Postcard from Cambridge!

A couple months ago, I helped a lovely couple decide where to go away for a short weekend break by voting one out of three locations in England: Cambridge, Nottingham or Liverpool.

CaptureHere’s the original page

Voting made me eligible to take part in a lucky draw with the prize being a postcard from the winning destination.

This morning, I was Whatsapp-ed by my brother. Something arrived in mail to my home in KL.


Yay! I won the lucky draw! Woohoo!!

And what a lovely postcard! You know, I have actually never been to Cambridge when I was in the UK, so it felt incredible to receive a postcard from this place and then see someone visit it and take lovely pictures on my behalf.

The closest I have ever been to Cambridge when in the UK is a building with the word “Cambridge” in Bath, a town 20 miles away from the Stonehenge.

Speaking of Stonehenge, let’s show you the real thing. This happened when I was studying in the UK in 2007. More of my Stonehenge and Bath trip here. Ylvis’s song is playing in my brain right now

Back to the postcard. Apparently when my brother collected the postcard from the mailbox, it was slightly wet. It was probably the rain, but I’d like to think that it was because this postcard is magical, where the water from the River Cam in the photo flowed to the back of the card! 😀

And there’s a lovely personal message in the postcard.


Thanks, Catherine! I love this gift! And I’m glad you enjoyed your weekend getaway! 😀

If you want to read more of Catherine’s weekend escapade in Cambridge, here’s the links:

  1. Cambridge: Day One
  2. Cambridge: Day Two
  3. Cambridge: Day Three


    • They are! Oxford is interesting in that the city center is no car zone, every day. And of course both these cities have prestigious universities in them 😀

  1. wow, nice postcard and such a nice gesture from the lovely couple!! the closest I have ever been to Cambridge is “Cambridge Optical” shop here, muahahahahaha!! 😀

  2. That picture is very cute.. Taken 7 yrs ago, look at the jeans, keke.. Baggy pants yes, people say can put 10 chickens inside 😀
    That time ‘hing’ ahh baggy and lose pants? Now I guess nobody wears this kinda jeans anymore..

    • It was not jeans, it was canvas pants. Back then I totally dislike jeans, I hated the tight fitting feeling, it made my legs feel hotter than usual, and felt very restricting to my movement, not to mention sort of like hampering my KKB… no rewind the last part.. 😳
      It is in recent years when I visited Levi’s in US and found cheap Relaxed Fit and Loose Fit types that I started wearing them 🙂

  3. I would vote for Cambridge too…or Oxford or those in Devon, down south …rather than the industrial cities. Lucky you!!! You got to Stonehenge before Chevy Chase… LOL!!!

    • LOL! Thankfully, that scene is impossible in real life. The henge is closed off, no cars would be allowed to go that close!
      I sense some hinting going on with the “appreciative” remark 😀

  4. I have also never been to Cambridge. What a fun competition. I like the way you think about the magical postcard.

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