Lazy Man’s Pan Fried Fish Fillet

Hello lovely people of the internet! Today I am going to show you how to cook a lovely pan fried fish fillet a la Lazy Man, with some fantastic bacon and broccoli stir fry. This is so so easy, let me tell you, and so so delicious! You will love it! Yes! Let’s do it!

Sorry, I’ve been watching Gennaro Contaldo for a bit lately, the way he talks has been rubbing off on me 😀 .


  • 1 piece of fish fillet
  • 1 head of broccoli
  • 3 pieces of bacon strips, or pancetta if you’re Italiano
  • 1 egg
  • 1 lemon
  • salt, pepper, olive oil

As you can see, apart from okra being replaced with broccoli, the ingredients are the same with what I used for my baked fish. But using a pan instead of oven will give the dish an entirely different taste and characteristic.


  • Cut the fish into a few pieces. Of course if you are an experienced cook, you can leave the fish in one piece. Smaller pieces means easier to cook.
  • Lightly season with salt and pepper. Leave the fish to marinate for a few hours, or a few minutes if you are hungry.
  • Slightly heat some olive oil in the pan, and put the fish to fry.
  • (Expert method) Fry the fish until cooked, flipping it every minute to ensure even cooking/(Lazy Man method) Fry the fish for a few minutes, breaking up the fish pieces even more while cooking. Smaller pieces means faster cooking time, and if the fish breaks easily, means it is cooked.

Oh my my.. the fish smells incredible! Can you smell it? Wonderful!

pan fried fish fillet

  • Set the fish aside. Using the same pan, break 3 strips of bacon into smaller pieces and fry it. Since broccoli takes longer to cook, add it together with the bacon. Cook for a few minutes.
  • Crack and egg into the pan and mix it up with the broccoli and bacon. Cook for 2 more minutes.

pan fried fish fillet

  • Make half-assed attempt to serve in a more presentable way – pack the fish in the middle of a plate, pour the broccoli mix around the fish.

pan fried fish fillet

Oh my my.. look at this! So beautiful! So simple! So delicious!

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Sorry, Gennaro mode on again 🙄 .. Actually this happened last week, I just had it on scheduled post..


  1. Looks pretty good! I have a phobia for frying fish due to the sizzling and splattering. But maybe fish fillet is not as bad as frying whole fish. And I ought to try infusing bacon into my fish LOL! 😀

    • I have never tried frying a whole fish, but I suppose so. With a fillet, you can dry it properly like chicken pieces.
      I was trying to finish up the pack of bacon, that’s why bacon add to anything 😀

    • I love his videos! The way he cooks is really simple, not like those who say simple but do complicated things 😀

  2. Such a big pan! But ir’s healthy food, with lots if broccoli, so it’s ok.. I always pan fry my dory, then use it to cook with ginger and sesame oil later – keong choong dory, not bad too..

  3. I think using pan to stir fry is not as easy as using oven to bake since you have got a pan to wash whereas you just throw the foil away. This is suitable for me but I can save on the bacons.

  4. wah, actually looks good woh.. you have got fish, you have got broccoli, you have got egg in there.. looks nice, taste nice (I guess) and definitely very healthy and balanced.. I like!!! 🙂

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