Random Thursday Post

I’m working late again today, I am actually blogging in the office while waiting for my tests to run. So, instead of writing about something meaningful, I shall blog about something random and useless again, just like I did once on a random Saturday

Let me see… alright, I’ll blog about dinner just now. This was what I had, in KFC. Gosh, I have not been to KFC for so long, it was kind of confusing seeing so many new items on their menu. New to me, that is..

Boneless Chicken Strips Combo

I’m loving this already. I hope this item remains as a permanent fixture. Boneless chicken strips equals to Lazy Man’s best friend, and the cheesy sauce is much better compared to those lousy chili sauce. The cheesy sauce is the same stuff they splash on those cheesy wedges..

Jalapeno and Onion Strips

Another good thing that I wouldn’t mind having again. I suppose this is a healthier alternative to the fries or cheesy wedges. Well, as healthy as you can get in places like KFC anyway..

Don’t worry, it’s not like I am going to come here regularly from now on. I am still avoiding and going to avoid fast food as much as I can. It is just that I was running some errands again just now, and I was starving beyond mom’s recognition (this is a Cantonese thing, 饿到阿妈都唔认得), and KFC was right in front of me. This is a one off.

It is very frustrating to work late nights again, but an engineer gotta do what an engineer gotta do, which is to suck it up.

Thankfully, I have Namewee and his latest song-cum-parody video 飚高音 High Pitched to keep me company.

Okay, back to work… 操…


  1. The last time I had KFC was when I was recovering from dengue (already discharged from hospital). I walked in with my partner to tapau and I also saw that boneless chicken thingy. I wanted to get it but the cashier said “Itu macam zinger burger. You nak?” and I don’t know why I changed my mind. Why do these cashiers do that? It’s like they are so discouraging. Just give me what I ordered, right? Anyway I did not see any japaleno and onion strips.

  2. LOL…me terbalik…daily anchored here. :p

    Their breakfast cheaper than outside leh. One Cheesy egg burger plus a coffee or a bowl of porridge with drink only RM4.25

  3. When boneless chicken came out, I went for it immediately…genius, so easy to eat 😀 We don’t have those jalapeno and onion strips here. Bombay fiery crunch…tried it…didn’t like it. When you have a son that loves fast food, can’t quite avoid it!

    • Strangely, when I ordered, the cashier said: “Boneless tu kecil saja, you sure nak?”… LOL! They have it on menu but try to discourage you to have it 😀

  4. competition is stiff and so the fast food chains have got to come out with more choices for customers, especially for the value of the money paid because price is always increasing and don’t we want to feel worth paying at least??

    • It’s true, nowadays fast food is no longer the expensive meal option compared telnet to conventional fares like zhap farn.

  5. Onion strips? How come I’ve never seen it before geh? I also like KFC, psst, I can have it everyday for lunch 😀
    I always order snack plate original, two thighs, Mountain Dew, and add on one regular cheesy wedges with extra cheese sauce.. Buurrrppp…

  6. KFC? No, thank you. Last time I ate, my missus tapao-ed home from the outlet near my house. Maybe it was cold when I ate – gone all jelly-like!!!! Never went back for more ever again.

    Saw the banners – they have new stuff, Japanese that day…and now, something Indian.

  7. haha…starving beyond mum’s recognition…lol! Canto “saying” are kinda funny though. These 2 items are somehow new to me too. I usually order lunch plate so didn’t notice such new item on the menu. Hmmn…perhaps i should try out the fried jalapeno & onion strips, looks good!

  8. Is that deep fried potatoes skin? I could not tell what it is.

    Luckily you declare here that you are not planning to eat this often because I don’t think your mother would like it seeing you eat KFC late at night.

    Suck it up sounds so wrong!!!

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