoran teluk kumbar seafood

Satay! The satay here is heavenly. It is not so much the meat than it is the marinade. I have no words to describe it rather than that it is super delicious!

Satay is skewered meat marinated with sauce and BBQ’ed over coal fire. More commonly beef and chicken because it is a Malay dish, but in some places you can find mutton and pork satay. It is basically a Malaysian version of yakitori.

We would typically order a bunch of satays as appetizers while waiting for our seafood to be cooked and served. The above picture was what we had: 20 sticks for 5 person. We were holding back and going easy because we were trying to remain health conscious.

Okay, let’s show you the seafood. We did not order any fish and prawns, but we did have crabs. And some shells. And some other stuff. I don’t need to exaggerate how delicious they are, the pictures will tell you..

Yeah, I know, I am supposed to be avoiding these. But.. but.. it’s fine once in a blue moon, isn’t it? And it’s nice to be hospitable to visitors and bring them to have good food, right? Right?

Total damage of the above food plus the satays? RM 115 for 5 person.


  1. 20 sticks of satay is just nice for me in one sitting 🙂 I am not too crazy about crabs and I hate all the messy peeling. Same thing for unshelled prawns. But some say that is where the fun is – hammering the crab claws and digging out the flesh.

    • I don’t fancy those shelled seafood myself, but most of my friends are. The only crab that I love are those big Alaskan king crab that are common in the US. Big and easy to eat 🙂

  2. i tink the satay itself is already the main meal for me…it looks huge with chunks of meat. I’m not a fan of crabs or cockles, so satay would jst be nice 😉

  3. Wow…RM115 for 5 is darn cheap. Here, in KL, don’t know if the RM115 can get you the crabs for 5 persons…lol!! I’m dying to eat those fresh see hum (just blanched with hot water)….but dare not leh!! 🙁

  4. wow, a restaurant by the sea, that is interesting.. I guess “if cannot eat also can see lah”, haha!! the satay looks good and must be very nice, since you have it as one individual photo to post.. the other seafood in a collage look good too!! yummy yummy!! 🙂

  5. Oooo…I had crab too last night! Just fried with egg and ginger…blogpost on it will need to wait a while though, lots of things happening…will have to wait in line, chronological order.

  6. Wow, the price is sure attractive. I love to eat crabs but long time did not eat already because lazy to peel off the shell. Have not been to any of the places you mentioned here. Only been to Batu Maung 20 years ago to eat crabs.

  7. Wah your pictures (or camera) so canggih ka? Clicked on it and it stated the focal length, shutter speed, phone type.. Canggih nyer !! I like the crab and lala.. I dont fancy crabs but I like the gravy eaten with fried mantao..

    • LOL! Actually all pictures taken by a camera will have those details stored inside the file. I used Jetpack Gallery (WordPress tool), it is part of the features to show these information 😉

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